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28 October 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: Concorde

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Story last updated: 17 Nov 2003 1248 GMT Printable version of this page
Help us celebrate Concorde's last ever flight
Concorde pub in Whitchurch   On November 26 Concorde is coming home to Bristol - and we need your help.

To mark the occasion we want you to go out with your digital cameras and take pictures.

Where will you pick as your vantage point to watch Concorde?

We will then publish the best pictures that are submitted to us here on the website that loves Concorde.

The more pictures we publish the better our shrine one of the city's most famous export will be.

There are plenty of excellent vantage points across the city - including the Downs, where the jet perform a low flyover.

Concorde will also fly past the Clifton Suspension Bridge on its way to Filton.

Maybe you are under the jet's traditional flight path, and can simply pop out into your garden.

It is due to land at 1pm, so make sure you are in position in plenty of time!

This is the last time Concorde will ever fly, and we want all of you to be part of our celebration of her last day.

Please send any pictures you take in jpg form to

Where are you going to watch the final flight?

I saw Concorde on it's last ever flight into Filton near Whitefield School, Fishponds. It came down extremely low and loads of people saw it. Unfortuantly I didn't have a camera with me, but if anybody did (that was around Whitefield School) please please post a message here so that I can try and get hold of a photo! This would mean so much to me! Thank you!

daryl diamond
concords are a really nice kind of plane and i really miss them! Please bring them back

Steve Burdon
They used to fly low over my roof every day at Wraysbury near Heathrow. Those take off runs were great to watch and the noise never bothered us, it passed over so quickly. Wish I had taken more film of them. I dont like the fat heavy transports that remain, they make me nervous.

jeff south wales
i was lucky to be at filton with my son a very sad day. i will miss looking for her over cardiff every morning at 1100 hours

Dave of Exmouth
Was there on the 26th of November 2003 .. on the Field at Filton with all of the other ticket winners. A big thank you to the Bristol Evening Post for allowing us to enter the competition plus of course Airbus and the Bristol Aero Collection. But the biggest 'thank you' goes to Concorde herself for just being Concorde!! A fantastic day 'rain or shine' we had it all, even sleet, we got wet, cold, but above all we were Proud and it's a day I'll remember forever and have the pictures to remind me. I'm going to start at page with my own pics of the day at Filton and'll be With thanks and best regards, Dave.

Benny o
In the airfeild was a brilliant veiw. We were just a few meters from her. We could feel the heat of them Olympus engines as she turn't and went into the Brabzan hanger. Glorious

What time did Concorde 216 actually touch down?

David Derham
I have read every posting on this site and note several people wishing that Concorde could be allowed to fly on with Richard Branston or that just one should be kept flying etc. I worked on Concorde from 1967 in Flight Test Production Engineering and planned the whole of the FT installation in the main Cabin of A/C 002. It took me the two years up to its First Flight on April 9th 1969 and I was there on the railings outside the No.7 Drawing Office to see her off to Fairford from where flight testing was carried out. No-one was more proud than I to be associated with this project. I was involved with all the rest of Concorde production up to 216, the last to be built. What most people have no conception of, is how much manufacturer's support has been necessary to keep Concorde flying all these years. There were two design authorities for airframe, one in Toulouse for the Aerospatiale designed and manufactured parts of the aircraft and one in Filton for the BAE designed and manufactured parts. I believe another authority may have existed separately to cover the Powerplant, but I am not sure about this. These manufacturing authorities have each maintained a team of highly qualified engineers on a full time basis supporting the two operators throughout Concorde's operating life - and such support does not come cheap - it has to be paid for. These guys need salaries and pensions etc. and the Manufacturers need to make a profit out of it. Now don't ask me who has been coughing up the cash for this all these years, but you can speculate if you so wish that it may not have been all coming from the airlines !! Suffice it to say that Richard Branson may be a multi millionaire, but even he knows what makes a business successful and it isn't negative profit for the sake of an emotional feeling about an aircraft. In my opinion, he has only ever been spinning a line about running Concorde as a part of his ongoing psychological battle with BA as even he could never have been rich enough to take on the funding of those manufacturing support teams so essential to keeping Concorde in the air and yet still make a profit out of it. He would have only ever had one aircraft I suspect and had he tried to fly it commercially he would have pulled his own empire down around him in the attempt to support it financially. Concorde was a brilliant success - from an engineering point of view, but sadly a failure commercially. It made a profit for BA, but they only paid a quid for each A/C. I'll wager their profits never amounted to enough to have paid for each A/C in their operational lifetimes - but I doubt we shall ever know the truth of that. I look forward to making a number of trips to Filton in the rest of my time on this earth, to pay homage to this, the greatest example of human aeronautical endeavour so far seen in the history of powered flight. I hope that this submission will help others to understand why it is impossible for Concorde to continue to fly with another operator. I have not seen anyone try to explain this in press or other media to date. I hope my efforts may go some way to correcting this situation.

Can anyone tell me the BA registration of 216

We were lucky to have won tickets to see the landing at Filton, just mega! so emotional, the last time I was this close to this wonderful plane my late uncle and nan were on this beautiful plane, RIP all 3 of you.

This is the peoples plane paid for from the peoples money BA should not be allowed to write it off. There should be a public protest to keep it flying. As usual in this country "if it doesn't make a profit get rid of it" Let Richard Branson have a go at it.

Did anyone manage to get a classic picture of Concorde over thes suspension bridge? I've only just found this website, otherwise I think I'd have taken up Chris' suggestion of a view with a pint from the White Lion. As it happened, we plumped for the A38 at Filton, and access was surprisingly easy. We could even retire to the great Britannia cafe for a bacon butty when the rain came down. Read my patheic little account here - with OK photo (IMHO)

i thought the veiw was amazing because it flew right over my head.

Concorde was amazing i was on points west and was at the clifton suspension bridge - she looks so much better in the flesh (or metal!)

I shall walk dow to the end of the runway on the A38. After landing it will taxi back, so there will be more opportunities for photos. it was the best thing i have eva seen in me life but i dont care wat no one says i think that hey should still be alble to fly it becuase people well pay money to get on becuase dat is peoples dream (",)

I couldnt see concorde land because i had exams in marlwood school, but me and my mates saw it in the distance finishing its lap. it is sad to think its the last time shes' least it's at her home!those of you who saw it, are lucky!!

Rebecca jones
I watched concorde from my school playground in winterbourne our headmistress let us go in to lunch early so that we could all go back outside to watch it fly over .IT WAS GREAT!!!!!

nick bowd
i saw it flying over henbury school with the splitfire it was a brillent seen.

My husband and I went along to what is known as the road to nowhere in Yate. What a spectacular sight as Concorde flew over. We managed a few,we hope, good photographs. It was a very emotional moment as we watched her fly over twice. My husband was a test engineer with Rolls Royce and had worked on the engines of this gorgeous bird, so he was especially moved to see her. What a shame that these pioneers of Concorde were unable to get more consideration with regard to being able to go to Filton to watch her land. It seems that BAC are getting all the credit, what about the Rolls Royce workers who also played a significant part in Concorde's history.

Rach & Mark
We were at the downs on the final flight of concorde, an awesome view, with a great atmosphere! Viva la france!

catherine bass
We watched it from outside our school - Red Maids by the downs and it swooped right over us!!

I was on the cumberland basin and it made for great viewing as she came from Bristol airport directly over the basin and hotwells before going over southmead What a pit she MISSED going over the suspensiuon bridge the Photo all were waiting for with both in the frame did not come about.

Watched her fly in over the Harbourside what an emotional moment for true Bristolians.

Just seen it, From The Suspension Bridge. Only one word really fits it: Supersonic.

Sadly i couldnt i didnt go to work today coz of illness but my mum took me to weston-super-mare seafront to watch and i loved every second of it, i was nearly in tears thinking it was the first and last time i was ever going to see it fly. Welcome home concored hope to see you as soon as i can.

Jane and Juliet from southmead
We were having our dinner and then thought we must put the washing out. All of a sudden there was a loud noise, we looked to the skies and there she was. She was beautiful, and seemed to glide across the skies like a white swan. Its something we will never forget.

Dan Jackson
Just seen it fly over Corsham in Wiltshire! What a sight!!

Laura, Bristol
We have just seen the concorde from Kingswood fly over in the distance!

Tony Blake
I am hoping it fly over Hambrook, as it has done before, we can then watch as we have always done from our garden. I alredy have some footage on video

I feel so lucky to be able to watch history in the making. My gran worked for the designer of the first ever concorde and I think it's a real shame that it is going to be grounded. Concorde is something we should be proud of and we should make sure it had the welcome into bristol that it deserves. It's served us well!!!

I feel so lucky to be able to watch history in the making. My gran worked for the designer of the first ever concorde and I think it's a real shame that it is going to be grounded. Concorde is something we should be proud of and we should make sure it had the welcome into bristol that it deserves. It's served us well!!!

Alex, aged 4
"Its a bit like a Thunderbird"

Kevin Foulger
I saw Concorde at 11:30 am today (26th November 2003) fly past Bracknell, Berkshire soon after she'd taken off from Heathrow. I thought I might have to wait, but then I saw the delta wing shape and heard the familiar sound. She wasn't as loud as usual, but it was good to see her again, as I'd missed watching the last passenger flight. I had gone to Windsor Great Park, where crowds of people had gathered, but found it was coming in over London. I watched the rest on TV.

I'm watching concorde from the school where I work in portishead. The sky's much clearer now so it should make for a good showing. GOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK CONCORDE

ROb Milton
I'm lucky enough to work for Royal Mail and our mail centre is right on the side of the runway! Over the years we have seen her land and take -off (that is impressive) and so will have the camera and video ready for the end her final flight. The crowds are already gathering, ... I'd better go and claim my spot in the carpark!

I have lived under the flight path on Hants, Berks, Surrey borders all my life and saw it almost every day. I currently work in Egham and will watch her go off westbound from 27R - not seen / heard here yet (11.50 GMT atm) so must assume there is a short term tech issue - prob probs refulling AGAIN!!! WHY OH WHY - one small step for BA / Airbus one MASSIVE step backwards for ALL - I thought humnas are supposed to extend themselves NOT retrench. Typical Airbus (DAMN the French!) they didn't wanna loose face post AF Speedbired pulls so they manufactured a way to not allow BA to fly them either - aviation experts all agree she has up to ten yrs left to fly. RIP SpeedBird :o((( I plan to visit the location of every one :o))) will take some time and dosh tho!

I'm having a cheese sandwich cut like concorde!!!! Yep!

11:43 Concorde just went over North Bristol on its way out to Bay of Biscay - cloud obscured view!

The weather is not great but as long as the rain holds off and Concorde sticks to the flight path then all being well I can stand in my back garden to watch her fly over and wish her a fond farewell. I hope that the public will be allowed to go and visit and look around her when she goes on display at Filton.

fred wedlock
i think i'll just listen to it on the radio.

ill be watching it from weston pier.

Mat Shipton
What's concorde? is it sum kind of plane or somethin????

paul sparks
i really dont care.its rubbish

Hilary Watts
Quite a momentous occasion for me. Concorde flew over Nailsea School on one of its first test flights from Filton. I was a pupil there at the time and can remember the class rushing to the window to see it. Now I am Head Teacher of Yatton VC Infant School in North Somerset and today Concorde is set to fly over my school on its final flight! What a fantastic coincidence. We have arranged an early lunch for all the children,so we can be out in the playground to cheer it on its way.

Just checked the weather and it looks like there's going to be a wsw wind, meaning that Concorde will probably be landing over Stoke Gifford rather than the M5 and Cribbs Causeway. I'll be hoping to go out the back of my office in south Bristol over-looking the Suspension Bridge and Ashton Court to watch her fly by, but so far I've received conflicting details of what time this will be at!

Who can we ballot/write to to ask Airbus to change their decision. If we can see Spitfires and Lancasters at airshows and older machines, why not concorde ? Should we ballot Airbus ? I beleive that this is more political than 'industrial'

Whilst living in Wimbledon I saw the first Concorde fly into Heathrow. After moving to Walton-on-Thames, my house was under the flightpath and Concordes flew over it twice a day. I never tired of watching her go over (and hearing my windows rattle). Today is very sad. Not only is Concorde a marvellous machine, she is also a thing of beauty. Now living in Weston,I shall be at Sand Bay to watch her come home.

Phil Stock
I have worked for BA for 27 years,I can remember watching the first services leave Heathrow in 1976.I shall be on the end of the runway to watch the last departure.A very sad day. I did get to fly on it twice though.

James A. T. Rice
For anyone interested, the filed notice to airmen about the final Concorde flight to Filton: Estimated departure at Heathrow is 1110, where she'll go off over the Bay of Biscay, and be back overhead Compton (just west of Reading) at 1218, overhead Filton at 1227, Severn Estuary 1229, abeam Weston Super-Mare 1231, overhead Weston Super-Mare 1232, overhead Bristol Airport 1234, Clifton Suspension Bridge 1235, over the downs 1236, Eastfield 1238, then if the wind is from the west, Cold Ashton and landing Filton 1242. Or if the wind is from the east, overhead filton and then turn around to land pointing east at 1243. Of course, all the filed times will probably change, so dont blame me if they're wrong :-)... Have a great day and I hope the weather is better than forecast (1400ft at Bristol :-( )..

I grew up in filton, and saw every concorde fly out from the first in ,69 from my pram to the last in, 79. i will be travelling down from gloucester to spend the day with my family and see her for the last time. My two children will be with me to witness a very sad day in history. Come on Mr Blair concorde belongs to the people, let richard branson have it for £1 the same amount that you sold each one to BA.

Maggie Bawden
I watched her from the door of my married quarter at RAF Hullavington when she first flew from Filton to Fairford. I flew on her to Miami in 1987 - what a priviledge! I moved into Hullavington village in 1969 and I have enjoyed hearing her - and seeing her - fly over the garden of my bungalow ever since - you could set your watch by her. I just hope she flies over here on 26th November on her final flight. Also the day I take off for New Zealand but not leaving Hullavington until 4pm so hope the weather is clear for the last great moment.

They really should keep one Concorde flying. I'll be against the clock but... ....the best chance I stand of getting there on time from work in Swindon, is to take the train from Swindon to Bristol Parkway....and hope!! IF the wind is from the West or SW, then she "should" be on "finals" over Stoke Gifford. This is what I am hoping!

I think I will be in floods of tears tomorrow.....where will I watch it? prob. on t.v where the pictures will be the best. Good bye to the "beautiful bird". I will miss seeing you so much in the sky. you were so trustworthy. I always knew what time of the day it was when you flew over my house at 11am & 5pm. God Bless Concorde

im coming up from pontypool, hoping to park at cribbs then walk up to the A38 and snap away, what a sad day this is, come on british aerospace if it wernt for concord you wouldnt be in existance.

i think it is shameful that schools in the area of the flight path ie clevedon have not made provision for students to watch this historic final flight.I shall be taking my daughter out of school to see this moment of aeronautic history.I saw the first flight and i am determined to see the last with my daughter.

Stuart James
Don't ground the plane, give her to Branson and let Virgin keep bristols best feat of engineering alive. Its a crying shame that something so gratious is forced to retire, Humans are not alowed to take others lives why should BA be allowed to take concordes. You you always be remembered, Thank you for 30 fabulous years.

Im extremely disappointed that Concorde has been retired and they arent going to keep one flying for airshows but once again its because it costs too much (everything seems to revolve around money) I will be there tomorrow and i will be very peeved if i dont get to see its last ever flight, it will be an emotional sight. I will be checking the wind direction before i decide where to go for the best views but i will get there early. SO LONG CONCORDE YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!!

Its a scandal that it will never fly again, if BA wern't willing to fly it, then Virgin should. BA's attitude is deplorable, and it's decision is based on pure greed. Our national airline is a disgrace, I for one will NEVER fly BA again, and I urge all those that have valued and marvelled at Concorde to do the same.

the foot bridge over the a4174 with the filton roundabout offers a good point to see her come in ober stoke gifford the wind shal be a westerly so its the normal approach for all aircraft

She should land into wind, the wind tommorow is forcasted to be from the South-West so that means she should land from the East. Get down the A38 end of the Runway.

I'll be in my back garden in Stoke Gifford initially, however, one of our bedrooms overlooks the Filton end of the runway, so a quick dash upstairs to see it touch down. We've a few friends coming round for the view! My wife has also arranged with the headmaster for all the children of St Michaels, Stoke Gifford to miss class in order to see this historic event. So the playground will be full as the flight path will take it virtually over the school

Let us go out in large numbers Lets pray that the weather will be good Let us be part of this historic event That marks the sad end Of the most amazing thing That has ever happened In the history of aviation Since 1903.

Let us go out in large numbers Lets pray that the weather will be good Let us be part of this historic event That marks the sad end Of the most amazing thing That has ever happened In the history of aviation Since 1903.

I was originally planning to watch from the Downs, but similar to Dave, I'm thinking of walking (or cycling) down the A38 to opposite Filton Airfield see her land. Will the Police be allowing cyclicts or pedestrians to cycle or walk down the A38 from the 'Southmead Roundabout' to view Concorde coming in to land from the roadside?

Paul V
I shall be in the Dundry Inn beer garden to watch the fly past if anyone would like to join me I'm in the chair.

John M
BBC Bristol's own 5-day forecast gives 10 mph wind from the South West, so on balance will probably come in from the East over Stoke Gifford and the A38. That reminds me to inform my boys'school that they will be absent on an 'educational visit' to Filton! See

stacey and sarah
at our own college (St Brendans)at 12.30pm

stacey and sarah
at our own college (St Brendans)at 12.30pm

Rog CK
Too far from the city but can see Weston from the airbase at RAF St Athan. Weather permitting, should see it from there - during my lunchbreak.

Concorde 216 will conduct a fly past of the Filton runway at 1245, head out to the Severn Bridges, south down the coast to Weston, then north over Bristol city centre and the Clifton suspension bridge with a final approach to Filton over the A38 for a 1305 landing. Then the supersonic dream will lie dormant, waiting for innovation and ingenuity to solve the problems that prevented the Queen of the Skies becoming a commericial success.

Captain Red
Everyones welcome at the end of Clevedon Pier where we will get a wonderful view. see you there.

malc stacey
I'm haviing a day off to see Concorde's home-coming hopefully at cleveden , weston side of the pier where I hope to take photos of her in black and white as they were when she first flew , with the pier in the foreground.

The best place to see Concorde must be the point at Portishead. There will be a really smashing view of 'the lady' coming up the channel, at 2,000 ft, and then turning into Filton airport.

Dave Harries, Bristol
I am going to get a no. 55 bus up to Charlton Road, Southmead and then walk round the corner to Charlton Common. There is a (locked) gate there and I will get (or take) something to stand on and take my picture from that gate. It is halfway down the runway so I don't mind which direction the plane chooses to come in from - I should still get a good picture on my digital camera. I will send the picture in if all goes to plan.

Does anyone know the flight path of 216 ie wll any of us who have to work in the Wiltshire area see her come home to Bristol. I would love to come and see 216 but will have to content myself with watching the telly at tea-time. Would someone please give her a wave for me.

I shall be at Filton. Travelling down on train from Birmingham, and will walk from Filton station to the A38 near end of runway. I want to see the last landing, especially as Alpha Foxtrot is the one I have flown on. Hope the weather is good. It shouldn't have come to this. Too early for Concorde to be retired.

Could anybody tell me, is Concorde definitely flying right over the Suspension Bridge? I have found a good vantage point from which I can see the bridge but not over to the Downs. Will I miss it?

I have never seen Concord, but I come from South Africa and just moved to Bradley Stoke. The Concord is a legend in SA - we do not get them over there very often. I have always dream of getting a chance to see it live. I am upset it is been grounded, but lets hope this opens the way for a better and faster bird to take to the skies! (Hopefully one that goes to SA this time :-) )

I'll be watching by the side of the runway as I work at Rolls-Royce and everybody is allowed this 'ringside' seat!

The village of Winterbourne which is on a hill offers an excellent view of the West including sights of Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Cribbs Causeway and Filton - I think I will be watching from there - to see it land and for it fly over - I live in Winterbourne so it is a smart decision!

I am comming from Norfolk to watch her over Bristol I am heading for Clifton Downs A three day round trip for me I am sure there will hundreds like me Lets hope for good weather

Weston-s-Mare seafront is the place to be!400 yards from my front door -AT LEAST IT BETTER BE!!! this is what points west announced on Thursday last I will be gutted to miss it especially as I have cancelled a family drive up to the downs to avoid the traffic chaos If I dont see concorde I will hold the BBC fully responsible

I'm lucky enough to work at Airbus in Filton. Not much work that day!!!

I live in Weston and want to know whether watching from the end of Sand Point would be a good vantage point as I really dont want to drive into Bristol. Does anyone have exact details of the intended flight path yet?

I intend to drive from Cardiff to Bristol to see the final flight. Have no idea where to go though so would appreciate some pointers/directions! Am not to bothered about actually seeing her land in Filton but wouldn't mind seeing her been escorted by the Spitfire, so where is best to go?

George Vousden
as far as i can see concorde will aklways be as part of my history my mum and my dad both worked on concorde.There always trying to go forward in time so why go back?Concorde will always be the best plane ever no matter waht else they make. I cries when concorde came into it's last flight.Luv u concorde

George Vousden
as far as i can see concorde will aklways be as part of my history my mum and my dad both worked on concorde.

I agree with Ian that it is a scandal that Concorde is not allowed to fly anymore but if she has to then she shuld come back to Filton. We were elated to learn we had won tickets in the Evening Post competition but we are now gutted that they have got lost in the post so now we will try and see her from another vantage point.

Don't think of it as goodbye, more as au revoir. Complain, complain, complaing and get her flying again.

Matt Anniss
I'm going to try and wtahc her final landing from Bristol Sonics ground, off the A38 across from the end of the runway. When we launched the club -- Bristol's own Rugby League team -- last year, we decided to pick a nane synonomous with Filton and the City of Bristol. Concorde was the obvious choice -- and she's inspired us ever since. It's very esciting and inspiring for us the Concorde is coming back to her rightful home. Every time I look at the bagde on our shirts and see Concorde, it makes me proud. I'm sure that's the same for the other players, too!

I understand that concorde is making a final run down the severn coast to weston then turning inland! anyone have any ideas on timings? i shall be watching from above birnbeck pier.

Now that the flight path's been announced - it's not fair that it won't fly over Fishponds, Downend, Warmley, Hanham area - do they really think people from this end of town, if they can't get to Filton or the Downs (traffic chaos) are going to travel down to Weston, Clevedon or Portishead? Come on, BA, get your act together and arrange for Concorde to fly a couple of circuits over the whole of Bristol and South Glos so that everyone can see her and welcome her home

I am writing in from USA. I am shocked. The concorde is grounded. Instead of going ahead we have taken 2 steps back. what a loss. The only requst to you guys is bring the plane back again. Let in the soar in the skies where it belongs and not sit in some stupid display.

Will be on the Downs to watch the flypast. Alison- Airplanes land against or 'into' the wind. So if the wind is coming from the West e.g. from the Bristol Channel, then Concorde will approach low over Stoke Gifford. If the wind is from the East e.g. from Yate, then the Aircraft will fly low over the Cribbs Causeway area before landing. If the wind is from 'dead' North or South then its down to the Captain's discretion. Watch the forecast nearer the time to get an idea. Have a good day, as im sure you will!

I was at the end of the runway in April 1969 when 002 first flew. I will get to see 216 land for the last time but from which direction. Will she go over the A38 or Cribbs Causeway. When we will hear about this? We need to know. When I attended the launch of his book Brian Trubshaw said every Concorde was identical to the others. The one Filton gets will represent the whole fleet.

If the information is correct, we hope to watch it from sandpoint as it comes down the estuary towards weston-super-mare.If this is incorrect, please can somebody let me know. We do not want to miss this historic event.

Patricia Mitchell-Reid
I worked in the translation department typing up the tapes that came from France from both companies. It was very interesting and great to have been part of the Concorde Team. I shall be celebrating my 70th birthday this month and I would love to see her come in and land. I wonder if she will touch any part of the Berkeley area?

Will we be able to walk down filton rd by foot to see concorde land or will it be close to the public as well as traffic?

I live near Parkway Station, so I'm going to cycle near to the airfield - probably the A38 if pedestrians are allowed there. Note to PAUL EVANS:- From Parkway, turn rght at mini-rndabt, past Parkway Pub, strt over rndabt, turn lft at main rndabt onto B4057. Proceed under railway & past Rolls Royce. Turn lft onto A38. Allow 40mins on foot.

Fairfield opportunity Farm
is there a Disabled parking access

Dave downunder
I'm really hoping BBC World will re-consider and telecast Concorde live. All the world wants to see it.

I'm travelling up from Swansea to see Concorde's last ever landing. I'm travelling by train to Bristol Parkway, any tips on how to get to Filton on foot from here ?

I have to work on that day, so im hoping my boss wants to see concorde land as much as i do.So im going to try and get him out in the fresh air for a couple of hours to watch it land. I hope is isnt to hard to get up there from Eastvile where i work because i will miss it and will be greatly upset.

Concorde belongs in the air. It's a scandal that she's being retired but if retire she must then Filton is a great place for her. Look after BOAF, she's the one I flew on.

It's criminal that people are selling their tickets on e-bay - the tickets should have been non-transferrable - TRUE CONCORDE ENTHUSIASTICS would NOT sell tickets Does anyone know the flightpath please

From Chris-HOST: Hi Dorothy. The flightpath hasn't yet officially been announced. Watch out early next week for it.

Assuming it comes in that way, my back garden in Bakers Ground, Stoke Gifford. (I'm convinced that the middle of my roof acts as some sort of alignment guide for pilots on the approach to Filton!)

I'll keep an eye out from the top floor of the Office. But what a shame that lots of real enthusiasts won't be able to visit Filton - yet so say prize winners of the Evening Post draw are playing Ticket Touts by selling their prizes on e-Bay for vast sums of money.

Gordon Anthony
Sydney - Australia--I was a computer operator in Math Services in Filton. Went on the Concord mock-up. Now I'm MD of Computer Company in Sydney. BAC's computer -KDF9..not a PC!!!, ran data analysis for Concord(no e..for obviuos reasons) Will watch on TV in Aussie, while enjoying Aussie winning the Rugby World Cup (I Hope)

I hope to drive down from Gloucester with my dog to a suitable vantage point and hope upon hope that Concorde will be permitted to fly up the Severn estuary before turning to make her final landing at Filton to give more people a chance of seeing her as I imagine it will be impossible to reach the preferred vantage point of the Bristol Downs due to the crowds ~ Have a heart BA / Air traffic control please let us bid farewell to this magnificent and unique aircraft in Gloucestershire.

Elisabeth Cox
I wish you all a wonderful day in Bristol and hope the weather will be kind, like it was on 24th October, when I watched the approach of all 3 final landings into LHR! In KEW GRADENS! What a sad yet glorious sight it was. A memory I'll treasure! And have video WITH glorious sound of Concorde to reinforce that memory.! After nearly 30 years of rushing out on our Teddington balcony every time we heard her, the sky is now sadly silent! Perhaps we'll see her one last time as she heads home to FILTON! Best wishes from the wife of a Bristolian!

We are going to watch from the Clifton Downs. Which is the best vantage point in the area. Any suggestions?

Hilary Hayman
Only that i work at Southmead Hospital and not sure if i will see anything from there.Or i live in Stapleton at the top of Blackberry Hill would i be better trying to get home to view her lunchtime ? Really wanted to say goodbye to an end of an era !!

The White Lion Inn in Clifton. Its balcony bar will offer not only a great photographic shot of the Suspension Bridge and Concorde (two symbols of Bristol in the same shot, the old and the new)together but it will also offer the chance to have a drink at the same time to celebrate!

I'm lucky enough to have won a ticket onto the airfield. All I would like to say to anyone who is looking at this website who has any feelings for Concorde, then get up to Filton on the 26th - Let's ALL welcome her home in style!!!! It's where she belongs!

I intend to come to Bristol to see the last flight of a Concorde. Not being local, I'd appreciate any guidance on where to park and maybe walk to, to be able to get a good view. I've seen comments about going to the Downs? Can you also see the suspension bridge from there? Any clues?

Claire G
It is my 30th birthday! I would like to get my photo of concorde as it comes over the Suspension Bridge.

Ken Williams
I,ll be outside my front gate,if the Big Bird comes in from the W/Bourne direction. the plane flys right along the flight path,just beyond the houses on the other side of Gypsypatch Lane,so I,m hoping she will land from that direction!
If she's coming in from the west, IE over the Severn then the best place to see the landing is between Harry Ramsdens and Safeway Depot. There's some wasteland there and a small lake. Behind that is a tump from which the end of the runway is a great view.

What about going to the back of dick lovett bmw its right next to the end of the runway

alison bass
Will the direction of the flight path depend on the weather?How will we know if it is to land at the end of the runway(Cribbs Causeway end) or come in over Stoke Gifford?

I shall walk dow to the end of the runway on the A38. After landing it will taxi back, so there will be more opportunities for photos.

Colin Oakley
If the weather is half decent then anywhere along Winterbourne Road, Stoke Gifford - it is right under the flight path

I'll watch it on TV - the traffic is going to be chaotic.

I'm thinking of walking to Filton - I hear they don't want cars down there, but what about pedestrians?

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