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28 October 2014
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Orange launch new smartphone
It's a phone, it's smart, but it costs an eye-watering £169. THIS STORY LAST UPDATED:
14 November 2002 1452 GMT

Bristol-based Orange have launched a phone that should begin to give us a taste of the new 3G world.
It's a phone, it's smart, but it costs an eye-watering £169.
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The new Smartphone, or SPV, has hit the shops in the past few weeks, and has a few nifty features.

The software in the phone is one distinguishing point, having been developed by Microsoft.

Apart from O2's XDA, which is a combination of a personal digital assistant and a phone, the Orange SPV is the only Microsoft phone on the market.

The on-screen display on the SPV
The on-screen display on the SPV

Of course, coming from Microsoft, it has got all the usual bundled software.

MP3 on your phone

Pocket Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player being two big benefits of the phone.

Media Player allows the phone to play MP3 music files, as well as short video clips.

Another is the included e-mail application, which synchronises on your PC with popular e-mail client Outlook.

Combine this with the GPRS functionality of the phone, and you can always be in touch.

Many people are already finding a similar function (minus the synchronise options) on the Ericsson T68's helpful.

3G foothold

A full view of the Orange SPV
A full view of the Orange SPV

In fact, Orange are hoping the new phone will give the company a foothold in the "3G", or third generation market before it launches.

Richard Brennan from Orange told the BBC the new phone was cutting edge.

"With the SPV we are able to deliver a new suite of advanced services."

So what's the catch with the phone, then?

Well, it does cost a whopping £169!

GPRS services are also rather on the expensive side if you are a heavy user.

Although, if you buy the phone soon you do get a rather good deal on data services.

Bear in mind, also, that proper 3G services are probably less than a year away.

You would be running the risk of the phone only being cutting edge for that time.

The upside?

Being the envy of all your friends.

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