Britain from Above was developed and produced by Lion Television for the BBC. A true multiplatform project the team worked across the television series and interactive.

  • Presented & Narrated by Andrew Marr
  • Executive Producer (Lion Interactive): Kirsty Hunter
  • Executive Producer for the BBC (TV): Emma Willis
  • Executive Producer for the BBC (Interactive): Nick Cohen
  • Executive Producer (Lion Television): Nick Catliff
  • Series Producer: Lucy van Beek
  • Series Director for BBC1: Cassian Harrison
  • Producer/Director(s): Nic Young, Mark Radice, Chris Mitchell
  • Producer(s): Lucy Haken, Rob Barnes, Nicola Lloyd, Michelle Feuerlicht
  • Assistant Producer(s): Giulia Clark, Max Shapira, Laura Warner, Alex Hemingway
  • Researcher: Victoria Booth
  • Film Researcher: Emily Thomas
  • Line Producer(s): Donna Poole, Rebecca Winch
  • Production Coordinator(s): Emma Falkus, Kelly Burton, Tracey O'Donnell
  • Director of Production: Shahana Meer
  • Head of Production: Patsy Blades
  • Production Accountant: Gill Maggs
  • Production Assistant: Sophia Scott
  • Film Editor(s): James Gold, Susan Brand, Elliot McCaffrey, Jonathan Skilton, Guy Scutter, Toby Farrell, Ben Frost, Annette Williams, Chris Beresford, Chris Roberts, Claire Myers
  • Post Production Supervisor: Louis Hyde
  • Post Production Assistant(s): Matt Edwards, Lloyd Seymour, Happy Chhokar
  • Website Developer: Numiko
  • Senior Website Designer: Eddie Gachegua
  • Senior Producer (BBC Vision): Marc Ramsay
  • Technical Project Manager(s): Jeremy Tarling, Richard Lynton-Evans
  • Director(s) of Photography: Lee Pullbrook, Steve Gray, Jeff Baynes
  • Lighting Cameramen: Chris Vile, Piers Leigh, Jeremy Humphries, Joe Vitagliano, Peter Krajewski, Damian Brillaud
  • Sound: Grant Lawson, Ian MacLagan, John McCombie, Ian MacPherson, Jonathan Mitchell, Chris Syner, Callum Bulmer, Steve Booth, Tim Watts, Paul Baker, Keith Silva, Alan Hill, George Hitchins, Dave Williams, Rich Whitley, Adrian Griffith, Pierre Gally
  • Camera Assistant(s): Andy Hacker, Barnaby Wilkinson, Dan Russell
  • Aerial Director: Michael Malric-Smith
  • Aerial Director of Photography: Peter Thompson
  • Original Music by: David Schweitzer
  • Additional Music: Audio Networks
  • CGI & Graphics: 422 South
  • Architectural Visualisations: Cityscape
  • Title Graphics: Lipsync Post
  • Digital Rostrum: Flock
  • Colourist & Online Editor: Andrew Elliott
  • Dubbing Mixer: Scott Marshallr
  • Dubbing Assistant: Rada Danilovic
  • Technical Director: Andy Nicholson
  • Publicist: Fiona Williams
  • Picture Publicist: Jason Baron
  • Marketing: Marie Corin
  • Archive: BFI National Archive, COI / Crown Copyright, Huntley Film Archives, BBC Motion Gallery, The GeoInformation Group, Nigel Clarke Publications,Essex County Council Planning Department, Royal Geographical Society, Ordnance Survey, EADS / Astrium, Next Perspectives, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, English Heritage, NMR, Getty Images, Keith Allen Photography, Jason Hawkes, Forest Research / Unit for Landscape Modelling, NASA, Shoreline Management Group, Environment Agency (Anglian Region), Footage Farm, Dept Printed Books: Imperial War Museum, Nigel Clarke Publications Welsh Assembly Government Aerial Photographs Unit, Landmark Information Group, Mike Page, Northern Ireland Planning Service, Section for Earth Observation, CEH Monks Wood, Keep Moving, Air Nav Systems, Radio Taxis, Prof Yuval Shavitt, The Dimes Project, Martin Treiber: Technical University of Dresden, Veolia Environmental Services, British Geological Survey, Bruce Blacksell, OS Northern Island, London School of Economics, Audrey Clarke Wendy Fox
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