Jason Hawkes' Photography

Jason Hawkes is one of the world's most respected aerial photographers.

He has been the official photographer on the Britain from Above project.

Jason has taken photographs from above since 1991 when he started going up in microlights.

He is based just outside London in the UK, and works all over the world. In his extensive career he has clocked up thousands of hours flying over such varied locations as Norway, Colombia, Morocco and even the streets of New York.

Jason says he enjoys shooting from above as you can show places from an entirely new perspective. His favourite shots are the ones which are very abstract and it's hard to determine what they are such as the Beckton Sewage Plant.

"I find it more interesting to shoot abstract, art formed images of things that are natural or man made which you don't know are there until you happen to fly over them."

He also likes taking the familiar and adding a twist so that iconic views suddenly look totally different.

"Shooting icons like the London Eye at night is really great and it's lit up beautifully so you can create some really interesting patterns that you are not quite aware of when you are on the ground."

Having logged thousands of hours flying over the UK and clocked up more than 15 books already on the British Isles he says he is still surprised about how green it is.

His favourite British location remains the eastern coastline of Scotland, "(There are) some amazing beaches and there is nobody there, just some wildlife seals, it's absoloutely stunning".

  • Bowness-on-SolwayClick to play slideshow
    Dramatic coastline at Bowness-on-Solway
  • River Thames
    The River Thames by night in London.
  • Beckton Sewage Plant
    A water treatment plant in Beckton.
  • Menwith Listening Post
    Giant radomes, masts and satellite dishes at the Menwith monitoring and communication station.
  • Angel of the North
    Angel of the North in Gateshead.
  • Tents at Glastonbury
    Tents at Glastonbury Festival 2008.
  • Maze
    A maze from above.
  • Stonehenge
    Stonehenge, pre-historic monument in Wiltshire.
Shooting from above shows places from an entirely new perspective

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