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28 October 2014

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Bristol & Bath Weather

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Twister over Bristol

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Rosie Bigwood(16)
Me and My mates were driving in my mates car James, and we pulled towards the downs about 1:amAnd we seen aload of clouds performing in the sky and the wind was horrific, we thought it was a hurricane, because all of a sudden the clouds turnt black and the sky was blacker then the night itself, and we were almost lifting of our feet, and we jumped into the car, and james, sped off, and we wanted to go closer(beeing teenangers) And we got like halfway there and stopped because the car was blowing sideways and there was leafes and paper and all sorts blowing on the cars windscreen so we turnt back, it was rather scarey!!

cmh age(9)
I saw a funnel cloud. At first the sky turned black, I told my parents and they said it was the storm clouds pileing up but it ended up to be a funnel cloud. The tornado never toucheddown but it was very scary!!

Lina Crowley
I thought i was going to die my son was panicing as we had never seen something like this before

tom wilcox
It was scary i was on my way back to warmley there were black clouds in the sky i thoght we were gowing to have a thunderstorm but it turned out to be a twister/funnal cloud

tom wilcox
i Saw the twister from warmley and it shocked me to see this wen ther was a tornado in birmingham not long ago probley more sightings like this will be seen in the future in are region.

william watkins
thankyou everybody for the photos i now live in western australia an we see a lot of them but in all the years i lived in bristol 25 years i have never seen one thanks once again everybody william watkins

matt clifford
good explanation Richard!

denys smells
well i was with my friends then it whent dark we looked aroud then we saw it above us

It hit me roof and a few tiles fell off, it woke me up and it cost me £400.

Ewen MacLeod
We were sitting outside the Ostrich Inn by the docks near the Bathurst basin after work. around 7pm. A colleague said "what is that?". I said "that's a tornado" and took a shot of it on a throw-away camera. The funnel slowly faded, and it began to rain heavily in large drops.

phanella, dorene, margerine
it wernt no twista coz it was torturrreeee it wer lyk that film u no wiv da twista fingy it was well good dat was i watched it wiv ma m8s

I saw it.Twas amazin im only 16 so too see that at my age was spectacular i was on the bus goin from withywood 2 knowle and my mum rang n said look over by our house and it was there i was soo scared and went all the way back home 2 b with my mum.

When did this happen i can't see a date?

it was not a twister as such it was a funnel cloud

noel mayes
my hair piece got blown off, it was very dramatic.

jesse mccann
i luvved it it was soo kl lol

peach and polo
i i i .... thought it was VERY scary actully!!! i was sitting in a filed on a cow... when i seen it then i rid on the cow all the way home!!!!

Jon Mellings
a flock of seagulls were stark white against an amazing grey backdrop, drifting slowly towards me and over the house. i didn't even see the twister at the time but i guess the gulls were just riding the thermals. i've got a photo which now shows the twister faintly in the background

Lesley Collins
I saw the Twister whilst driving up Park Row around about 7pm. I pointed it out to my sister-in-law who was in the car with me.

Me and Vetz were at the sk8 park and i was taking the mick because it was cloudy saying " OMG a twister" and then when we were watching it and it was starting to form! all the sk8ers took out their cameras! it was well cool!

Richard Newton
I was in my house in Paulton and I saw the funnel form not long after 6.00pm. It was at the edge of a storm front which passed over us and lasted some forty minutes. I managed to get a few good snaps.

I saw it but it wasn't a twister, just a funnel cloud. Twisters touch the ground. I got a photo though!

gary bromiley
I was outside in the carpark outside my home in willsbridge talking two a friend and a member of my family when i looked towards bristol i saw the funnel cloud forming and slowly getting bigger and darker it was quite an amazing sight to see

Jack Jarrett
I saw it from up troopers Hill

Laura Hutton
Well, when I saw it, it was just the remainder of it, but my mummy and my daddums saw it.

mr windy
twister? is'nt that a type of crisp? whitchurch is full of windy people. how scary is that!

Lee Diggle
I live in Dundry and noticed this twister in its infancy before the characteristic shape had formed and then all ove a sudden it exploded into this funnel it was amazing. Over the course of 20mins it seemed to blow itself apart and then refomr getting closer and closer to touching the ground

Dylan, Bristol
I was on a flight from Prague to Bristol, which landed as this was going on. It was very light above the clouds, but as soon as we started descending it got quite dark, there wasn't any turbulence though and we didn't even know anything out of the ordinary was happening. We all stood on the airport ground taking pictures of it behind the plane as we got off.

gary walker
i live in whitchurch and saw it from start to finish which was about 25 seemed to form on the edge of the storm.question did the airport notice it forming before hand

jacob smith
it was sketchy me n my m8's liam n aaron were right by it n its a good job it didnt hit the ground because it would of done a lot of damage

Helen, Bristol
I was travelling to Asda at Whitchurch at around 7pm and as i entered the car park it was right in front of me, it was a exciting experience!

James Tuson
I saw it, in Trowbridge, when I was picking up my daughter at about 5:15. I thought it was really quite fascinating - I doubt I will see one like that again. My wife didn't believe me, so I have just sent her a link to the story!

Sean Allen and Christina Cooper
We were walking back to my house in bishopsworth. then i looked up in the sky and i saw a twister, it looked very much like a cloud at first, but then it was coming down a bit and appearing much more. it was frightening but exciting aswell, because you get too see one in real life and not in the movies.

It is not a twister until it touches down on the ground, this is a funnel and not a "mini-tornado".

Mandy Doyle
I live in High Littleton, and was in the garden when I saw the cloud. I had to do a double take, as I thought i was imagining things! I looked like something out of a movie, and I could actually see it turning and moving. It was very scary, and not something i want to see again over Bristol in a hurry!

mark howe age(10)
when i was up troopers field playing football with my friends i looked up in to the sky and saw the twister and then me and all my friends ran back to our houses.

Aaron Dixon(11)
i saw the tornado at troopers hill and i told my mates and we all ran back to the pied horse

Dan, Bristol
I was driving along the St Philips Causeway towards Brislington at about 7pm when I looked to my right and over totterdown saw the Twister forming. It must have lasted about 2-3 minutes. It was very impressive and really exciting. I got home and waited in anticipation to see something on the news, but as nothing had been reported I thought I was going mad! Good to see the pictures of it today!

You are in: Bristol > In Pictures > Picture galleries > Bristol & Bath Weather > Twister over Bristol

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