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30 August 2014
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Golden Jubile 2002
Tuesday 5th February 2002, 1800GMT

1952-2002 - Fifty years in Bristol
Jubilee lolly wrapper
In 1977, if it wasn't red, white and blue it wasn't worth having
The first of our Jubilee memories comes from Caroline, who was 13 in 1977.

She put together a whole scrapbook dedicated to the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

Carefully stuck in the pages are post cards, magazine and newspaper cuttings.

There is a commemorative plastic bag, a notepad (never used!), milk bottle tops and even an ice lolly wrapper, as well as jubilee badges and Caroline's official collector's tag for the Silver Jubilee appeal.

Commemorative notepad
Caroline's notepad was kept in a pristine condition
The teenage fan annotated all the pages with information about the royal family and jubilee events.

"I was really into the royal family and the jubilee," said Caroline.

"I even made pompom animals to sell at the village fete to raise money for the jubilee appeal."

"It seems strange looking back now at the kinds of things I collected and then kept!"

Your memories, photographs and video footage are being compiled into the production Jubilation, which will be staged during Jubilee weekend on the 1st and 2nd of June at the Colston Hall.

To be part of it:

l Email any digital or scanned images to us here at the website (email

Email your memories of important events in the city from 1952 to the present day (email

Tell your memories to our Jubilation team at BBC Radio Bristol (Phone (0117) 9467467).

Tell the Jubilation team about video or film footage you have that can be used for the musical (Phone (0117) 9467467 or email
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