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28 October 2014
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Story last updated: 09 Jun 2004 0947 BST Printable version of this page
Great Expectations: the Slinky re-launch
Judge Jules
by Philippa Jacks
BBC Bristol website guest reporter

At last - the long awaited re-launch of Bristol superclub Slinky.

It's been a long six months since Slinky left Creation, and clubbers had high expectations about how the night would fare once it moved to Lakota.

Judge Jules played a diverse set

Many have happy memories of how Lakota used to be back in the day, and to a certain extent, it's being out of the centre of town seems to limit the number of beer boys who stumble across it.

But on Friday night, Lakota did not seem the ideal set-up for an event of Slinky's nature.

When you're in the main bar or the V.I.P area, you feel very separated from the main dance floor, whereas at Creation you could see the dance floor from everywhere.

And it took us a while to figure out exactly where the DJ box was - it's about 20 feet up in the air so you can't really see what's going on from below.

The Slinky crowd
The crowd getting down to Tim Lyall

The lighting and visuals were pretty impressive, and there were various inflated objects suspended from the ceiling, but the overall effect was not as spectacular as that achieved in the larger-scale Creation.

By midnight, the club was about as full as it would get.

There were moments when there was a unified crowd on the dance floor, but for the majority of the evening, it was far from full.

Going mental

Judge Jules played a diverse set, combining old classics like 'Night Train' and Brain Bug's 'Nightmare' with more current hard trance and hard house, such as Jens's 'Loops and Things'.

Tim Lyall hardened things even further with tunes like DJ Scot Project's 'U' and Joy Kitikonti's 'Joyenergizer', but Mark E.G. at the end of the night was the most impressive.

He served up a tougher, more techno-based set which included 'One Night in Hackney'.

Those few that had gone the full course were still going mental for him until 5am.

Mark EG
Mark E.G. was the most impressive

So, what was the punters' reaction to the new Slinky?

The general consensus seemed to be that the Slinky team had made a good effort, but that the old Creation atmosphere had not quite been achieved.

Neil, 23, told me he thinks the sound system at Creation is better, and prefers the layout there, whilst Laura, 24, was disappointed that there hadn't been a better turnout.

For Al, aged 26, it was his first night out in Bristol and he was very impressed, but those who had been regulars at Creation, and desperately wanted to see Slinky return to how it was in its heyday, were left feeling a little sceptical.

Early days

It is certainly not a good sign if Slinky cannot fill the club on its launch night, but on the other hand, there are a lot of old Slinky regulars who may have stayed away because they were not particularly keen to see Judge Jules.

The line-up for 11 June (Lisa Lashes and Lee Haslam), 18 June (Lab 4 live and Anne Savage), and 25 June (Tidy Boys and Andy Farley) may well attract a slightly different crowd.

Until it closed, Slinky had a monopoly over certain DJs like BK and the Tidy Boys, but since the launch of 'Scream x12' with its staggering line-ups, there doesn't seem to be much that Slinky can now offer which is not already being supplied by the packed-out Scream.

But it's early days yet, and a lot of people do want to see Slinky repeat its previous success.

Hopefully, with a little more advertising, they will be able to get a few more clubbers on the dance floor and the Slinky institution will reign once more.

Slinky @ Lakota
Upper York Street
Tel: 0117 942 6208
Every Friday
10pm – 5am
Entry NUS: £8 all night Others: £8 B4 11pm / £10 after

Advance guaranteed entry tickets £8 each available from: Slinky Box office 0870 830 1414 /Bristol Ticket Shop 0117 9299008 Replay Records 0117 041135

Further Info: Slinky 0870 830 1515


Slinky Bristol

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