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24 September 2014

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Bristol & Bath Weather

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Striking morning in Bristol!

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What was your experience of the huge thunder storm?

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Jill Ivers
I grew up in Clifton, but don't remember storms being that harsh. Now I live in Canada and bad storms are a norm here. It is nice to look back here and see what is going on in Bristol.

gavin thomas
im only 11 but ive been to america and heard/seen storms much worse but its weird how a stom that big would come to the uk.i woke up around 4am i went into my mun and dads room (of corse we only live in a bungalo)looked out the blinds and a big strike of lighting was very close to the house i was tempted to get my camra but it had no baterys in.

Dave Harries, Bristol
I was woken (for a second time) by the storm at about 5:05am. I have never seen anything so spectacular like it here in Bristol.

I live on the downs, it was so frightening as all that surrounds us are tall houses and tall trees and lots of open space! Not good in a storm like that!

several people in my street had their tv sets blown, my surround sound system now wont work and it caused some damage to my pc

i got woken up at midnight by the spectacular lightning and then again at 4 am by the was brilliant to see,hope we have another before the summer ends.

I lived in Nigeria for several years as a teenager and last nights storm was very close to the frequent storms we had over in West Africa. I got up to check my cat was not scared. She was fine, I was the one concerned.

That was one mighty storm last night, I could hear a distant rumble of what seemed like continuous thunder then all of a sudden BANG!....Needless to say, I didn't look out....Not heard anything like that before.

I woke up around 5 am and the amount of lightning was quite amazing for the UK whilst the rain was torrential. It was reminiscent of Friday morning at Glastonbury Festival last year. I still haven't forgiven Richard Angwin for his prediction that "the rain should just run down the cracks in the soil". Luckily today I was in a dry room, not a wet soaking tent...

Neil, Bradley Stoke
Storm wot storm? Think i slept through it opps!!

the thunder was very loud i got a bit scared of it the rain looked like it would'nt stop but it did

i was walking up fishponds road and the rain was terrible

My house has got leaks all over the place! argh! And i must say it was the loudest and most brutal storm I have heard/seen in a long long long time.

The storm was right above our house at 5 this morning and I was petrified as my husband was working away so I had to try and put on a not very convincing front of bravery for the kids!

Mark Elvin, Stoke Gifford
I was laying in bed when there was the most almighty thundr clap I have ever heard, I literally jumped out of my skin, much to the wifes amusement.

We had a second storm this morning over Bradley Stoke at about 9.30am. Was pretty spectacular last night .. very loud.

Tim Fear
I was woken at 5am by the tremendous thunder...don't think I've ever heard such loud and prolonged thunder and lightning! I couldn't get back to sleep so ended up getting up at 6 and out to work! Now feeling tired!

maria, horfield
I was awake around 3am and could hear very distant rumblings and it kept going until about 10am, It seemed very powerful around 4.30/5am it was very loud a that time probably due to the fact the city is very quiet at that time?

mark white
"WOW" wot an amazing storm!! BY far the biggest i have witnessed for along time ..there were some wicked air to ground strikes and huge claps of thunder..

oliver Ware
That was a big storm, never seen anything like it, my cats got quite scared.

Jo Smith
Fantastic but scary storm this morning. Got up and watched it all at about 5:15, was pretty spectacular. Forgot to shut the sky light in the kitchen but hey never mind.

sam dore
i was woken up around 5:15 or 5:30 and i heard small rumbles of thunder but it was when a huge clap of thunder and i was looking outside my window seeing forks of lighting coming down from the was when i began to think i should go back to bed now =)

You are in: Bristol > In Pictures > Picture galleries > Bristol & Bath Weather > Striking morning in Bristol!

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