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28 October 2014
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Thursday 18th October 2001, 0900 BST
New Harbourside development given the green light
The new Harbourside development
An artist's impression of the new Harbourside development

One of the biggest dockside developments in Europe has been given the go ahead by Bristol councillors.

Last night they voted unanimously in favour of plans to turn derelict land at Canon's Marsh into a major new centre including flats, bars, restaurants and a cinema.

It is expected that work will start on the land, near the Lloyds TSB building, within a year.

The development will house 450 new flats, homes and waterside offices.

The development will house 450 new homes
Derelict land at Canon's Marsh will soon be transformed

There will be leisure facilities too, including an eight screen cinema and small shops.

The project is expected to cost about £110 million, creating 3,000 new jobs.

Andrew Yates from developers Crest Nicholson said he was delighted with the council's decision.

"It is an historic decision for Bristol. We are absolutely delighted especially as it was an all party decision to agree the application, " he said.

"The next stage will be to formalise the legal agreements. Our best estimate is to be on the site by this time next year."

This was third time lucky for Crest Nicholson. Their designs had been thrown out twice before because of public protests, mostly about the buildings being too high.

Malcolm Rose, from protest group Friends of Canon's Marsh, said he was very disappointed by the decision, but had not given up hopes that the plans would be amended.

"We will be meeting to consider our decision about what action to take next," he said.

"The needs of a small section of the population are being met, but being in the heart of Bristol it should have something for everybody."

He added that the group might be making an application to the Secretary of State about the decision.

But at last night's meeting every single Bristol City councillor gave the new set of plans the nod. It was felt the public had had a good chance to have their say.

Local business leaders were delighted with the news and said it was vital to show there was confidence in new investments in Bristol. They said work on the project should start as soon as possible.

Have a look at the planned transformation of the Harbourside with our picture gallery.


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