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24 September 2014

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Banksy's Bristol

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Banksy's back...

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it dont really matter because his art is excellent and it makes the plain wall look nice

Henry B
He is the coolest man on earth! He can just turn up anywhere he likes one night and doodle what he likes and what he feels like doing THATS GENIOUS!!

Nicole H
He's an utter legend. He's getting a message through to everybody,and hopefully people will actually start to see it. His artwork isnt vandalism, it's bloody revolutionary,funny and hard hitting. I love it.

This isn't bansky.. look at the scissors, banksy did it different... but it doesn't matter I like the motif!

charlie hillman
i think banksy work is good and he should be allowd to do it where ever.

This is so fake banksy would never leave his work that runny.

i belive this is a fake i have study banksy for years and his tag mnark is different from ....Charz that was naughty x

I think Banksy work is really well presented and brings the comunity together.

nina griffee
It should definately stay. If we can decide that the Image at the bottom of Park Street should remain as it is, we have accepted Banksy, and all of the work he has to bring.

mr j
um can u be quite please, graffiti is a form of art wheather u like it or not. all art is judged by urself so if u dont ;like it thats ur veiw, some people dont like van gouths work but owel

N.W.P Crew

I think this is real because no 1 else has copied him b4, plus it is big and no1 got caught doin it.KEEP IT!!

yeah i think it shud stay, banksy makes a big part of bristol and we shud respect him for what he does.

I think this Banksy is a nuisance. I cannot stand it when organisations see graffiti as art when it is a form of vandalism. It serves no purpose in our society at all. Make him clean it off.

The graf banksy did in park street is tagged by banksy.. but next to the drain pipe closer to the floor..

I don't think this is genuine. Just doesn't seem artistic enough for a Banksy piece. But hey, that's just my opinion...

K Brown
Art? Nope. Banksy and his imitators are nothing more than vandals. Get rid of all of it !

Not as original as his earlier stuff but still part of Bristol life and culture. Does it matter if it is a Banksy original and did he do all the stuff anyway. I would say it's the statement / philosophy that counts as with all modern art.

Banksey or not get rid of it.Anyone painting/daubbing on buildings & elsewhere should be fined at least £150.

Tim Phillips
I dont think this is real. Banksy would not let the stencil run. Thank you to the council for appreciating this great artist and allowing his work to stay around the city.

rat suicide
I doubt Banksy has been near Bristol for some time...why deface Bristol when you can deface anywhere you want?

rat suicide
Banksy is not the only person capable of cutting stencils, this is hardly a difficult example of his work to reproduce. Banksy's moved on from this, you'd need to be an artist to appreciate that art is not about repeating yourself using images from 5 years ago. It's not the work of Banksy.

rat suicide
"Remove the eyesore" that the graffiti or Bristol?

don camm
banksys brilliant, a very important artist

Not banksy, spray applied to thick

Steve Roberts
Banksy puts loads of effort into attention to detail (no runs, making everything in line etc).This fake is nearly as bad as the one on the M32 bridge! Same joker I'd imagine

Steve Roberts
Banksy puts loads of effort into attention to detail (no runs, making everything in line etc).This fake is nearly as bad as the one on the M32 bridge! Same joker I'd imagine


I'm an AS Level student studing graffiti for my final project for the year and took a trip to Bristol to see some of Banksy's work. During my visit, I met some of the artists working on the project in Trenchard Street car park and they told me that this was a fake Banksy done by some local kids. I emailed the Art Librarian at Bristol Library and he said this was the first he'd heard of it and that he'd look into it (12th April). Personally, I doubt if it's a real Banksy for a few reasons. He hasn't left his tag on the other piece in Park Street and it appears to be a far more complex stencil which he's used to create that piece. I think the piece in Queen's Road seems to miss out some of the smaller details Banksy uses on his more recent work.If the only reason it would be kept is if it is found to be an original Banksy piece, it's a shame. Regardless of the artist, someone has put a lot of time into doing this and it's become a great talking point.

Better to live in a world that will tolerate him, than to live in a world that would not

Banksy puts me to sleep. Dull and quite often dumb as well

To all those who keep saying graffiti is brilliant. I suppose you give your full support to the criminals who have been vandalising Blaise Castle House over the past few weeks? Of course not. This kind of thing is no different and should not be treated as such.

It is vandalism. Whether it is art or not is irrelevent. It should be removed, along with all illegal graffiti, and whoever is responsible, whether it is 'Banksy' or not, needs to be hunted down and prosecuted.Areas of Bristol are becoming awash with 'tags' as a direct result of the Council's ridiculous attitude to this Banksy criminal. It needs to stop.

valerie close
leave it alone, it's a bit fun!

Brandon Skeelon
YES YES YES I love ! Banskys art work turns Bristol into a great BIG board game. It puts you on the map and makes Bristol smaller and more interesting. It,s noy my work by the way , pretty good though.

i disagree it's an eyesore -it's art that's avaliable to everyone, that is if it is genuine. It's poor quality makes me doubt this.

yeah dumb, no meaning. remove it. if it was on a prison wall it would mean something.

no way is that genuine banksy, the spray work is rubbish!!!!! its all drippy, i think by now he has enough experience to manage to tag his name neatly.

BLah BLah BLah
People keep goin on about the name runnin/drippin which means itz a fake but itz because of the type of brick itz sprayed on. Itz a kind of marble surface, unlike the other bricks on the wall. Besides i think personnally it gives a good effect! It should stay!

NONONONONO.Really awful stuff. Still there's a funny angle - it highlights the stupidity revolving around Banksy, maybe someone did it to have a laugh at the local council who would probably go all soft-brained over it - remove the moronic eye-sore.

Hmm... Fake, for a start the tag, its run, thats a 1st for Banksy.And then, its in Clifton, in some random place, thats kinda odd.A fake!Or a very poor Banksy, sorry to say.

I think it should stay whether itz Banksy or not! It would become a major tourist attraction and anyway, itz only a bit of fun!

Laura - Henbury
Looks fake to me. If it is real then he's losing his touch - the quality is questionable. Not impressed.

john smith
paint run thats not banksy and the stuff banksy does is graffiti but its not bad in fact it gets more poularity for bristol

Lawrence Rayment
Its a fake. I have studied Banksy art work for last couple of years. Each item has a subtle message. This has none. - Student prank more like !!!

If it is genuine it's a step backwards in my opinion. Fake.

Jay Vincent
No real statement, no real place of interest, similar image has been done before and the stencil isnt sharp. Screams fake to me. Banksy is 'better' than this work. I'd bet money on it being a bristol student stunt.

I reckon it is a real Banksy.If it was a copy there wouldn't be much to gain for the person who did it. I like Banksy's art and reckon it should stay.

Matt in Australia
He is a vandal, don't give him any credit. It's not clever.

strange to recycle a very old image/idea. Paint runs on the tag. And he's not done stuff before in clifton. Dubious I'd say.

BlackDog - AKA Benjo
Yes, Yes - the man is back! Why the question -"But is it genuine?"... That would be a major problem is someone was blagging Banksy's tag! The man has put the Street back into Street Art!! :)

Robert - Henleaze
Yes, it should stay. The council promised to leave all Banksy graffiti in Bristol. Shame about the little "mistake" a few weeks back! As to whether it's original, it's a classic Banksy design, but who knows.

It would be a very easy piece to forge. I am doubtful that it's by Banksy. I'd be surprised if a guy now worth millions would risk arrest for a repeat of stuff he was doing a few years back. This doesn't say anything to me.

I don't care if its Banksy or not. Get rid!

I dont get the same feeling from this art as other works of his. I know its not easy to top each art install but this seems like a step backwards, I think Fake.

The paint run on the tag is confusing... never seen that before

Our wonderful council have no doubt got the pavment down for resurfacing anyway, or at least they will have to when people start pulling up the slabs to sell on ebay.

Jane Lewis
Whilst this could be considered as art - and some of his work is very good - his approach is very irresponisble. There are many, far less gifted "artists" who have taken to spraying their tags anywhere and everywhere in an attempt to copy him. Bristol is covered in graffitti and is a total mess. Get rid.

Not convinced it's genuine Banksy, not seen paint run on his sig before?

You are in: Bristol > People > Banksy's Bristol > Banksy's back...

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