BBC Archive - Aerial Journeys

BBC Archive explores the UK from the air.

For the first time, BBC Archive has gathered together more than 60 years of broadcasting from the air.

Watch as cities grow, motorways are introduced and the sea continues to batter the coast. The aerial recordings provide a glimpse into Britain's past and ever changing landscape.

The aerial story of the UK has been narrated by some of our most beloved personalities. In programmes taken from the famous series Bird's Eye View you can hear poet John Betjeman narrating a personal, idealised journey across Britain, and read never-before released correspondence from the great man himself.

The archive also unveils the drama behind the BBC's first attempt to take to the air in a programme from 1950 called Operation Pegasus. See the surviving test footage that was recorded in the run-up to the live event and catch up with the story five years later in Television Goes Flying.

This collection captures views of the landscape that in many cases no longer exist, such as the thousands of miles of countryside that were torn up to make way for new motorways.

We also look at areas few people would ever reach, like the footage from 1949 of an air ambulance flying to the rescue of a patient in the Outer Hebrides, the musings of an archaeologist taking a hot-air balloon trip over Wiltshire and a record-breaking Blue Peter special edition.

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BBC Archive website: Aerial Journeys

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