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28 October 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: Balloon Fiesta 2002

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Mr Peanut inflates for Bristol
Mr Peanut makes a rare appearance at the Balloon Fiesta. THIS STORY LAST UPDATED:
09 August 2002 1328 BST

Visitors to the Bristol balloon fiesta this weekend will be treated to a rare appearance by an old favourite, Mr Peanut.
Mr Peanut makes a rare appearance at the Balloon Fiesta.
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The special shape balloon was built by Cameron in 1981 and is a replica of the Planters trademark.

The balloon, which is one of two, was designed to carry the pilot only.

Mr Peanut is entered into the Special Shapes Rodeo balloon glow on Thursday.

It is also likely to be inflated a couple of times in the main arena and tethered so the public during the Fiesta weekend.


The first registered Mr Peanut special shape was transferred to the United States in 1982.

It was entered onto the UK Civil Aviation Authority Aircraft Register on 18th February 1981.

Balloon owner John Mansell loaned the envelope (the fabric which is inflated) to the British Balloon Museum and Library (BBM&L) in the late 1980s, where it was kept in storage and occasionally inflated.

On 28th August 1999, Polomoche Balloon Team pilot Dave Such was given the opportunity to inflate Mr Peanut for the BBM&L at the Tavistock Balloon Festival, Devon.

After keeping the balloon inflated for 35 minutes in the arena, Dave decided to ask the BBM&L Council if he could foster the envelope and operate it for the BBM&L at balloon meets and other museum events.


In August 2001, the museum mouncil gave its approval and in November 2001, the BBM&L funded the restoration.

On 6th March 2002, the balloon was re-entered on the UK Civil Aviation Authority Aircraft Register.

Dave and the Polomoche Balloon Team took Mr Peanut along to a balloon meet at Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire, over the weekend of 6th and 7th July 2002.

The morning of 7th July dawned with perfectly still conditions and Dave made a 20-minute flight with across the airfield.

It is believed this was the first flight it had made for 16 years.

In July 2002, the balloon was fitted with a banner to promote the BBM&L's website.

Dave and the Polomoche Balloon Team have a website dedicated to Mr Peanut.

On it people can see what the team has been doing with it and other balloons they operate for the British Balloon Museum and Library.

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Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2002

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