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24 September 2014
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This is the website that loves Bristol ...
Bristol > Help > F.A.Q.

Welcome to the BBC Bristol Online F.A.Q. - or frequently asked questions. If you have never seen an F.A.Q. before, it is a list of the most asked questions we get in our e-mail inbox. Before you send us an e-mail, check this list - you may find the answer more quickly!
Why do you only cover Bristol, and not the whole of the West like they do on TV?

BBC Bristol Online was the first of the new BBC where you live sites launched outside of London.

All of the new sites have been dedicated to smaller areas than their television counterparts to help give a more local and unique service.

BBC Bristol Online covers the city of Bristol, and the surrounding area.

We do not cover Wiltshire, Gloucestershire or Somerset - they will hopefully get their own sites soon.

Why don't you stream BBC Radio Bristol?

Unfortunately streaming radio is very expensive. We have no current plans to add streaming, but this might change. Watch this space!

In the meantime, you can listen to a selection of programmes from the station on-demand. Click here for the full list, including Morning West, John Turner and Twentyman Talks Back.

Why is the BBC Radio Bristol news/sport/programme audio out-of-date?

We have a fantastic automated machine that records all of our on-demand Radio Bristol output. As with all machines, they tend to be a little fickle. If a bulletins is more than 12 hours out-of-date then it is likely our machine has decided it would like a holiday, and will update no more.

If this happens, pop us an e-mail at, and we will go and politely ask it if it wouldn't mind updating again!

Why can't I listen to Bristol City/Bristol Rovers games on your site?

Because of copyright reasons we are unable to broadcast live commentary on the internet - we do not hold the rights for this. You can listen to Bristol City games on their website, which is

Why can I not listen to programmes using Windows Media Player?

We currently do not support WMP on this site. You can download and use the basic version of Real Player from the site - just make sure you follow the links for the basic player, and you won't pay a penny.
For more help with Real Audio, please visit the BBC's main help site.

Where do I apply for Star For A Night?

The most popular question in BBC Bristol Online's inbox! You will need to contact BBC Information on 08700 010 0222.

Why is my picture bad / When are they going to upgrade the digital transmitter at Mendip?

For any technical queries, you'll need to call reception advice on 0870 010 0123.

If there is any major transmitter work we will try and indicate it on BBC Bristol Online. It will also be on the BBC Information pages

Can I write an article for the site?

Of course! We already have lots of people writing for the Downs League site, and we always welcome your contribution. Make sure you e-mail us first on with your idea. We can't guarantee that we will publish everything submitted - so make sure you get in touch first.

Can I use a picture of yours on my website?

Everything on BBC Online is subject to copyright laws, so you can't use anything without asking first! There is a full list of the BBC's terms and conditions here.

Your travel page isn't updating!

Have you tried pressing F5 (on Internet Explorer) or hitting refresh in Netscape? The page updates around every five minutes if there is new information.

When are football reports updated / When are Downs League results and tables updated?

We update league football results (Rovers and City) after the games on Saturdays and midweek games.

Downs Football results are updated the Monday after weekend games, or the day after midweek fixtures.

Why don't you put a webcam...

Currently we only have the capacity for a few webcams. We have a few more planned and in the pipeline - so watch this space!

My question hasn't been answered! Help!

Head to our feedback form, and e-mail us. We try to reply as soon as we can. You never know, if we like the question enough we may even add it to the FAQ list!

You might like to check through the main BBC FAQ list, if your question is more general.
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