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24 September 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: Christmas

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Story last updated: 29 Dec 2003 0826 GMT Printable version of this page
Adopt a reindeer for Christmas
Robbie the Reindeer   It's the time of year when certain reindeer are gearing themselves up for that Christmas dash.

And what better time to celebrate the comic genius of Bristol's own famous reindeer Robbie.
On your marks, get set...
Robbie first hit our TV screens in 1999 when he starred in a BBC One special, Hooves of Fire.

Directed by former Aardman's animator Richard Goleszowski, the film starred the vocal talents of Ardal O'Hanlon and Jane Horrocks and was made by the BBC's animation unit here in Bristol.

The Bafta-winning claymation, tells the story of Rudolph's son Robbie, who moves to the North Pole, hoping to take his place among Santa's steeds.

But Robbie is soon convinced that he's hopelessly unfit to join the crack team and faces the challenge of having to prove himself to the other reindeer and try and win the girl.

The only way to do it is by running in the annual reindeer races with hooves of fire!

Robbie the Reindeer
He's back and he's off on a new adventure
The success of Robbie's first film paved the way for a second in 2001 with the screening of Robbie the Reindeer 2 - Legend of the Lost Tribe.

Again created by the BBC Bristol animation unit, though this time directed by another former Aardman man, Peter Peake, Robbie and friends returned in an hilarious new adventure.

Legend of the Lost Tribe follows Robbie as he sets out to discover a lost tribe of Viking warriors to help him save his friends from another dastardly plot by evil reindeer Blitzen (voiced by Steve Coogan).

Robbie's in girl trouble too, as his girfriend Donner is feeling a little neglected and decides to give Robbie an ultimatum.

Both of Robbie's films were actually made in aid of Comic Relief, with 100 per cent of BBC Worldwide's net profits from Robbie The Reindeer donated to Comic Relief.


And now to the competition where we have video and DVD copies of both of Robbie's film up for grabs.

To stand a chance of winning just answer the following question.

Which claymation character, created by Aardmans in Bristol, "helps out" on a BBC children's television art show?

The competition has now closed - the answer - for those of you who are curious - was "Morph".

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