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24 September 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: Concorde

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I flew in Concorde! Tell us your supersonic stories
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Dean Rivers
I flew in Alpha Alpha from Exeter to Heathrow on a chartered flight. She was 70 tons light due to there being no luggage and a lot less fuel. As a result the aircraft was, in the words of the pilot, 'lively'. I can think of no greater expression of power, than hearing those four Olympus engines open up on full re-heat, and feeling the acceleration build and build, without end. The seat was pushing so hard, I could barely move. We were airborn in a heartbeat, and at the moment of the throttle down, I was convinced the engines had been shut off completely. As soon as we had clearance, we climbed to the cruising altitude and for fun the pilot went to max power - full re-heat a second time. This time we were slammed into the seats and Concordes nose was brought up. The flight smoothed out and the plane just wanted to go fatster, you could actually feel it. The landing was simply amazing. Such a steep approach angle and hearing those monstrous engines at full reverse was absolutely glorious. I will never forget my memories of that very short flight. The sensation of power, speed, grace, and beauty. Of hell itself being let loose as you scream down the runway, and of such a gentle landing. A truly remarkable peice of engineering.

A valentine gift for the better half (so she thinks) after a fab week in barbados i bit the bullet and called brtish airways and bought two tickets, we had two takeoffs(well one attempt and then a takeoff) and all i can say the whole trip is a memory for ever, even when i got home and found out what 12000 barbados dollars converts to!!! but even then it was still well worth it and i was glad that we made it before it was stopped,why?the best thing to come from 70's

Margaret Barrington
I remember sitting in a lecture at Bristol Polytechnic (now UWE )in Filton in the early 70's. Our backs were facing west towards Filton and suddenly we heard such a deafening roar that we thought the buildings were collapsing, looked around to see the nose of Concorde soaring just above our heads.That was the first time I had seen Concorde and the experience will last with me forever.30 years on I saw it fly across the suspension bridge on its last flight home and it was amazing to think that the plane had been in service for so many years and yet still everyone was in awe of its presence.

the flight was superb

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