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24 September 2014

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Have your say: City cycle path plan

Have Your Say

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I think the cycle path is fantastic and a rapid bus transit route is unnecessary and would be a terrible waste of money and harm to such a great public resource.

Anne Barbara Pitcher
The white line that clarifies which side of the track is appropriate for walkers should be maintained regularly to avoid bad feeling from cyclists who also seem to be confused and there should be more dog waste bins! I have seen alot of dog waste not cleared and I am sure that this is partly the reason, though I agree some dog owners are ignorant.

sachin potdar
pictures are very useful for student thank you

Mark from Bath
Once again, Bath's lacklustre and somewhat out-of-touch authorities are looking to waste more of our money on ill-conceived, expensive and unwanted projects. Not content with presiding over Bath's unbelievable shambolic and laughable excuse for a transportation system, they now want to sabotage one of the few remaining pleasant freeways around the city. It's about time these people justified their salaries and did something useful and inspiring for a change.

vanessa ridgewell
as a visiter with family in bristol,i use the cycle track often it is the safest walk for myself and two small grandchildren, they are able to use there bikes safely, and also take an interest in the flora,birdlife etc, the children love it,and for me its brilliant because i have health problems,being able to walk or cycle with the children on the track enables my input recreationaaly with my grandchildren, Hence my horror at hearing of the planned bus route.And now i hear of the 25million pounds the council has been given,So thats it,THEY plan to use this money to destoy OUR cycle track,by rerouting cycles of the cycle track and adding the bus route. As a visiiter to Bristol i cannt help noticing the lack of artistic planning, beautiful old architecture,and modern ugly lumps with no thought for beauty or our environment,.It is time the people stood up for our human rights,,who are these people that destoy our lives.the cycle track is safe and is used all hours by many people of all ages. i have noticed the LACK of BUSES on the roads.Why so few buses surely this would solve the problem . PUT SOME BUSES ON THE ROAD. the green cycle path is an asset to bristol,put it on the map,show you REALLY care about the people and their environment.restore faith. vanessa

I would like to see Bristol City Council stop wasting money on things we do not need.Lets have a better public transport system instead of a company complaining about not enough profit after all it is the people who use the service that matter NOT the profits.

I support Sustrans 100% in urging this plan to be binned permanently, not just shelved,as is I believe currently the stance of Bristol City Council.Yes, Bristols(and Britains)transport infrastructure is shambolic compared with most of Europe and we urgently need to get cars off the overloaded roads,BUT not at the expense of a popular cycletrack used by thousands of commuters,walkers,and a public that enjoys some peace and quiet away from any form of public transport,which makes it both a practical amenity AND a therapeutic escape for so many.Please leave our cyclepath well alone,as it is simply an impractical option as the route is far too narrow in lots of places,particularly Clay Bottom area,and since the old railway track was removed, lots of properties have been built close by which would now have to be removed and for many other residents the last thing they want is any kind of rapid-bus/light railway running through or alongside their back garden.Integrate it with the M32!!

D. Murray
Glad this is not happening now! buses are an archaic and outmoded form of transport, lumbering along with maybe 3 passengers (on a good day!) like huge dinosaurs, getting in the way and pumping out pollution. Bikes and small electric MPV style trams are the future !

Lets keep this greenway as it is. Not only used by cyclists but also walkers, families, commuters, the elderly and disabled, children on their way to and from school and all the above for work and leisure! It is a beautiful peaceful wildlife corridor through some highly populated areas. I personally choose to leave my car at home and travel to and from work on foot down this route, we also use it for cycling for leisure. It would be a disaster to run buses down it, many people would simply use their cars again for daily commuting.

It will be a great disgrace and shame for Bristol and Bath councils to build anything on this wonderful route. If they improve the already excising bus routes and prices (first’s fare price monopoly), there won’t be a need for this.

Page Park
It seems that the cylce path IS Bristol's public transport system. Spending time in London makes you realise what a bus service should be. Bristol has no buses and no bus routes, just worse traffic than London and a half-arsed company that screws you for wanting to travel with them (if they turn up). BRING ON THE BIKES AND BAN THE BUSES!

Please don't ruin the cycle path. I walk down there with my dog every day.Surely cutting down trees and destroying grass and plants (all CO2 fixers) and replacing them with Tarmac, Concrete and Buses (all CO2 producers) makes perfect sense? No it doesn't, especially for a city with a cylce path of such history and that is trying to get funding for more cycle paths. Unless it's a means for useless and unreliable bus companies getting richer of course?Bristol is just too populus for its victorian road system. Business parks and big firms may bring money to Bristol, but they bring commuters too. A bus lane won't help someone coming in from Gloucester or Swindon or Cheltenham. It will only benefit a small handful of people along the route (a councilolor or two maybe?).If we had stations in useful places it might help, but Temple Meads, Parkway and Patchway are in the middle of no-where and Filton-Abbeywood is only really good for civil servants or some at the Bristol Business Park.Please sit back and think, be sensible and prove to us all that councillors aren't corrupt, self-serving, incompetent bumbling half-wits who are unable to hold down a job in the real world, but are good at receiving back handers.

I cycled to Bath from Fishponds on Sunday (well away from the demo). Given the level of traffic I saw, the council should be considering closing a few bus lanes and widening the cycle path rather than trying to squeeze buses onto the cycle lane.

Please don't do this! It will ruin one of the loveliest cycle paths in the country.

well the cycle path is a well used gateway to and from the city which i use every day, however i think it is a good idea to use the path for buses as well as long as we do not have to suffer by the path being smaller, the dual use of this path is a quick way into bristol and the costs are far smaller to set up.

as our labour concillor rightly said, bus routes should displace cars not pedestrians and cyclists. simple as. AND...the M32 is such an effective artery - why can't we slap a tram line down the middle of that? then the empty commuter return journeys would't have such an effect on the carbon footprint. AND...bus lanes should be used. so far they're not - by buses anyway.

I liked it as it was built for.. A railway! Our forefarthers knew far better than us; And then along came that idiot Dr Beeching (RIP)! What did he do? Shut down the best rail system we are ever likely to have. Every town and village were with in easy reach of a rail system. The city trams (yet another good idea from the past) of today could quite easily have used the rail tracks that were once laid out; But no! The car took over like a plague ... A man made plague that has/is killing the planet! Road rage, no parking places, deaths and injuries by the thousands etc etc etc.In answer to ryan's question:- Where will you walk?Try walking in the beautiful countryside or the parks!

So everyone agrees that it's a good idea then?

Murray Jarvis
so the silly idea's been scrapped then? "Bus lane scheme hits the buffers" BBC website 29th march. A video on the city council website shows Mark Bradshaw eliminating the cycle path route from consideration as a BRT route. Sense has prevailed, but this embarrassing climbdown by BCC shows again how out of touch our politicians are with feeling in the city. Wonder what crazy idea is next?

This is a very bad idea in so many ways. Hope to see you all on Sunday 30th March.

is it april fools day already?

Henry of Bristol
Perhaps a radical route but why not strengthen the rules on existing bus lanes (£47M could pay for bus triggered traffic lights, additional traffic wardens, off street parking [for local shops] etc.). That way we could discourage car drivers BUT give a really fast bus service into town. ON a quiet night you can get into Bristol very quickly - it is the traffic that delays things -> why not 'remove' it from these main routes! For me the good thing is that it has made people think

Amy of Bristol
The cycle path is a dangerous place with pro cyclists reaching high speed at rush hours, but then how is a Bus Rapid Transit route going to relieve traffic, this route will be overpriced and unreliable, like so many of our routes in Bristol. FREE park and Rides would be the answer to entice people! And just because we have to pay car tax doesn’t give us the right to road everything, we pay council tax for our amenities – which should include the cycle path. I’m with you James of Bristol, this shock tactic means there’s another hidden agenda.

where will you walk?

Emily Cater
The bus way is a good idea, but this is the wrong site for it - the cycle & walking path must be reserved for cyclists and walkers. It is one of the few fully paved long distance tracks with no roads. Where else in Bristol or Bath can children safely learn to ride?

Billy Simpson (Eastville)
The railway path is already public transport. Get down there at 0830 and count the bikes! How about sorting out the existing (dirty, unreliable, overpriced) bus service in Bristol. They're twice as expensive as London buses!

David Hughes, you are hilarious. Don't you grasp the irony of the entire country already having been paved over for the convenience of the totalitarian fascist iinternal combustion engine?And you STILL whinge about not having enough and people who actually don't want to drive- that's people who won't be holding YOU up in a traffic jam, mateyboy- are doing you a favour? If anyone's got to be labelled 'narrow minded' and 'fascist' it's got to be drivers. SAVE THE PATH!

John Fishponds
Its lovely to see so much strong support for the path. My commute to work is fast, safe, easy, pleasant and good for my health. My kids have learned to ride thier bikes on the path. Its also a regular local walking route for us. Why do planners so often seem to judge a bit of green space in the inner city as a wasted opportunity for more concrete?

Hannah Smith
This is a badly conceived plan to try and patch up the already terrible job Bristol City Council does at ensuring Bristol has an adequate public transport network, rather than fixing the root cause of the problems. I am ashamed to say I'm from Bristol when I hear about something like this, children could do a better job at running the council. And are they going to give the bus route to First? Bristol would be better off without any buses at all than having First, they are a disgrace.

Andy Osborn
I am a volunteer with LifeCycle, in a tandem group where we go out cycling with visually impaired riders about twice a month. We often use the Bristol Bath cycle path, since its very safe, free from traffic and is an interesting and convenient route for everyone. It is already obvious to me that this use of the cycle path would stop if there were buses running alongside the cycle path. Introduce traffic, then cyclists and walkers will disappear. Certainly our group would be pushed out. I think everyone wants better public transport for Bristol, and we would all like to see more use of mass transit, but surely for this to be useful we need to move people from cars to buses/trains, not moving them from cycling and walking to buses/trains. Thats going in the wrong direction. Cycling and walking are obviously the most sustainable and healthy forms of transport, and the Bristol Bath path is a showcase route for Bristol. Please lets find alternative routes for a good rapid transit system and not lose the fantastic Bristol Bath path.

Susan May
New to the area, I have only just found about this wonderful Railway Bath. To then learn that some idiots have decided it would make a great bus route defys belief. Everyone using the route either as commuters or leisure seekers has made a conscious decision to take healthy exercise in the fresh air and to marvel in the scenery and wild life. The buses bring danger of accidents and pollution. This cannot be allowed to happen

Bristol City Council and their colleagues, the West of England Parnership and First Group plc should be made to watch the episode of the Simpsons entitled 'Marge Versus the Monorail'...contains everything you need to know about community spirit versus sociopathic short term thinking, that does......and assuming this idea actually reaches fruition, do we the public have ANY reason to believe that we'll have anything other than a crappy, underperforming bus service, a crappy, underperforming train service AND a crappy, underperforming Bus Rapid Transport service? How's that gonna be an improvement then? takes an enormous effort of will not to see these the West of England Parnership as a rum collection of self-interested snake oil salesmen, hucksters and sociopaths, attempting to shut down an alternative, healthy method of transport that brings them no revenue...people like this, who actively attempt to further unpick the fragile fabric of society, should be fought at every opportunity.

james from bristol
careful people! when a politician suggests something outrageous,like this plan, they usually want to distract you from their option 2 which is what you get when they "graciously bow to public opinion"

The Council and First bus haven't got the best record in public transport on Road or Rail and now it seems they are hell-bent on ruining a transport solution that actualy works.

So the new showcase buses and routes are a failer then?????The cycle track is probably the healthist (and lets not forget free) exercise most people get, and the amount of kids playing up and down the cycle track is a joy to see.

Matt Redland
Who thought of this?! What a load of numbnuts, the cycle path has to survive. I done it a few times between bristol and bath and it's a cracking day out. There're so many people on it on the weekends so don't ruin it. I could say more but this whole plan is just stupid and not thought out. And another thing! As I drive to and from home I see little bits of the route and think 'that's a good way to get to work'

Firstly I agree mass transit needs to be improved. But not at the expense of the Railway path which is essential for commuters and recreational cyclists and walkers. The government needs to invest in public transport infrastructure now as relying on foreign oil is getting increasing expensive by the week.

Yet another badly thought out transport idea from a council with a track record of incompetence. They have tried rapid transit twice before and failed spectacularly (remember the link to Portishead alongside the Avon and the metro from the centre to Bradley Stoke?)I suggest they improve the existing public transport infrastructure before embarking on another Grand Design and spoiling a wonderful amenity in the process.

This is the one place where you can ride safely with children. It is peaceful without traffic, only the sound of bird song and the wind in the trees. This is a precious resource let's not lose it.

Bharat Pankhania
This is a disaster. People are afraid to reide their bikes on busy roads and if buses are going to join the cycle path then it will deter future cyclists. There is no way of determining the amount of bus traffic that woudl use the cycle path, it could become a busy "motorway" of buses and thus it woudl be the end of the quieter, safer cycle path. Another loss of habitat and fewer cyclists and walkers.

claire, redfield
Bristol bath cycle path is the number one bike commute to work in the country according to sustrans and even in the guardian weekend magazine as a great family day out thats free healthy and safe. On top of this the path is used by badgers ( still protected) and other wildlife so what do bristol city council want to do - make it a rapid transport route!!! How does that make sense? OR is it a money issue and free routes into the centre doesn't make money for worst group?

Richard Stephens
Checked out google earth and walked the track at the weekend. It's 3 meters wide in some places, not enough space for the bus and cycle path. In fact it's so narrow that some people in Claybottom would possibly loose theit gardens if not houses. Bad idea.

David Hughes
Okay, let's give cyclists exclusive use of the cycle path - but then let's give paying, long suffering car and bus travellers exclusive use of the rest of the road network. You can't have it both ways. Bristol needs a way out of it's current transport hole; why should a few green fascists who want the luxury of the cycleway impose their narrow minded will on everyone else?

It currently takes me 8 minutes to get from Staple Hill to St Phillips on my bike on the Railway Path. And I am by no means an exceptionally fit cyclist, just an ordinary commuter. You can't do that journey in 8 minutes in a car in Bristol. You certainly can't do it in a bus- no matter how 'high speed', as bus journeys entail plenty of stopping. Cycling is therefore QUICKER than driving/bussing it, plus it's FREE, gets you FIT, and is GREEN. Let's keep buses on-road in bus lanes, and leave this pioneering example of sustainable transport/linear park/exceptional green corridor to be a shining beacon of sustainable transport and an inspiration, as it is at present.

I've been living in Bristol for 2 days. It does feel like 2 years of waiting for the bus though. In the last 2 days I've seen Bristol mostly from freezing bus stops only to be snarled at and once even verbally abused by a bus driver. I've actually decided to buy a bike this morning and then i read this .... mmmm ... maybe the green concious bristol I've been told about is a myth ...

Did I get this right? I must stop cycling, so Worst Bus can drive on the cyclepath and then I start driving to work because all the buses are full before they reach Eastville because the traffic commisioner has reduced the number of buses Worst Bus can run due to a poor maintenance record. And this is the same Worst Bus that wants to be allowed to use high tech buses near pedestrians. Brilliant. You couldn't make it up.

I can't get over the fact that BCC have had the audacity to bring this shocking plan to the attention of Bristol's residents. The problems with the plan are multiple - from the already existing (pathetically serviced) 48/49 route that goes from the Centre to Emersons Green, to the fact that the vast majority of bus drivers are aggresive to the point of being dangerous (and I for one would not be using a cycle path that ran alongside stinky diesel-emitting buses as I tend to like my oxygen as clean as possible); these two problems don't even scratch the surface of the impact this plan would have on people's lives & wellbeing/congestion/the council's commitment to 'sustainability' (ha!). The more one digs into how this plan has been conceived, it becomes increasingly obvious that First (who ARE rubbish, thats all it comes down to) hold far too much weight on various planning/partnership boards that affect Bristol. Don't even get me started on the complete lack of public consultation that BCC have done into what the reaction to the proposed scheme would be...

Becky Hayward
What a ridiculous idea why spoil the one place where commuters and the general public can cycle, walk or run with out the fear of being mowed down by cars. Bristol City Council need to seriously consider the sanity of their members. Maybe they should make buses cheaper and easier to use rather than adding chaos to the peace and tranquillity of the cycle path!!

Martyn (Bristol)
I've lived in East Bristol for 10 years and used the Cycle Path for transport and leisure. Many families use it too as an affordable, green activity. The Council should be encouraging more cycling and walking! Perhaps if the existing bus service worked there wouldn't be any additional demand. But hey, this is England, not Continental Europe where they seem to be blessed with decent public transport. Aside from all the obvious green issues, I simply can not see Sustrans letting this happen.

Andy, kingswood
The majority here seem to think that the cycle path should be kept free from buses. It just like putting buses on cycle path is a rubbish idea.

Alex Young
Why put a bus route along it? Why not try an encourage those who would get the bus to get on their bikes instead?

The biggest reason for not cycling to work is that cars/buses and cyclists don't go together well. Spend the money on more off road cycle paths and it will have far more good effects.

dave, bristol
...No, No, NO......just NO. A really wrongheaded idea, far too invasive for the existing pathway, particularly those narrow doglegs around Fishponds (and have you seen how wide the proposed guided bus track would be, in the artists impression?)...and as First Group currently languish at the bottom of the UK league table with regards customer satisfaction, perhaps they could try improving their existing road and rail infrastructure rather than attempting to destroy a much loved and much used green alternative......honestly, what motivates these people?

Harry Stoke
We are shown pretty pictures of a nice new bus gliding between two concrete barriers apparently leaving space for a path alongside it.What happens to the buses coming the other way?

Diana Benjamin
I am speaking for Easton which is the area I live in that runs beside the cycle path. This is one of the few green areas we have where children can ride their bikes and whole families go out to walk. Its a gateway to a whole different world that you can get to safely. I am an art student and will be doing my current project on the path to be exhibited at our end of course show. The people of Easton deserve to keep this beautiful space just as it is.

P Mortimer
I have used the Bristol to Bath cycle path for many years like so many cyclists, runners & walkers. It is a haven for wildlife & I have even seen deer in the wooded parts & is a pleasure for all who want to get away from the traffic. What are the planners thinking about shouldn't they work on reducing the traffic on the roads & improve the ones we have rather than eroding more our our countryside.

Yet again in this half-term week we can see the impact of not having the school-run on the roads. My commute time to work across the city is reduced by half & I hardly stop or queue at all. Why not focus on getting the school-run traffic off the roads first, then see if we really do need any extra bus lanes at all?

Jess Rushton
How is this helping sustainability. Bristol should be encouraging cycling and not putting on more overpriced buses. Improve the bus system we have already and not create more that people probably will not use use. Sort out the current problems before creating more. Use the money to improve cycle links and not destroy them.

Andrew, Warmley
For more than 15 years I have commuted daily on the cyclepath in all seasons free from the air pollution caused by motor vehicles. Depending on the weather and the time of year, I estimate that between 600 and 1000 people cycle into Bristol daily along the path - this is equivalent to more than three miles of queuing single-occupant cars. Moreover there are very many children of all ages walking along it or across it to school. In fact the path actually needs to be widened in many places in order to accommodate the increasing pedestrian and cycle usage as it is getting very close to full capacity. The Bristol to Bath cyclepath is the exemplar of green transport in the UK, and it should be improved, rather than polluted and made dangerous. I can only presume that the WOE partnership do not cycle on the path themselves, otherwise they would have seen the stupidity of their scheme.Are the WOE aware of Ken Livingston's plan for 12 cycle highways for London? Perhaps WOE's time would be better spent in planning the same for Bristol.

Samuel E K
This seems very silly, we should get First to sort out service we already have or take the buses back.

Pedal spinner
Buffoons, I use the path as the final link from Weston super Mare to UWE Frenchay, it is a perfect route avoiding traffic and Hills out of/into North Bristol. How else could you safely cycle from the City Centre to Blackberry Hill.(M32?) It is time that a congestion charge was levied on Bristol to be invested in more cycle paths. Such as Weston - Cleevdon across Kenn moor to alieviate north bound A370 traffic

Ian, the bus route plan has little to do with getting people out of cars. In fact one of the main objectives is to serve a proposed Park and Ride site at Emerson's Green which will encourage people to drive! The overall transport plan of which this bus route is a small part is to massively increase road traffic and congestion.

The first I read of this was that the cycle path would disappear and change into a buslane. Looking at what is proposed this is clearly not planned and with careful planning both bus and cyclist could be accommodated. We must get people out of their cars - not all of them are going to cycle, it is all of our long term interests to provide sensible public transport options. It is very easy to be against everything and a bit harder to come up with an alternative solution.

The concept of the path is for dual use, therefore if it is necessary then a light rail option (tram) should be considered and what is essential is some real competition, i.e. First Group must not run it.

Forget this stupid Idea, we pay enough council tax as it is, we can't afford a hike in taxes to pay for this once the usual council project management incompetence allows things to go way over budget, we have spent enough on this nonsense lining the "consultants" pockets for suggesting something that won't happen. Mark Bradshaw et al, get it into your heads that the people of Bristol do not want this stupid and wasteful scheme and will not allow it to happen.

In response to Matt, Bristol - they should also be looking into ULTRA, a concept developed by a Bristol University team, currently being tested in Cardiff and forming part of the new transport infrastructure at Heathrow. There are numerous viable options available to a city with the vision to pursue a truly sustainable future.

Why do we need a more public transport to Bath? There are regular train services and buses every 12 minutes from the centre to Bath, not to mention all the other buses rattling empty that call through Bath. Stupid Council wasting money on crazy ideas that will never get off the ground just like the tram Bristol has been waiting for.

I am 16. My friends and I cycle up and down this cycle path as something fun and different to do in the summer. It means we get exercise and are off the streets (two of the things which the media and government tend to target as a problem amongst teenagers) . Taking it away would restrict what we can do in the summer and not be frowned upon. I also enjoy its peace and isolation from traffic and the inner city life, having buses going past all the time would ruin that.

Tom J
No Way! I can understand why the council will have gone for this in that they cannot control the trains and this would a cheap way to get more people to and from Bath. The cycle path to Bath is fantastic and I have often used it to commute. No matter what they say having a Bus route running alongside the path will completely ruin the experience for the thousands of people that use the path every week.Surely a more sustainable and sensible solution is to run larger and more frequent trains between temple meads and Bath Spa and more buses and bus lanes on the existing roads, and get more people cycling in the summer.Given that the cycle path is only there through the hardwork and dedication of hundreds of volunteers its hard cheese for the council..too late go work on some other hare brained scheme

Neil Blackmore
It is brilliant, but will serve many more people if used as a mass transport link. They must keep a cycle path too!

steven dawson
Bristol City Council think a little harder? Thinking at all would be a start.

Absolutely no! What a ridiculously short sighted backwards step that hightlights the need to sort the bloody trains out. The rail network is a great and very speedy way of shifting people who don't want to sit in traffic, or are unable to, or have no desire to use their legs but it's far too expensive and unreliable. Giving more options to companies delivering mediocre services and charging lots of money for them is definately not a good plan. The path already needs some sorting out, especially towards Bristol where it's bumpy and a lot of the tarmac is folding up. Let's concentrate on this, and on encouraging a cross-section of cyclists and walkers to continue to use it, rather than spoil everything it currently represents.

Tracey H
IMO the cycle path is the one of the very few good points of living in the Fishponds area, and I for one am not prepared to see it ruined by this hare-brained BRT scheme. My husband and I will fight this stupid proposal all the way until it gets thrown out and recognised as a completely idiotic plan.

Rebecca Ellis
I think it is a ridiculous idea to exchange one 'sustainable' form of transport for another.....the cycle path is the best used in the whole of the country and who would want to continue to use if even if there was enough space for bicycles to share it with buses? It looks like a god plan on the map as the path crosses no residential or commercial properties and thus is a cheap option for the developers. I believe however that they have failed to take into account the issues of whether buses can actually fit under the bridges, the reticence people have towards changing buses (as the propose route ends at lawrence hill) and also the consistently bad record that first 'great' western have demonstrated with their established public transport systems.......... leave us to enjoy safe, pollution-free, reliable & safe cycling in peace!

Matt, Bristol
Using your favourite search engine, look for "Wuppertal Schwebebahn". This has been running for over a hundred years now.Then search for "MonoMetro". This is an up-to-date re-working of the concept.Now why isn't anyone looking into something like this? Unlike BRT or tram, it doesn't need a dedicated corridor, and despite its exotic appearance might actually be cheaper than BRT. Then we can have a rapid transit link AND keep the cycle path.

Cheers Drive
Crazy idea. Don't destroy the cycle path and don't waste any more cash on expensive consultants. They either have a hidden agenda or they just state the obvious!There are already bus routes going from Emersons Green into Bristol Centre and there are bus lanes along main routes into Bristol. The bus lane regulations need to be strongly enforced - use speed camera technology to fine drivers who illegally use the bus lanes. Once the bus lanes are better policed, the bus company have less excuses for poor punctuality. They can then be penalised if they don't hit their punctuality targets. Sort out the bus ticketing, with a flat-fare, and tickets available from shops or machines at bus-stops. Better still, how about a Bristolian version of the Oyster Card?The focus should be on getting the buses working properly, not destroying a well-used alternative mode of transport.

matthew geyl
every road in the west country is dominated by vehicles and pollution. this is the only route on which people can travel significant distances in peace, safety and clean air. once it has buses on it, we really will have paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Absolutely Bonkers Mate!!!

Chris H
Using the Railway Path last Sunday, when it was as crowded as I have ever seen it even though it was only February, I was reminded of the need to allow for the widening of the path to accommodate ever increasing levels of use, especially on the "commuter" stretch into Bristol. If the bus route plan went ahead, it would become impossible to widen the path beyond whatever narrow margin could be squeezed beside the 10 metre width required by the buses, so preventing the Path accommodating much higher levels of use in the future.

chris woodfield
public opinion below and elsewhere shows without question that our community doesn't want a rapid bus transit system as opposed to a cycle route. i'm sick and tired of companies, money and "experts" dictating the future of our society. this is OUR community, we live in a democracy and the job of bristol city councillers is to reflect the wishes of the public. Come on fellas, think a little harder, you can do a lot better than destroy a cycle route, when its cycling that we should be promoting above all other forms of transport.

Mike Patten
The cycle path is a welcome roue into Bristol, free of traffic and the pollution they bring. What Bristol needs is a tram system to replace the expensive, late First buses. Leave the cycle path alone

When the railway was closed the Authorities were NOT interested in using it. If it is now to be used by buses (or trams would be preferable) it should be single track route with passing spaces at half mile intervals so that THE CYCLE/PEDESTRIAN ROUTE IS NOT COMPROMISE IN ANY WAY.I am 73 and from Stroud, a user of the cycle way about twice a year just because it is there !

Tony D
I have read the comments here (and elsewhere) and altogether have counted nearly a 1,000 or so comments, the vast majority against the use of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path as a busway. Those of you supportive of the BRT scheme should consider the following; if the proposed BRT plans are so attractive, why is it that in that 1,000 comments there is not one from a car driver saying that they would use the scheme? The council has allocated in the region of £325,000 for independent consultants to assess the scheme (which, will cost an estimated £77 million for an unguided unclean (i.e a diesel bus - the use of more environmentally friendly systems having been dismissed as impractical by one of the consultants) route from Emerson's to Ashton Vale, and at least £185m to extend it to Hengrove, Cribbs Causeway and Whitchurch). How much would it have cost to pay a couple of people to stand on Fishponds road during the rush hour, asking car drivers if they would use the scheme if it was introduced? The results of that survey might have saved a lot of time and effort. Instead, it is back to the drawing board once again, and Bristol continues to descend into traffic chaos. One suggestion to the City Council for next time, don't involve profit-chasing companies who are pre-disposed to choose a particular solution regardless of the options available (i.e First Bus, Atkins, Halcrow)

lucy @ clay bottom
idiotic,pen pushers who havent walked along the cycle path for at least 10 yards.oblivious to the needs of cyclists,mums with buggies,kids learning how to ride a bike,toddlers how to walk,without the danger of SMACK,BANG,YOUVE BEEN HIT BY A CAR OR BUS!NO WAY WILL I ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN OUTSIDE MY FRONTDOOR.COME ON THE PEOLPLE OF BRISTOL WE CAN BEAT "THE MAN".

Wouldnt it make more sense to re-lay a single track rail on the route and keep one side for cyclists etc, I believe it was originally double track so there would be enough room. It works very well at the Avon Valley Railway.

Eric C
When I moved to Bristol some 50 years ago it was a green, open and pleasant city to live in. However since then it has gone downhill a good deal thanks mainly to bad planing decisions. Allowing buses to use the railway path will be yet another one of those bad decisions. This path is so much more than a cycle lane. It is a commuter root into the city for those people that would rather not breath in the pollution of the roads. It is also an important corridor for wild life to exist within the city. But perhaps most importantly it s a place where our children and grandchildren are able to play safely and still use their creative minds. Unlike barren playing fields surrounded by token lollypop trees. I hope that a full list of all the cerebrally challenged counsellors that vote for this will be published and they get their just rewards come the election. I do not know why they just don't tarmac over Bristol and let first-bus have for a Christmas present.

Wolfie Smith
Does anyone who lives anywhere near the cycle track realise what this will mean for them? having seen the d(r)aft plans at Tuesdays meeting, there are 6 proposed "stops" on the route mainly in residential areas, this means that as usual, anyone living more than 10 minutes walk away from one of these stops will use their car, park in residential streets and then jump on the bus. This is very likely as the existing road bus service is hopeless and also routed along main roads. Just another part of this ridiculous scheme that has not been thought through. Write to your MP's, contact your councillors, MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Ok first of all I haven't heard any good reason for having this bus route destroy one of the best cycle paths in the area! Alan P I'm sorry but you seem pretty idiotic to me, i use the path aswell as roads and believe motorists would rather we were out of the way and not on the roads! keep the cycle path! first transport is a joke. overpriced never on time! i refuse to use public transport in bristol!

Tim T
Stupid idea.

Alex Staple hill
Despite this cycleway not initially being built for this purpose why do cyclists think it is purely for their use? The initial conception was for the transportation of goods & passengers via the rail network I see nothing adverse by returning to its original purpose which was the commercial carrying of passengers

Richard Stephens
I have said before on this site, that this is a very bad idea. But here is one solution, to help take cars off Bristol's roads, which won’t cost the tax payer £675,000 the sum awarded to the Bristol Partnership out of tax payers pockets.I work for a large company based near Aztec West. There must be at least 20000 people or more working across all of the North Bristol business parks here the majority having to drive on a daily basis. I challenge someone to find a regular bus service to the business parks from areas in Brsitol such as Fishponds, Downend, Warmley and surrounding areas. If you live on the A38, then you can catch the 73 or Orange bus service if your company pays for it. However in some areas of Bristol you are forced to either drive, or catch a bus into the centre in order to come back out again which is not a real alternative for many.Why are there not any good circular bus routes in Bristol to service large business parks?

Whilst I agree that public transport in Bristol is woefully inadequate I am totally opposed to using the Bristol to Bath cycle path. It is an amazing and fantastically well used resource. It seems ridiculous to plan more routes for buses when people will not use public transport until it is more heavily subsidised and therefore affordable. This multi million pound scheme would be a complete waste of money if the price of bus travel remains high. People will just not stop using their cars unless it is cheaper to do so.

Steve K
This really does take the biscuit. Does Labour want to be elected in Bristol ever again? The Bristol to Bath cycle path is a treasured and very well-used resource - valuable to both non-motorised commuters and leisure users. Widening it to accomodate two guided bus tracks (and pedestrians and cyclists as an afterthought) would totally destroy it and its wonderful "linear park" feel. In addition, in many places it's simply not wide enough - therefore they'll be compulsory purchase orders served on local residents. And for those few who have declared it a good idea- shame on you - you've clearly never used it. Pay it a visit - you'll soon change your tune. For those who say it's the only choice - nonsense! Run the BRT down Fishponds Rd and the M32. This is pointless, lazy thinking by a Council bereft of ideas backed up by a rapacious transport conglomerate who couldn't care two hoots for the people of Bristol. This madcap plan must be resisted by all means available.

This is a faintly ridiculous scheme thought up, presumably, by people who have more interest in "development" contracts than really easing congestion. Why do I come to this conclusion? Because it simply won't affect congestion in any significant way. Those people who already get the bus will continue to get the bus. Those people who drive do not forego buses because they are slow (there is no such thing as slow or fast in gridlock) but because First bus have both consistently failed to keep time to any acceptable standard, and have hiked up the prices many times over the past few years. The true reason not enough people use public transport in this area is because, along with First Great Western trains, the First transport group operating in this area is the worst "public" transport firm of it's kind in the country.

I've enjoyed a lovely day out cycling to Bath and back on this cycleway a couple of yeas ago. Now I'm wondering about moving to Bristol to work and live. The only information I can find about possibilities of cycling to work from various parts of Bristol is this proposal to restrict a brilliant cycleway so that buses can use it. The other Bristol travel information I have found is about cars, trains and buses. Why are the cycleways being destroyed and not promoted? You won't get people out of cars if you don't show them how lovely and easy it is to cycle around.As many other comments have said, car (and other combustion engine) users are highly privileged having £millions of public money and acres of space for their exclusive and destructive use.

Dan U
No, no, no. Just a ridiculous idea. Buses, bikes and pedestrians do not mix, which is why so many pedestrians and cyclists use the path.Perhaps the sensible thing to do would be to invest the proposed £47 million budget in increasing traffic free pedestrian and cycle routes, and improving the standard of the public transport services around Bristol in general. I’m sure that Sustrans could make better use of it than BCC and First and benefit many more people in the process.And as for the concept, you only have to look at the Old Market and Church Road "improvements" to see this scheme's full potential. A terrible idea and a waste of tax payer's money.

I love Oli's comment "If everyone who regularly uses the cycle path started riding in on the roads, I'm sure every motorist in Bristol would be equally against the plan." Just to add... so many of us are conscious of global warming. Isn't the story that fuel prices are going to escalate and private cars are going to be unaffordable (I'll accept that veg oil, solar power and electric alternatives may keep them on the road). People will turn to public transport, lift sharing and cycling for economic reasons, the congestion problem will clear up, and our city council will have trashed our beautiful Railway path for nothing. It's not the first time the City Council has shown a massive lack of foresight.

I'm not sure teh council has any idea at all about the city that they supposedly run on our behalf.Yet another BCC white elephant that will miss out on the funding.

Alan P
Transportation is needed. We are in the 21st century the days of riding around on penny farthings is numbered. Ok i agree we should have some green area but lets have special nature reserves/parks etc and use the existing transport network for modern day transport. The majority of people in easton who use the path are only there to cause trouble and mug the ligitimate users anyway so lets turn this area into something that the whole community can be proud of! A rapid transport link to the centre of Bristol enabling those who have to commute into Bristol a quick, stress free journey!!

I think the money should be used to do research into having a public bicycle system, like in holland. There are fabulous, traffic free cycle lanes connecting everywhere, and cycling is a way of life.

i cannot believe this proposal! I have cycled and walked to work for years on the cycle path. I run on it after work, and cycle to Bath at the weekends. This would be a disaster.I cannot stand the stress of catching the poor quality buses and am not a driver. why should i be punished for other people's congestion? I think a five day limit on each driver would be more of an idea, and the other two days drivers could cycle, or use the bus. Use the money that would have been used ruining the cyclepath to improve bus services. If this goes ahead i will be tempted to move out of bristol, as my life pretty much revolves around this green and peaceful haven.

Poor Bristolian
I think our elected representatives have totally underestimated the strength of feeling on this issue. This proposal will be totally rejected by the people of Bristol. Both the Council and the West of England partnership have been particularly secretive about their proposals, much of the detail now in the public domain was obtained by protesters using the freedom of information act. The role of the First group in this is also cause for concern, how can a company who have been fleecing the citizens of their council tax money for years by providing a scandalously poor service, be in a position to advise a transport group? What Bristol needs is a properly planned, affordable, efficient and useable public transport system. It would appear that the council are relying on this scheme to apply for millions in central govt funding, they have put all their eggs in one basket, so when the people of Bristol scupper this ridiculous idea, there is no plan ‘B’ to fall back on as no meaningful exploration of alternatives have been undertaken. As a result of this lack of alternatives, Bristol will lose out (again).The suggested costs of this scheme are woefully inaccurate, the engineering works and unforeseen additional costs (legal, consultancy, compulsory purchase etc) will soon make central grants evaporate which will result in a huge hike in council tax as the people of Bristol will have to foot the bill, and lets face it Bristol City Council hardly have a good track record on project management.(cost of new schools doubling etc ring any bells?)The Council and the West of England partnership must be stopped from wasting any more of our money on a scheme that will never happen. Buses belong on the roads as part of an integrated transport system. The Cycle track is a linear park and one of Bristol’s greatest assets and can not be destroyed by this ill conceived and totally unworkable proposal. HANDS OFF THE CYCLE TRACK!!!

Emily H
The path is also far more than a cycle path, especially in inner city areas like Easton where its one of the few green public spaces around. In Easton it is a beatifully kept and vital recreational space often crowded with school children, families, walkers, joggers and of course cyclists. What gives the council the right to take this away from us! I agree with the suggestion below; stick a park & ride at the top of the M32; shut off a lane of the motorway for buses at peak times and stick on a congestion charge at these times too-force the people who are currently congesting our roads to change their bad travel habits, not the people who already walk and cycle places!

Dave Harries
I also think that the route should be downn the M32 but, at the same time, if you run it that way then providing convenient stops for people wishing to use it will not be easy. However, at the same time, I am against the use of the Bristol & Bath Cycle Path for the route.Oh and, by the way, Ian W: I see your point about not wanting First running the service but unfortunately they have a ddesign of vehicle that is in production, exclusive to them, and would be idea for such a route.

Ian W
This green corridor has already been blighted by the construction of the ring road - it saddens me to see Syston Common being built all over as it is. Leave it alone.The rapid transit route should run along the Ring Road and down the M32 - those people sat bumper to bumper one car per person should be able to see it glide past them.Just one point - DO NOT let First run this service wherever it is built!

Kate B
The proposed bus route is budgeted at £47million yet is only 7 miles long, will only have 6 stops, is designed for commuters so buses on return trips will usually be empty, and is unlikely to reduce the number of cars on the road (for too many reasons to go into here) – what a WASTE! Surely there are better ways to improve transport in Bristol with that sort of money?!The artist impressions of the proposal are simply propaganda: the scale of the sketches is laughable, there won’t be any vegetation, and I sincerely hope they’re not trying to reflect the Councils’ health & safety policies! Putting a RTB route along this popular green space would be a backward step in tackling obesity, promoting carbon-free journeys, curbing pollution, creating greenspaces in cities, and encouraging active lifestyles. It would be a great loss to Bristol. This is NOT just a cyclist-commuter issue… this is a community issue.

Alan P
What an excellent idea. Bristol needs to do something to ease it congestion problems and an express transport route seems to be the ultimate solution. If this was only in operation between peak commuter times then the so said tranquility of the cycle path could still be visted during the day and on weekends. Cyclist can still use the path so they are not being hindered in any way, shape or form. And lets be fair if all else fails cyclists could always resort to riding on the roads! Come on Bristol lets get behind this idea and make it happen.

Keren Gwinnell
I am totally opposed to the plan to include a rapid bus service on the cycle path. It will reduce the number of cyclists and walkers and therefore add to traffic congestion. And will also lose a vital green and quiet space in our congested city.

Total madness. What's really scary is that the council can even come up with such a scheme...We already have rapid transit systems..they are called road and rail..get commuter cars off the roads and improve the rail links

Simon Holmes
Not sure the local councils necessarily want to do this. It's a government target and this would tick a box without too much thought involved. Getting First involved makes me feel queasy. Leave it traffic free & concentrate on building up the numbers of cyclists, joggers, walkers & weekend families. please.

Andy B
It wasn't so long ago that the council were telling us that roads are dividing communities. When I commute to work on this cycle track I see hundreds of school children crossing it to walk to school. A bus lane sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Even if it does go ahead how many people like me will get back in their cars while the construction happens. My commute costs £10.40 and takes 4 hours/day on the buses. Councils, do the math and let me keep cycing to work (Free and 1hour/day). And no, a bus to Emersons Green would be no use whatsoever for my journey.

It's pretty bad that they want to put a Rapid Transit bus route through a cycle path causing pollution and probably the cutting down of lots of trees to widen the path... has anyone wondered what happened to the tram idea years ago? If they can build a 'rapid transit system', why on earth are they not bringing in trams like they were going to? I'm sure building over a cycle path wasn't part of that plan either! they would be greener, quiter and more efficient at turning up on time! plus more passengers can be taken at once, of course if First bus were running trams I'm sure they would not turn up on time for some reason or another..

Ged Finnegan
The cycle path is a unique resource for the folk of Bristol. A calm, relaxing place to walk or cycle, and a fantastic incentive to adopt a healthier life-style. It would be a great shame if this - or part of it - were to be taken away. Look to the roads for an alternative transport system. There are some great models aroung - take the Nottingham tram system; it's brilliant! Do your research, Bristol.

Scott Jacobs-Lange
Whilst I strongly support the idea to do something groundbreaking with our public transport it does appear rather shortsighted to be ploughing up part of a much used and loved pedestrian and cycle path to do so. Guided buses work well and I have seen examples in places as diverse as Quito and Northern England that Bristol could well borrow from. If other roads really cannot accomodate it then it should and the cycle path is the only option it should be done in such a way that it contributes to the use of the path. Having buses that can take cycles - especially on the longer journeys - would be a start. Please can we integrate whatever happens with the more sustainable cycling and pedestrian transport system that local people have developed in this city?

Vid Warren
I have heard some support for this idea and, nearly all of the time, it involves a complaint about cyclists being a threat to pedestrians/motors/themselves. Why do you not realize that this is an argument FOR having the cycle track kept as it is?If cyclists don't cycle safely on roads, why do you want them to abandon the track due to a lack of space or 'endanger pedestrians' further?The money should be spent on creating ways to charge extra to anyone that drives a distance of under two miles without good reason.

I am sorry cyclist but I agree with he express transit route. This route should be used as a transport route for commutors, not everyone can use or travel to work on bikes, either through health or pratical reasons.This route was always kept for a transit route and its been a luxury to have it for sole use as a cycle route. We have to get Bristol moving.

J Whittock
Bristol, just get on with it! Every other British city has Public transport. All Bristol CC wants to do is Tax, Tax, Tax. Cyclists can be accommodated on the path anyway. If you want cars all over the place carry on as normal.

Bev Smith
I feel that the Bristol to Bath cycle path is an invaluable asset to this ever increasingly 'green' city. To lose it to buses would be a travesty near that of losing the planned venue at Temple Meads, how short sighted and myopic is the city Council? Where are the trams that run seamlessly in the stretts of Nottingham, surely this is a way forward to ease congestion.

Nick Hawkridge
Bus Rapid transport gets my vote but I'm only one person, is there GOOD evidence that the transport will be used? Or will it be too expensive?What alternative route is being offered for the cycle path? I know it's too good a path to loose altogether

John Ridley
I am a headteacher who lives on the Eastern fringe of Bristol and cycle out to Warmley every day on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. The proposal to convert it into a bus route is unbelievable and fills me with dread. The route is a green lung for the city, it has badgers, foxes, rabbits and over two million walkers, cyclists and runners using the path 24 hours a day. I suggest that the individual who came up with this suggestion rides along it on a weekday morning and on a Bank holiday monday then rethinks this crazy idea. Sort out the bus routes, invest in the train network and leave the jewel in the crown of Sustrans alone!

R Gray
Please keep this wonderful path just as it is trffic free

Christopher Orlik
The way to cut down traffic is to cut down road space.If this plan were to go ahead, not only would it take away space from non car users, ie wheel chair, pedestrian and cyclists but it would actually create space on roads. Two hundred drivers finally realise that it is not much fun getting stuck in traffic jams in the rush hour and actually catch the tram. AND two hundred people who either did not go into town at that time because of the traffic or who now think there will be more road space so they might as well drive rather than catch a bus or walk will simply fill up the roads again.If you must make a link out to North Bristol why not simply stick a track down on the empty space by the railway line from Temple Meads to Parkway.

I think this is ridiculous. The path is used HEAVILY by pedestrians and its function is to encourage healthy living. I used this path to ride my bike to university every day up in fishponds. It is the only path bristol that offers such a great route for cyclists.Bristol City Council needs to be sure they realise that by making this into a bus route they are exposing themselves as hypocrites.

This idea is totally stupid. The cycle path is a valuable commuter route and leisure route for families. It's the only place my son can ride a bike in relative safety and the fresh air is a treat. Perhaps if First could run a more reliable and affordable bus service than they do then more people might get out of their cars instead of pushing people off their bikes. We should be encouraging more cycling and less buses!

mike cook
I use this to cycle to workTo take my daughter for bike ridesa safe walkway to get to parks/ shops play venues.I feel the closure of this path would not lead to greater use of people using cars and not the proposed bus/tram service. More cars/ bikes on the road. It would be better spending the money on cutting bus fares to promote more people using the bus. As i am sure the cost of the proposed tram system will just be as expensive as the current bus fares. It is more cheaper to take your car into town and park the car than catch the bus. The emphasis should be on making public transport more affordable so that people will use public transport. If they got rid of ythe cycle track I will have to get in my car as it take me two buses to get to work on a journey that takes me 15 mins by bike. I personally am appaulled they have not thought this decision through and thought of the long term consequences of destroying what is a community resource as well as one of the best cycle tracks in the whole of the uk.

Steven Dyer
The Bristol-Bath Cycle path is a a nice place to get away from the traffic and I walk down it quite a bit. There isn't a lot of places you can go to walk/cycle without traffic nearby. The introduction of a bus lane would totally ruin this attraction for walkers/cyclists

Bing Murti
Bad, bad idea. Buses are expensive, polluting, menacing and full of germs. Bikes keep you fit and pay for themselves after a few months, once you've switched from taking the bus. A bus will destroy the cycle path, which is the best (free) thing this city has. Listen to the people BCC, not the fat cat transport mafiosa.

Its an awlful idea. No way is there room for busses i regulalary often you the path so i should know, also it would completely destroy a place for people to ride there bike safely, this a very ba idea

Rachel Heaton
I think that First have initiated enough changes to the road system in recent months, is more really needed? I use this cycle path and it is excellent having a route into town that involves no motor vehicles and therefore feels relatively safe and one which is not currently fume filled!! Something which would change as well as the disruption it would cause. Surely the money to be spent on such a project could be used to benefit other areas, perhaps starting with a reduction in the price of the bus ticket!

Clare Palmer
As the residents of Greenbank and Easton know, the proposals of large companies can be dismissed with positive, focused action. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Farouk Shabal
In the simplicity of economies of scale, having an affordable, usable bus system on the streets of bristol would encourage greater use. Simply no need to eradicate the use of cycle ways in the age of greener living. This is full of contradictions. As the press continue to highlight, the First group are a very poor company - fact. Why deal with them. A useless proposal.

I think it is an awful idea. Thousands of people use the cycle path on a regular basis including commuting to work. We should be encouraging more people to walk and ride to work not taking away the few decent paths there are. The cycle lanes alongside many of the busy city roads are an absolute joke and do not make riding on the road much safer as they are often shared by buses and parked cars.

Jean and Bernard
We have been fighting this plan for decades and still maintain that it was given to the citizens of Bristol in perpatutity. We cannot understand why this unwanted plan keeps coming up!

I've seen the mock up of the plans and there clearly isn't room for buses, cyclists and pedstrians.Drop the stupid idea now!

Iain. T
Very bad idea.

Dont waste more of our money on something that just wont work!

Emily Clement
I don't think any part of the cycle path should be closed. It is very popular and a lot of people have very fond memorys of it.We do need better bus transport but there is no need to destoy the cycle path for it!

How lovely for all the people who use the cycle track as a means of leisure and keeping fit to be able to breath in the pollution from one of these rapid buses. The cycle track should be left alone, we already have a new "show case" bus route running from South Gloucestershire into Bristol.

Well I for one have wondered why this has not been suggested before. A quick dedicated Tram route into the heart of Bristol, what a good idea. Yes a few hardened cyclists will have a little less room to run pedestrians over in.,

I use the path quite a lot, and to allow buses to run along side is not good!It will start with buses, then taxis and at certain times of the day CARS yes CARS....The next thing after will be to make it another road, therefor closing the path to pedestrians and cyclists. Then we will have more congestion and no recreation.Why not turn it back into a railway like it used to be, from Temple Meads to Bath..have a fence dividing the railway from the cycle walkway?I suppose that would upset the Avon Valley Railway though.There are far too many people living in this country, and more are added each needs to stop now!

abi slee
you cant shut it ! i always went there as a child and its nicely leisurely and always an enjoyable experience. it's taught me more about going out, and I was able to set myself a challenge each time i went, to get further. so please listen to the public, and those whose heart isreally set for the best of the community.

This green haven from traffic keeps us oldies fit and our car stays outside our front door far more these days - we walk and enjoy the cycle track, so NO to any daft ideas like this one!

A similar idea was put forward in the 80's - the local population said a resounding 'no' then - it is still 'no'. We are pensioners and use the cycle track to walk into town and to local shops - keep it please!

colin phippen
What size would the cycle path be if it was running along side the tram/bus route. Would it be similar to the section of the cycle path at Bitton?Bristol needs this cycle path more than ever before, please please dont take it away from the thousands of us who use it all year round.

Yet again the council decide to mess up the city in the name of progress..they should have learnt a llesson or two by now how many years have they been saying we will have a rapid transit link by ???

Leave the cycle path alone.

Graham White
Madness. I am fortunate to live out in the geen bits beyond the Mangotsfield spur of the Track. Bristol and Kingswood must hang on to every inch of this Green Lung if it is to aspire to become a Green City. Oh, planners, is there no other way?

no doubt all the car drivers etc are the ones happy with this silly plan to go ahead. try cycling and you will enjoy it, lovely fresh air and th chance to see some lovely scenery and wildlife. ok fair enough it's not nice when it is raining but buy rain proofs and there you go.. soak fre ride, it really is enjoyable.

Dave C
If the route from Emersons Green towards the Centre really needs this route, why are First axing the express X62 bus? This makes as much sense as using the Harbour as a landfill site, concreting the top and then converting it to a City Airport!

Matt Innes
While I live in Ashton Gate, I use other parts of the Sustrans network to commute and, on the weekends, I take my kids on the Bristol-Bath path for recreation. As such I am vehemently opposed to the council setting a dangerous precedent and hijacking sections of the Sustrans network for vehicle traffic. I will certainly make the trek across town to be at the meeting tonight.

Glenn Howe
I live by the stretch of path that'll be affected. I cycle on it for pleasure, walk to work by it, walk my dogs along it, and it provides a valuable stretch of greenery in this urban environment. It significantly improves the quality of my life, and thousands of others, and this benefit will be lost if it's turned into a bus road.Transport plans are only solutions if they improve the quality of life, not diminish it.

I think diverse transport helps keep our choices open, it's not been good seeing First Bus gain such a monopoly, I had to quit one job as the bus prices increased beyond what was viable for me - but my trusty bike has proved a cheap option. Please keep a range of transport choices available for the poor.

Dominique Pahud
BCC and First Buses - Mad, bad and very very sad

the government continue to criticize society regarding obesity but then take away safe commuting areas of the city to replace with unreliable, environmentally damaging and expensive public transport

Lost in Easton
Where is the meeting taking place? I know its in Easton at 7.30. BBC please help!!!!
(Hi there - it is at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn St, at 7.30pm, 5 Feb. Hope that helps - Ed)

Chris Britten
Im stunned, I work in abike shop in Bristol, many of the people i serve use this route to commute, for pleasure and to spend time with their children and loved ones in a safe haven from the noise smell and danger of the road. The bus lane from Emersons Green area and Yate was ment to help solve the problems with traffic and help get busses to Bristol quicker, how much did they cost the council? the 2+ lane was ment to make more people choose lift sharing and help with the traffic, how much did that cost the council? these ideas have not worked and cost Bristol a lot of money, how much will this cost? when the people of Bristol are so against it.Would it not be a better idea to fix the problem that we already have with the busses in the area, the high cost of the tickets, a cheaper service will get more people on the busses so less cars, at the moment it's nearly £5 from Yate to Bristol by bus. More paying customers would mean less cars and more busses could run on time, thats more money for the bus company more happy customers less fines for the buss company and again that is more money PROFIT to the buss company. Use what brains nature chose to give you it makes sence.

Christ Hutt
I hope nobody is under the illusion that this bus route proposal has anything to do with reducing congestion. On the contrary, it is part of a plan by the "West of England Partnership" to accommodate a huge increase in car traffic in and around Bristol. Congestion after the construction of any bus route system (BRT)will be far worse than it is today. That is why they want to build it along the cycle path rather than on the parallel roads.

I think First should make an immediate and sizable donation to Sustrans as part of their public apology for even suggesting such an offensive idea.

i tihnk its absoltley descraceful

my friends garden is getting taken away because of u so STOP NOW

Lee Griffin
It's simply bewildering that anyone would think about compromising this path to put a bus on it.

Dominic Newton
This would be a very daft decision.... nuff said

Jonathan Bewley
There are 2.4 million trips every year- walkers & cyclists- on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. It is a very busy route and provides a green corridor though east Bristol to the city and local places. I'm sending some photos now which go some way to showing this but you really need to be there- going to work,at the end of a school day, or taking a ride at the weekend to really appreciate it. Then imagine a Rapid Transit bus lane. (We've added those images to the 'galleries' section - click here for a look. - Ed)

Andy F
Surely if congestion dictates the removal of such a well utilised local amenity as the cycle path it should revert back to its former use - a rail service between Bristol & Bath (including the Avon Vally Railway) would be far more efficient and less 'unfriendly' to the neighbouring cyclists, pedestrians and residents than a bus lane.If congestion can be eased another way, and lets face it the options are numerous, then LEAVE THE PATH ALONE!

David Nolan
First Group must be stopped, their monopoly to bleed the people of Bristol(with the backing of the Council) must be challenged. To destroy this much loved amenity would be unforgivable. Rapid transport/buses are needed, but on the roads, not cycle tracks. Come on BCC, stop wasting our money and get a grip, we see minor "improvements"(?)with bus lanes but no serious attempts to get to grips with the real problem of cheap efficient public transport. Tuesdays meeting is an opportunity to make a difference, lets make it count and send a clear message to our employee's/elected representatives at the council. HANDS OFF THE CYCLE TRACK!!!

Just a really mad idea from our lovely council.Have the council discussed this with Sustrains? Seen as they not long ago were awarded a grant to improve and extend the cycle paths.I guess not, but hey do they actually discuss anything with anyone? I guess thats a no too.I've never demonstrated in my life, but I will certainly join in on this one if the crazy idea goes any further.Just leave the cycle track alone and use the money where its actually needed.

The Last Bristolian
Making things difficult for drivers will be problematic for all of us. The infrastructure of towns and cities has changed. Most shopping and leisure has moved to out of town locations in every town large & small. Stop the cars and will be impossible for most to make the hike to suddenly inconvenient retail sheds on windy ring roads & by-passes. It will not suddenly possible to "pop down to the corner" for a loaf or a pint of milk. Those kind of conveniences are gone in most neighbourhoods, and were never built in the new ones. Public transport, however frequent the service, cannot service, cost effectively, all the out of town offices & Supercentres. 25 years ago no-one would have worked at Bradley stoke and lived in Whitchurch, it's now a cultural thing. Unless all the out of town stuff is demolished, public transport here will not be effective - which is why out of town developments are frowned on in tram friendly Europe.

Bristol cyclist
Just thinking about this makes my heart sink. This bike path is a wonderful, useful and treasured resource that will be decimated if plans go ahead. Here's hoping those already mobilising to vehemently oppose this plan win out!

I'm so disappointed to see yet again Bristol City Council are planning to further ruin our green areas. The cycle path is a haven for wildlife its a great way to walk or bicycle into Bristol or Bath safely and without breathing in the pollution of cars, buses and lorries. Surely the council should encourage people to use more environmentally friendly transport not further line the pockets of completely overpriced and inefficient transport companies such as First Bus!

Peter Appleton
Encouraging safe travel by bicycle should be a priority. the cycleway has already been spoilt by the ring road. this popular route should be preserved as a pedestrian and cycleway. further erosion of non-motor forms of transport should not be permitted. I think it is outrageous suggestion to turn it into a bus route but I suspect that economic considerations will trump environmental and safety issues as happens elsewhere in Bristol.

Jordan Lane
As stated previously this money would be far better invested in a subsidisation scheme, or to bring in outside competition providing bus services to break First from their all too comfortable strangle hold on the publice transport of Bristol to provide a necessity for actual customer service and more ompetitive pricing.To narrow a path that at peak times can already be crowded and fill it with the fumes that most use it to escape from is a travesty, especially if they actually have to encroach onto the countryside around it decreasing it's attraction further and turning it into a corridor of unemotional concrete.Utter idiocy.

Peter Smyth
First this week admitted that 25% of the information on bus stops is not accurate, have the highest fares in Europe and have shown themselves to be utterly incompetent in running railway services. Why are they anywhere near new solutions to tackle Bristol's transport problems? Rapid, affordable transport is a good idea but not at the expense of a beautiful path where people are already doing the right thing and commuting to work, walking to school and not causing pollution. Send them down the roads or the M32 hard shoulder and ban First from any future involvement in new ideas.

Brenda Jackson
It is inevitable that a security fence will be needed to separate First's dirty diesel buses and cyclists / pedestrians. This will ruin the path and change the nature of it. Also, how long would the path be closed for its construction? Let's write to our Greater Bristol MPs and get them to tackle First's abusive MONOPOLY on public transport in Bristol and introduce a Bristol Oyster card and £1 flat fare. The buses are slow because of slow boarding times and unattractive due to rip-off fares. The only people left using them are older people (First get £10 million a year from our councils for this 'service') who travel for free and people who don't have a choice. Conservatives you've got a lot to answer for in privatising bus and rail. Thatcher promised us improved choice and competition, look at what her and Major have left us with. A private monopoly preying on people trying to get to work and college on time, and for a reasonable price, and no competition in sight due to 'gentlemen's agreements'. I'm emigrating.

Scott Salter
There is no point! The buses have already got loads of money spent on updating the roads and bus stops, so why would they want to spend more money by making a bus lane? It should stay a cycle path! Also, if the council allows this, this will cause more pollution, and it won't be good for the environment and what will happen to the wildlife?

Another hair brained idea.Who elects these Councillers

Ridiculous! Don't destroy the cycle track!

Wolfie Smith
This can NOT be allowed to happen, Our incompetant council are being "advised" by the First group who are also incompetant, how many times have they been criticised and fined by the transport regulator? No contracts have yet been entered into for the provision of these buses, but who do you think will be doing it? Don't be surprised when First get the deal! THE PUBLIC MEETING ON TUES 5th FEB IS OUR CHANCE TO STAND AND BE COUNTED. Lets stop this before we loose one of Bristol's finest assets. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!

Michael L Nolan
I live adjacent to the cycle track, I use it, particularly during clement weather and would be opposed to any change of use of this amenity.

Tom Stubbs
I wonder how this pipe dream evolved, have they looked at all the options, what happened to the tram idea? I think the council are trying to do the right thing but have gone off in the wrong direction. It is the car that is the problem in Bristol and Bath. Putting buses where there have only been walkers and cyclists for the last 20 years is going to really upset a lot of people. Please could the council discriminate against the cause of the problem, the car, and not the people that are already helping with the congestion, by walking or using a bike.

Richard Stephens
There will be a public meeting next week in Easton. I suggest you all write to your MP's.

Mark Naisbitt
Are the council insane?. Drivers are the problem in this city. They clog the roads, produce masses of pollution and park their vehicles in cycle lanes, on pavements etc. The city council have capitulated to car culture for far too long. Now is the time to take space away from drivers by putting this bus route on a road, NOT the cycletrack. First Bus has people on the board of theWest of England Partnership and it's no wonder they support this scheme as they stand to make money out of it. In my book, this is a corrupt conflict of interests. First Group are useless - their bus timetables are fiction. The people of Bristol should be proud of the cycletrack. It's the jewel in the crown of the National Cycle Network and should be left well alone. Other measures, such as a congestion charge with profits to subsidise cheap bus transport, are required to help beat congestion and get lazy drivers out of their four-wheeled 'comfort zones'.

Andy Osborn
I am a volunteer with the charity LifeCycle. We cycle on tandems with visually impaired riders twice a month. I cant imagine this would be very enjoyable for anyone if it means cycling next to a tarmac bus lane, instead of the beautiful wild surroundings of the current path. Its a horrendous idea which will chip away another part of the city's soul.

Kathryn Peacegood
Cycling would be useful for far more people than buses!It would help their health and the environment. To put buses on the cycle track will drive people to theie cars.

John G
Building a park and ride on the M4 just before the m32 junction would be a much better project. Link that to the cycle path for cyclists and keep the buses on the m32.

I think it's an excellent idea. Cycling is fun, but this would be useful for far more people.

Mike Akers
City Council score giant own goal with insane proposal to change beyond recognition one of Bristol's genuine treasures. Who do they think they are>???

Bristol city council / First really seem to have grasped the knack of making my blood boil of late. Not only has the Bristol/Bath train commute become hellish and un-reliable they now plan to ruin the one truly cheap(well free), safe, healthy and enjoyable way to get to and from work. Enough is enough. We tend to be a fairly apathetic bunch but there is a line.

It's the most outrageous decision I've come across in recent years. It is no coincidence what the Government are proposing. The Local Transport Bill, currently going through Parliament, includes measures to create the first formal champion for bus passengers.Today's seminar was organised by the Department for Transport and Campaign for Better Transport as part of the consultation on those proposals. Does this mean they can bypass the needs of other transport users (cyclists and pedestrians).

Gildas Jones
More buses less cyclists? Crazy plan, why not encourage more use of itIf this about getting commuters in from Emmerson green why not encourage them to cycle. Spend the money on a bike centre in town with showers and safe storage.

Easton and proud
This development cannot go ahead. It is crazy to destroy a much loved path.We in Easton are organised and ready to protest if there is even a hint of it going ahead.Why not join us.

Maria Charles
Not only would people who choose to use the cycle path be exposed to more pollution (inhaling motorists fumes whilst cycling is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day); but the option of travelling safely, economically, ethically and environmentally soundly will be eradicated.I will not use the cycle path if I have to share it with buses, and at present I cycle 4 miles of it every day. What will happen to the wildlife? Roadkill for all to enjoy, whether that be school children adults or animals. I am a nurse who is frequently exposed to cyclists that have been run over by cars and sustained serious head injuries whilst cycling on roads. Why not focus on changing the culture and attitudes of fuel guzzling, Roo Bar, Sports utility vehicle drivers, by promoting the positive lifestyle elements that the cycle path has to offer. It does not seem right that those who have already committed to making positive environmental changes be punished, when those that are mainly contributing to the need for this change, be spoon fed. It seems that BCC are looking for quick fix solution to a problem that will in the long term make the situation worse for everyone, including their own kids. Believe me BCC, the implementation of this proposal will not be made easy for you.

Peter Lambert
I use the cycle path to commute to work in Bath (as well as for pleasure) - as do many others, instead of taking the car (the train is simply too expensive). It's unique and wonderful. Destroying it makes no sense at all

Steve Barraud
An absurd, outrageous, disgraceful folly of an idea that shows the council hasn't the slightest inkling of what is important in Bristol. The path a little treasure amidst the chaos of Bristol's transport. But why do none of the photos show a bicycle? It's always heaving when I go down it.But why has the BBC select

Faye Davies
I have walked and cycled along this path since I was a child, not out of necessity but simply for pleasure. Destroying it by running a bus route along it makes absolutely no sense. But then i guess we shouldn't expect anything else from our council? leave the railway path alone!

Christine Farr
This is an unbelievable plan. Cyclists are already being frightened off the roads in Bristol (just this morning someone in a Ford Focus tried to run me over on my way to Kingswood), please don't take away our only place to be safe! Cars should not be ruling our world.....

Chris Hutt
Our beloved City council are making utter fools of themselves again, but the real culprits are the West of England Parasites, sorry - Partnership, an unrepresentative quango by means of which the business interests who really call the shots round here can keep our elected representatives in line with their plans for continued unsustainable development. These proposed bus routes are just a part of W£P's master plan for lucrative growth which includes the expansion of Bristol airport and forcing the Ring road through south Bristol.

This barmy idea has made me lose what little confidence I had left in the councillors of Bristol. It's time we voted out the lot of these dolts. And while we're at it we should extend the boundaries of this fair city so that it takes in the northern and eastern suburbs. With four different councils, getting decent decisions made on regional transport plans is a non starter

Paul McCloy
Is making cyclists feel like second class citizens a good way of getting people out of cars?Minimising car use at peak times is something that needs to be worked on. This plan is a backwards step as cyclist will be back using their cars!

Richard Stephens
I live within sight of the cycle track. Cyclists and walkers, would loose a valuable asset if BCC are allowed to progress these plans. It’s not the solution, Bristol or Bath need believe me. It will solve nothing and only benefit a small handful of the population, costing us millions. The cycle track is a low cost, green transport solution which should not be corrupted and it can keep you fit. Come on BCC, this is something you have got right already.

Matthew Knott
I am appalled that the council would take the only safe haven for cyclists away. The government say that as a nation we a getteing fatter and need more execise. The councils decides to shut swimming pools and destoy cycle paths. ???

Carl R Hill
I think it is a completely ridiculous idea, after years and years of hard work and endless fighting local red tape to acheive this facility it is typical that councils having originally resisted the project now want to ruin it by taking an easy option due to their failure to tackle the problem of efficient public transport on our roads.

If everyone who regularly uses the cycle path started riding in on the roads, I'm sure every motorist in Bristol would be equally against the plan.

Paul O
Bristol buses are the devil's work; don't scare the saintly people (well, mostly) of the cycle path with them.

Becky Derrick
They should use the money on getting the buses running on time at least before they spend the money on more bus lanes.

Amanda Cooke
The government are trying to get people to use other modes of transport apart from motor vehicles so why use what is a well used cycle/pedestrian path for buses. Surely they have enough roads they can.

I think that this cycle path it's a nice feature of the city. I like all the cultural things that the path has, like all the artistic places along in it. I also use it regularly to cycle to town. it'd be a shame to loose it. I reckon that the Bristolians should be proud of it.

There are already plenty of bus routes into town. The problem is that too many people use cars. If you create another bus lane it will not reduce the number of cars. The bike track is unique, sustainable and an example of what can be achieved when cycle lanes are provided. Dont take this away. Make more cycle tracks!!!

What a gob-smackingly appalling idea!Where did it come from? Bristol City Council - well there's a surprise!Buses should run along roads, not along a wonderful amenity like the Bristol to Bath cycle track.They say that they're going to widen it to accommodate buses, walkers and cyclists. That means that they're going to destroy the trees, shrubs and hedgerows that line the route - also when the route travels through Easton and parts of Fishponds it simply isn't feasible to widen it. The Council just hasn't thought this through, as usual.Why anyone in their right mind could think that this is a good idea is beyond me. Some of the posters on here and the Bristol Evening Post should hang their heads in shame. Stating that this proposal is some kind of "progress" is just nonsense. These are the kind of people who probably thought that it was a good idea to run a dual-carriageway through Quenn Sq all those years ago.There is no way that the idiots at the Council and the rapacious incompetents at First should be allowed to do this.

nic cartwright
Don't do it!

Mike Keen
Bonkers; well what do you expect.How many councilers use a bicycle or walk to work; would not affect them.I like my bike.

Rob Balloch
I just heard about this plan on Points West. As a user of the cyclepath in question I'm horrified to hear that there are plans to use it as a bus route - don't do it, please. It's one of the few nice stretches of easily accessible space left.It's safe and used by many and in my opinion would be ruined by this sort of development.Bristol City Council, please listen to the people of Bristol and stop wasting time and (more importantly) money on non-starter proposals.

Eric R
It would be great to see the council invest in the infastructure in the correct places. After years of discussion about a tram system on the A38 which never materilise. Now we have a proposal to dig up a successful cycle path, to replace it with a mechanical system. All this months after Sustrans have been awarded the largest grant to extend the cycle system within the rest of the country. Surely, we can support a local charity by championing the cycle path and looking at improving the public transport system we have. Why look at alternatives that rip up sustainable alternatives, when the rest of the city are screaming out for a credible public transport system that delivers what the city needs.

Open a map and count - How many routes are there into Bristol already for vehicles? There are too many to count. The cycle path is unique. Hands off.

Martin Hegdes
Using the cycle track daily, as part of my way in to work or a leisurely walk on a weekend I find the quiet and escapism of the path not only practical but a contributing factor to a life style and a quality of life. Something that is a fantastic asset to the Fishponds area.

Fantastic idea! The people of Bristol will hate it. Far too progressive. Only when total gridlock is achieved and we are all chocking on our own exhausts will new ideas be considered.

Unless the bus route can be incorporated with a cycle track the idea is a non-starter. The cycle track is immensely popular and an enormous asset to the health of the people who use it.

why am i not surprised, another classic idea from our sham of a council

I love the cycle track, it's situated right at the end of my street and have enjoyed many bike rides etc throughout my childhood years. Bristol City Council have already made a huge mess of our roads and wasted tax payers money, so please LEAVE THE CYCLE TRACK ALONE!!!

There are several points in the Cycle track where, due to building's and buildings put up after the railway was closed, it would not physicaly be wide enough for both Bus's, Cyclists and Pedestrians. lets face it, its not so much the idea of the Bus route i am opposed to, its the fact that millions of pounds will be spend of studys and reports before we're told that its not a feaseble plan - something we the taxpayers could tell you for nothing! i'm pritty sure that with the money that would be spent on this, bristol could start its own bus company, award itself the best bus contracts and even award itself all the subsidies it pays to first! they say jump and the council ask "How high?"

Steve Geall
One of our considerations for our recent purchase of a house was it's adjacency to the Cycle Path! Now the unthinkable may happen? The council will block up more roads by forcing cyclists back in their cars at this rate, so this is an agenda for all of Bristol.

I used to use the cyclepath daily to commute from Fishponds to Bristol City Centre and read this proposal with dismay. Come on BCC, put some effort into improving the exisiting public transport links into Bristol rather than destroying one of the only clean, green and reliable options that we have.If this rediculous plan ever goes ahead I suspect half of Bristol (and Bath) will be lying on the floor in front of those bulldozers in protest when constuction begins!

Is this a repeat of the Great Tram Scam for linking Bristol to Yate?If the route was elevated to leave the cycle/walkway track safe then go ahead, but we all know that the money for such a grandiose scheme will never be made available while a Labour Government supports South Wales, and that a Conservative Government would not assist financially while Bristol remains a Labour controlled city.Once again the council are thinking decades too late, this should have been done when the rail lines were first closed.

Don't panic walkers and cyclists, with the track record of Bristol City Council, this will never get off the ground - just look at all their other initiatives!!!

Theoretically there is space for both a bus lane AND a completely segregated cycle/walking lane the same width as we have now. If they could do that for the full length of the track then maybe the cyclists wouldn't be compromised so badly.BUT, I'd love to see a fully researched proposal into how many people would actually use the bus on this route. My guess is that people would only use it if there was a stop within 200yds of their front door. I like the suggestion of using the millions this would cost to subsidise the existing bus network. In fact, let's go further - the former Avon councils should seek to 'renationalise' the bus services in the area. The fact needs to be faced that privatisation of the bus system has totally failed Bristol.

Chris Hale
I have one thing to say..... Portishead rail link!!! BCC have got no idea about public transport. The cyclepath is safe!

brian McCulloch
I appreciate that the bus route is not 'replacing' the cycle route but it's unique character, safety and popularity is under threat. Do we really trust Our national and local planners to get this scheme right? These are the organisations that chose to rip out the railway in the first place and then selected areas served by the route for housing development. In the meantime a local charity steps in and sorts out an extremely cheap and popular alternative that people actually use and feel passionate about! The planners fiddle with the idea of putting railways back as tram routes but decide it's too expensive. Lo and behold the the route is threatened again by the same people who trashed the railway, misspent the money, built the houses and then complained about the resulting chaos! I'm afraid it's not the opponents of this scheme who have a "track record" of idiocy!

Matthew J Edwards
I so enjoy the cycle path, I will not allow the constrution to start! I don't want to get hit by buses on my favorite cycle route!! No Bus will go alone that Beautiful cycle route!! I swear it!!

In rush hour this path is packed, there simply would not be enough room for a bus, unless you got rid of the pedestrians and cyclists. Put the buses on the roads where they belong.

it's amazing how many people feel able to comment when they've not even spent time to look at the proposals. This is excellent & necesary & WILL NOT mean the cycle path is lost... guided, low emission buses alongside the cycle track serving the metropolitan bristol area from emersons green through the city to ashton gate. Those that think it's not needed cos theres already a bristol to bath train service have missed the point so fundamentally that they actually just sound a bit thick

What an utterly rediculas idea. I now have no confidence in the council whatsoever.

I'd love to see the maths behind the proposal. The legal costs, costs of physically preparing this will run into many millions. Think of how many bus journeys you could subsidise for that and get people out of their cars on to existing buses and make a REAL impact on traffic almost immediately if you had a fraction of that. These rapid transit stories for Bristol are like watching groundhog day. The sooner they drop this idea an move on to something credible, the better.

david williams
the holy grail (cyclist )should be made to realise the cycle path belongs to all the public and not buses but a light automatiic railway system should be laid comprising essentially of a single track with sections double tracked at pick up points at widest points

25% of people cycle and walk to work in Bristol, far more than travel to work by bus. This despite pavements covered in cars, dangerous drivers and tiny scraps of cycleroutes. Just think how many would walk and cycle if the £100's of millions public money subsidising 'private' buses were spent more appropriately on improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Obesity crisis, road casualties, poor air quality, appalling road noise etc all dramatically reduced and Bristol vastly more attractive and sociable place to live. Buses should have more extensive and enforced existing road space. And as most people clearly prefer independent travel, many car drivers are more likely to walk and cycle than use buses. Cycles have many advantages over cars and buses not least by miraculously taking you exactly where you want to go in an entirely predictable amount of time.

I think it's a terrible idea. bristol council has spent enough on buses that are late expensive and unrelaible. leave the cycle path alone

Ok - so the government are going on about obesity and that people need to do more exercise. It's well known that walking and cycling are two of the best forms of exercise around and (once you've bought your bike!) they're free. Therefore, it surely stands to reason that if more people were to take up walking and cycling in an effort to keep fit and healthy then we wouldn't have a need for more bus routes and certainly not one that would take over the very well used Bristol to Bath cycle path.I think this plan is completely outrageous and just goes to show how local councils and government don't seem to be working together and don't link in with each others initiatives. I regularly use this route to cycle to work at UWE and if it wasn't there I certainly wouldn't be as fit as I am as I refuse to put my life in danger by battling with the traffic.I too will join any protest going and will be lying down on the path if necessary to stop it going ahead. Absolutely, hands off our path!By the way - why do none of the photos demonstrate how well used this cycle/walking path is - I'm usually having to dodge fellow cyclists and pedestrians on my way to and from work.

I use the old railway path everyday to get to work and back from fishponds, however i am not too worried about this proposal, as i know full well that these plans from the council will never amount to anything. Have we all forgotten who is behind this. Bristol City Council will have a number of meetings about this, instuct a few seminars, spend millions (of our money)on expenses and eventually , .........decide against it. ......Dont worry about these rediculous plans everyone, ....they will never happen.

ok, it worked for "merchants quarter" so im gonna try it here...putting busses on to the cycle track is RACIST.

After reading many, many othe comments - if the council go ahead with the plan it will show the total lack of care the council has for it's employers - us the tax payers - it's about time the bus system we've got is sorted before you start considering taking over green, environmentally friendly systems - wake up - no one wants it!!!

Typical Bristol Ciy Council- ruining everything we like and increasing the things we don't like. Idiots.

Bradley wilde
I think taking away the cycle path is wrong its taking are Bristol fashion away.

its a good ideal but it would spoil a great sanctry for wildlife cyclelist and people in general

Steve K
RD,Hear hear - great comment!

this is shocking!!!!!!!!!!

This idea is a non starter. The railway path is one of the busiest cycle paths in the UK and people love it as much for walking the dog and going for a run as cycling. It's one of the best amenities in Bristol and should be protected!!

Please every body write a letter of complaint to the 'transport bpdy' at the council and also to your local MPs, our concerns need to go further than this page!

I currently drive to work (living in and working in Bristol). I know I'm lazy and because of that I have to put up with the traffic jams which I am helping to create. At the present time I wouldn't use a bus if YOU paid me. They are slower than walking (if they turn up onschedule), dirty, smelly, uncomfortable and if I was to catch the bus to work every day it would actually cost me more over a year than running a car!!Somebody needs to invest heavily in public transport to fix all these issues then people might use it and they'll get their money back. The problem is they want the money first (hence the stupid price hikes) and then give very little (if any) improvements in return.Anyway, I'm with Isambard, why would you want to destroy another piece of countryside used by thousands to let another expensive and worthless method of 'public' transport get a clear run. More profit for First buses?Come on BCC - stop giving them handouts of our taxes!!

I have to agree with Mr Brunel on this one!! How about Bristol City Council actually sort out the existing route which Mr Brunel provided rather than simply just moving the problem somewhere else. Is it a past time of Bristol City Council that when they fail at one thing they move on to something else??? Or is it that they are just bored with the problem and fancy a change??

This is a total disgrace!! So many people enjoy the beautiful and peaceful cycle path, either walking or cycling. Bristol city council should encourage more people to use the cycle path to commute. And then they should sort out the problems with First Bus, namely that they are unreliable and far too expensive. Hands off our path!!.

Bishopston Bunny
It's bad enough trying to cycle on the road with buses that pull straight out at you (simply the driver not looking for bikes) without having buses on the cycle path. Money should be spent on improving the safety of the cycle path with better lighting, etc. A designated bus route IS a good idea, but I don't think this is the best place to put it. And only with a different, fairly-priced bus company!

Bristol roads are terrifying to cycle along in rush hour. So why not put a bus on the cycle path and then there will be no escape from traffic for cyclists and pedestrians. How much will we end up subsidising FGW to take away our amenities?

I use the route every weekday to ride to work. My main concern is space, as the track can at some ponts get quite congested. I would be keen to see the space avalable to cyclists increased.

Although I have recently moved away for many years I lived next to the Cycle Path in Fishponds. It was a great way for me to travel to school, college and work. It was a bit of peace and tranquillity in a built up area of Bristol and was a great way of avoiding the Fishponds Road or using the terrible bus route which ran along it. I feel it would be a huge loss to many areas the cycle path runs through. The government are always telling us to use alternative methods of transport and keep fit. The City Council would ruin this by installing a light transport system. I presume Fist Bus would be running this. If it is anything like their bus service then it will probably be quicker to cycle.

Tom Dean
I use the cycle path at least once a week to get to work and back. Worst idea yet from Bristol City Council, congratulations to them on bringing new levels to their seemingly awful councilling of our city. A tram would be a good idea though, eco-friendly, cheap and reliable. Three words that FirstBus knows nothing about.

Stan C
If I wanted to get hit by a bus, I would cycle on the roads!!!

Neil Matthews
I think they should re-evaluate a tram system for bath and bristol. It works in Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Croydon and a new system in Edinburgh. A quiet efficient way to move large numbers of people.

john s
It takes a fit person about one hour to cycle between Bristol and Bath- a very effective public transport route that many people aren't aware of- local authorities should promote the cycle path more and reallocate road space to buses instead of degrading this valuable and beautiful corridor

If they want to get the busses to run on time get the cars off the road! If you want to get the cars off the road provide alternatives - like a traffic free path! To lose this wonderful public facility is madness. The plan is made all the worse since its for the benefit of a company (First) so they don't miss their puctuality targets and get fined.

Joe Primarola
If this scheme gets to the construction phase, there will be mass civil disobedience and people lying down in front of the bulldozers. I, for one will join them if that's what it takes to protect the one green corridor that makes Bristol livable. I would welcome clean quiet electric rail sharing the corridor, but NO WAY to stinking buses. Bristol City Council have their heads in the sand, and have shown their incomprehension of transport and environmental issues again and again.

The Midland railway line that is now the cycle path runs through some of the densest (and growing) population centres to the North and North East of the City. It provides a direct route into the city as far as Lawrence Hill - only a stone's throw from the end of the new Showcase bus route. It avoids the M32, Gloucester Road, Fishponds Road, in fact just about all of the main arterial feeders from the Northern suburbs. It would provide a fast rapid transport system with minimal disruption to the existing road network. The logic is innescapable - go for it and go for it soon!

This idea is utterly unacceptable. We should be getting cars, not buses off the road. The BBRP is one of the areas great assets and to vandalise it in this way would be quite appalling.

Ross Singleton
I am a reasonably regular commuter from Saltford to Bristol. I would support the plan providing that it allows use of the route still by cyclists.

No way! That's such a beautiful route, why don't they encourage more biking and walking. The train is fast enough, why do we need another bus route!!

Although I don't live in Bristol itself, and am useless at riding a bike, I sympathise totally with all those who object to this daft proposal. I have walked this path/line many times and it is a refreshing, calming place to visit; plenty of birds, greenery, wildlife. With so much of our countryside being spat on and dismissed by politicians and bureaucrats, for god's sake someone have some sense and make sure a bus NEVER runs along such a lovely path as this. Yes, better public transport is needed in, to and from the city, but buses are supposed to run on roads, not cycle-paths....and there are many more roads than paths!

If it will get buses off the roads I'm all for it

If it happens , I am Moving !!!!!

Isambard K Brunel
I have already put a rapid transit system in place between Bristol and Bath.If only the new owners, Fester Groan Western, could run it properly then maybe the good people of Bristol and Bath might use it.

Trust Bristol City Council to come up with such a stupid scheme. South Glos. has already destroyed a large stretch of the old cycle path at Mangotsfield, replacing a nice flat & straight section with a nice flat and straight dual-carriageway and a cycle path that rises, falls, twists and turns. Now Bristol City Council want to destroy the remaining section to Bristol so that First Group can make more money at the expense of Bristol!Bristol City Council should be encouraging more people to use the cycle path to commute and they should stop handing over cash to First Bus.

How about putting spikes on the sides of busses and making it legal for them to impale any vehicle parked in a bus lane? That would solve most of the congestion problems I've seen...

Robin Williams
So, let me get this right... Sustrans spend a fortune making a beautiful cycle path, which serves millions of people and is pretty much the ONLY safe way to cycle into town from Fishponds, Staple Hill, St George, Kingswood and Emerson's Green. Now the council want to stick a BUS route on it?! Ridiculous, ill-thought-out idea. The whole reason the cycle path is safe and useable is because there is NO traffic and plenty of space for all users.Taking away this invaluable route for cyclists and walkers alike is going against everything that the government is aiming for. I can't even believe that the council would consider this!They really must be a bunch of ignorami.

Becky Foster
No Way!! This is a really important link for cyclists who commute and also for leisure. Having just been awarded the money from the national lottery to develope cycle tracks around the UK it would be crazy to destroy this one. The people of Bristol and Bath will not allow it.

Kate Charsley
I think this is a seriously bad idea. The path is a great asset as it allows people to cylce safely between Bristol and Bath. This would go if there were buses on it. As well as being a safe route to and from work for lots of commuters it is one of the few places you can take small children out for a family cylce ride without being in a state of perpetual terror. I thought we were trying to increase the number of safe cycle routes not take them away.

Top Spade Action
Are they serious? Why dont the council address the problems of providing a adequate, decent and affordable public transport system for the cities before getting fancy ideas of what will no doubt turn out to be an costly, unreliable and unecessary system!WE NEED AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE PUBLIC TRANSPORT!

Bad Idea! They should sort out the roads first. The path is a mecca for walkers and cyclists and should stay as such.

Dave Steadman
I think that it is a terrible idea, cycling as a form of excesice and as a form of transport should be promoted. We should have more dedicated cycle paths.

John Killick
As a regular user of the cycle track I don't believe this traffic free facility should be opened up to traffic.There are areas where the track is not wide enough to accommodate a bus route without shared lane use.In its present form the cycle track is a wonderful facility for families and a training ground for getting adults, lacking confidence, back into cycling.No matter what time of day I use the track I see countless other users enjoying a cycle ride or walking this traffic free route.

Rick Steadman
The idea is a total disgrace. This flies in the face of all the advances to safe 'green' commuting, and further more creating pollution in what has become a beautiful and important city centre wildlife refuge. The whole plan is nothing more than an attempt to further swell the profits of what is after all a private company. Cycling is the true 'public transport' not the unreliable, expensive, dirty and limited bus service.

I live near the cycle path and think that they should improve it so more people would use it although they also need to look at the safety side of it as women and children use it on their own.To pay to use the path would be the most stupid i ever heard of as we pay enough in tax's already.

I cycle Emersons Green to Hicks Gate some days, Drive in my road tax covered car other days. I've found it hard to actually work out if any part of my route could be affected - A picture would be good. I thought the Emersons Green Park and Ride should it ever exist was to be a direct route from the Park and Ride to central Bristol avoiding going round the houses as the other bus routes do. So, a planned Bus Rapid Transit route - I'm not anti it, but perhaps the roads need sorting before building another road. P.S. Saw a badger yesterday morning on my ride in - and it was alive.

Paddy McBadger
I honestly thought this was an april fools joke. What on earth are they thinking? The Bristol Bath path is a beautiful, quiet and functional route for upto 5 million walking/cycling journeys per year. Surely first group would be well advised to prioritise sorting out the shambolic system of overpriced, infrequent, unpunctual, shabby and surly drivered routes they currently offer in Bristol?

If you look at the line, there are two lines, one that is not a path and the other the remains of one line. One can be for a metro, one for cyclists! Ta da!

Nice idea at first but with many drawbacks.Taking away a green space,taking away a traffic free walking and cycling route. Would this rapid bus route duplicate the other bus routes in and out of the east? A simple way to avoid this is 1.Just make the existing bus lanes longer 2.more enforced? 3. Cheaper standard fare. 4 Oyster system to stop queues which are the cause of hold ups. Its all so simple but why dont the people that get paid lots of money that work for 'transport quangos' come up with these ideas and push them through? The people of Bristol would thank and celebrate them if they did what is obvious! Do they ever read our logical comments ?!If we were to put something there it should be a 'slim' metro witha space for a cycle path next to it, it is wide enough in most places. It could stop at Lawrence hill for people to change for the severn beach line with connections to , Bristol TM, Bath, London, Cardiff, Filton. Just like it used to in the old days I think? It could then continue in to temple way either down old market or beside B.T.M to connect to cabot cicus and centre, simple! This is ridiculous, Bristol has a higher realative prosperity than every other city outside London. Just imagine how much more prosperous it would be if it had a decent transport system? it would be even more attractive for investors! = more prosperity quality and equality! We would actually strat to become the regional European city that we aspire to. Britsol NEEDS a metro, just some simple lines!

This is the craziest idea I have ever heard, but then this is Bristol and nothing would suprise me with our city council! How will this improve transport, who is it going to serve?

The railway path is not just used by "cyclists and joggers who want to enjoy some tranquillity", as the Evening Post report puts it. Thousands of people use it every week to cycle and walk safely to work and school without damaging our environment.To squeeze fume-emitting buses (there is much scepticism about the "green" credentials of hybrid fuel buses) onto the route seems like abandoning our roads to private cars.We should be improving and increasing public transport on the roads we already have so that private car use falls, but does anyone really trust First Group to run a transport scheme properly?The idea that the profiteers at First will solve our transport problems with this Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme is laughable. It looks more like another opportunity for First to squeeze our city even tighter in the grip of its money-sucking tentacles.Guided bus routes have been tried elsewhere but not always with much success. In the Gatwick area, the Fastway BRT route promised to answer the area's transport problems. Farce-way, as it is now known locally, cost taxpayers £40 million - approximately £2.6 million per mile - and was completed late and £9 million over budget.In its first year there were 270 accidents involving Fastway buses - blamed by drivers on impossible timetables. To complete the farce, figures show that the scheme has not even increased use of public transport. Its buses carry on average between one and eight passengers each.The proposals for Bristol need very serious consideration before we allow Bristol City Council and First to rip up a treasured and envied community resource.The real solution to our transport chaos must be a publicly controlled, clean, cheap, efficient public transport system as an alternative to expensive, polluting, dangerous private cars.To get that we need to boot First Group (and its friends in the council) out of our city, not hand them another opportunity to rob and pollute us.

There's no way this could possibly work. I cycle from Fishponds to the city centre 5 days a week and I have really noticed in the last 2 years or so how many more people there are using it. No way will all those cyclists pedestrians, school kids etc fit next to a bus route, it just isn't wide enough to fit everyone in!! Clay Bottom is narrow enough and how the heck are they going to get a bus under the bridge down near the Lawrence Hill flats? Why not just encourage more people to use it by bike? It takes only 20 minutes to get into town, much faster than a car or a bus! I see people waiting for the bus every day and think half of them at least could take a bike instead, they just don't think about it as a possibility, it should be promoted more. How can the government say we should get more exercise and at the same time encourage things like this? Bizarre! (p.s. I have a car and choose not to drive into work, I pay income and road tax, by the way, who thinks that road tax pays for roads? Vehicle excise duty is tax on a luxury item, your car! The tax we pay on beer doesn't go towards making more beer!)

this cycle track like many others are used by commuters and for leisure putting a motorised form of tranport in there would spoil the beauty of the surrounings the peace and quiet.the whole idea of these cycle tracks are for the people to escape from trafficand see nature without choking on bus fumes.also first bus will soon cock the proposed system up anyway ,then what buses on the pavements!

i don't think it is a good idea at all. the cycle path is a lovely way to spend a day. There is no worry about getting knocked over by cars. There is lots to see, and different routes to take. Leave some place free of motor traffic.

Gary Walker
Definitely not! I thought the idea is to encourage cycling!

There is a rapid transit route between Bath and Bristol - It's called a railway. Boot off FGW and run a decent service and you can reduce buses and cars 'taking up the road' that way. You also then have more space for buses to service areas that need it, such as the route into Bristol in question.

Not only is the cycle track an oasis of calm running through the city, it provides much needed sanctuary for wildlife, birds, small mammals etc. With more and more people paving over their gardens, we need to ensure that inner city green spaces such as this are preserved and protected. I cycle every day along the cycle track and it is extremely busy and well used. Putting a tram system along this route as well will create an inner city concrete nightmare for all of us. Save the path!

Idiots at BCC strike again. Make the cycle path easier to use? Its already easy to use - smooth, flat, direct. BCC mouth the green agenda but have no idea what it means or how it works.

Is this serious? Absolutely terrible, misguided and potentially dangerous idea.

Paul Cook
As long as the cycle track is still viable and separated from the RTS then I can't see a problem. At the moment the cycle track threads down the middle of the route leaving large sections either side unused.

John Haslett
Buses are incompatible with walkers and cyclists on this route. The train service from Temple Meads to Bath is fast, frequent and not expensive outside of the rush hour.

Ant S
Terrible idea. There's already a rapid transit route between the centres of Bristol and Bath running on rails. Buy more carriages, run more trains, leave cycle routes, of which there are pitifully few, to cyclists.

Mike Cheshire, Cotham
What schitzophrenic Council thinking! This is a well-used, traffic-free cycle route, while the rest of both cities are littered with cycle lanes that cross busy roads, stop abruptly or just vanish altogether! Why not link to the city centre train stations (which First also already operates services on), increase the frequency of short-distance services here, and provide comparatively inexpensive secure vertical cycle storage facilities instead? A free bike borrowing scheme (as has been impelented successfully in Paris) could probably be paid for for the next 50 years - nicked bikes and all! - for the cost of the inital engineering and vehicles needed for this scheme.

A bus route to Bath? We don't need more links with Bath: there are already frequent buses and trains. How about improving these first? It makes about as much sense as the ditched tram route from Parkway to Temple Meads (um, aren't these two linked by a train line already..?)

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

chris - bristol
will it be as unreliable as the existing bus service? Which is a major factor in why I drive a car into Bristol every day.....

It's really disappointing to read about the possible re-use of the Bristol to Bath cycle path. Not only is it an excellent transport route into the city, but provides a great day out for those lazy summer days. Once again it seems that the council are pandering to First buses rather than trying to provide econmical and environmental modes of transport.

When is First Bus going to realise and act on the facts that it is the collection of bus fares that cause the delays!!They should introduce a single fare for any journey as it is in London.It's laughable to see drivers dealing / negotiating with people about fare stages.Wake UP, it's 2008

This cycle path is used so much that to squeeze along side it another track line would cause congestion for people who use it. Also being able to enjoy using the cyclepath, be it by foot or bike, without having to put up with the noise of anything chundering along is a real pleasure. In theory it's a great idea though but I honestly don't see how this transport system can be accommodated without the detriment of the cyclists and people on foot.

The argument about cyclists not paying road tax is total rubbish - they might not be paying for a road fund license for their bicycles, but how many cyclists on the roads also drive? Plenty - they just choose to commute by bike. If you want to go down that route, why not tax pedestrians for using paths? Same logic after all. And the fundamental is that we all pay for roads though tax anyway - it's almost a myth that the road fund license goes towards roads. Incidentally, many cycle tracks are built using EU subsidies or lottery grants, or just created using exisitng paths.

RE: Ant's comment. Both Cyclists and other forms of transport should be considered, not just cyclists. They don't pay any road tax for a start, and the Councils do think about cycle networks.

This seems like a compromise that will suit neither party - cyclists/pedestrians or the bus scheme. The whole point of the track is to take people away from vehicles - why add them back into the mix and create potential conflict? There are parts of the cycle track that are pretty narrow - Clay Bottom, or the stretch from Morrisons to Lodge Causeway in Fisponds for instance, so how would anything get through there without major re-routing? Why not give the city and surrounding areas a tram or metro system once and for all.

Duncan Fleming
Amongst many other virtues The Bristol and Bath Railway Path provides a unique opportunity for people to build up their confidence cycling in a pleasant traffic free environment. To break up even a small part of the path would undermine this completely.

councils disregarding cyclists and pedestrians again to build a bus route - overcrowded, overcharging - rubbish.

Tim Cox
This cycleway is a fantastic commuting route that provides a green corridor right into the city centre. leave it as a cycleway.

Unworkable, stick to the enhanced bus route into central bristol

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