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10 July 2014
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City Views: Hartcliffe & Withywood
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Your views on this area

I am a born at home baby, Briscoes ave opposite the youth club , in the late 60s and 70s Hartcliffe was a great place to live, Although thank god i got out and now live in australia, I still look at the local pics and read the local news on line ,I have heard you wouldnt walk through on your own now , even the police go in large gangs

Just recapping...sure I remember a Dentist inSymes, never forget the smell of the Gas!Every now and again as a treat on a Saturday,for 1/-6d each we could sit in the chip shopand have sausage and chips on a plate plus asoft drink.We made friends with the vicar`s son, believehis name is Roger Palmer who lucky for us hada scalelectric set.If it wasn`t for the floods I think that Iwouldn`t had started smoking, seemed to useverybody had water damaged packets obtainedillegally from round the back of the shops inSymes Ave.Also as a kid you had to have pidgeons, I hadfeatherlegs and of course fantails!Hartcliffe was a great place to grow up in the60`s.

I was practically brought up in Harticliffe as a kid. My auntie lived there and we used to go over every week, as a kid i never saw the "problems" that it so called has. I just used to love going in the shops, the occasional recording of casualty, playing in the park and trying to find more cool places to go. Some of the greatest memorys i have are from Hartcliffe and it was horrible when my Auntie decided to move and its always sad to drive past her house and see someone else living there or going past everything that has now changed.

paul nash
paul you forgot the old polish hairdresser in hares when your father took you,you came away with the short-back&scrapes and to buy slip-ons from clarks or black daps. then on to the dreaded tesco turn-up jeans

I lived in Hartcliffe from 1974 to 1981 in the Vicarage in Petterson Square. My dad was the Vicar, Roger Thomas who had various helpers (curates)including Rev Johnny Jenkins (street-wise) and Ron Partridge (long hair, beard and wandered around in long black cassock and cape to curiosity of local residents). I went to school at Hareclive where the headmaster was Mr. Byrne. He had an excellent sense of humour and would not tolerate bad behaviour - especially got very angry when kids were rude to his dinnner ladies! We put on an excellent school pantomime - "Peter Pan" which was such a laugh. My enduring memories were of people who were just trying to survive and have a bit of a laugh, trying to maintain a sense of community and a decent way of life - despite the small majority of residents whose activities were not too popular. Glue sniffing seemed to be the order of the day - I don't remember hard drugs featuring as much as it appears to now.

The memories I have of Hartcliffe are still so intense that they keep me awake at night. My midnight screams of ‘mercy’, mercy’ keep the other prisoners awake but hey, I’m only reliving a past that was to scar me for the rest of my life. Those halcyon days of setting light to the thick undergrowth behind Barbour Gardens served to guide me towards what I hoped would be my first career, the Fire Service. Unfortunately, failing the entrance tests made me realise that I had things the wrong way round. It was an Arsonist’s life for me. I remember with great fondness, the Red Hart Pub, scene of many a Saturday afternoon (after rugby) drunken party. The stink/smoke bombs, the vomit, the swearing. Happy days, we must have driven the landlord and his decent customers mad. Of course there are many other memories, many other stories that one day I might be inclined to include in my planned book, but for now I’m quite happy to let Vicky Pollard do the talking for me. Just to say how wonderful it is to read the paragraphs above and be reminded, that you can take the people out of Hartcliffe, but you can’t take the Hartcliffe out of the people. I guess it will always show in their dreadful spelling…bless.

id like to say that there are a lot of people that work hard for a living in harcliffe.i work in a local chemists,and i see all walks off life.i have worked there for 8 years,yes there are social problems ,but least they are adressed here and not hushed up like other areas.we have a lot off community spirit here and if there are any troubles there is always someone you can chat to.I moved down to bristol when i was 9 from london,but i wont go back there. lets say in years to come more people will be comming back to this area to do things as there are a lot of opportunitys arising as regards as shopping e.t.c . lets wait and see and hope that some people will eat there words ,even if they wont admit it.

I have lived in Hartcliffe for 12 years now, and I think it's a great place to live, it's got plenty of character. The area has the same problems as any area in England, it's unfortuanate that problems here are highlighted more than any where else. I am bringing up 3 great kids who loved primary school here and are now attending Hartcliffe Engineering Community College, they are polite, inteligent and don't vandalise property and burn cars.

We just been sat here trying to name all the shops in the OLD symes? Chipshop,Wallpaper shop,Liptons, Keith Popels,(shoeshop) Bakers, Postoffice, Wollies, The BagWash, Hardings, Rogers & Harris's, Tesco's, Boots, Veg Shop,Hair Dressers, Fag Shop, Co-op, Betting Shop, ( Sally Harding's) Dry-Cleaners, A Little Bakers (sold the broken biscutes )Liptons (again) Chemist ? Dewherst,(Butchers) Optician's, Fag shop, Bank, Keith Popel's (clothes shop) Jillians, Hares,John James. DID I MISS ANY ?

I left Hartcliffe as a young child in 1968 and had very fond memories of life in a High Rise and Totshill Drive. After 40 years I have just taken a return trip - on the whole I was very impressed - neat homes, open spaces. Yes there was one particular "shopping parade" that errr looked rundown.. but hey ho. I walked around and recieved smiles and greetings and met a lovely couple who filled in the blanks in my fading memory.... my fond memories were justified ! Oh any one know the new name of Maddock House - The Flats seemed to have been renamed ???

i was born and bread in hartcliffe and i love the area. i have now moved away due to domistic reasons and am living in wales. the people in hartcliffe are some of the nicest people i will ever probably meet, of course there are rough areas but they never hurt there own. i hope one day to move back. i have a lot of respect and love fpr this place

I lived in Hartcliffe during the sixties and thought it was the whole world. Then I moved away and I can't believe anyone could stay living there. The people are great, they all stick together, but there are no jobs and the kids have no future. If I was Tony Blair I would bulldoze the whole place and start again. I go back maybe once a year but I hate it and I wish the people I love who still live there would move somewhere else. Hartcliffe is a relic of post-war Britain, where the future was giving everyone low-cost housing but nothing else. Well, the world has moved on and Hartcliffe NEVER will, so I hope my family will move away so that someone can drop a bomb on it.

it is rough the libary is even fenched in but you show repect you will get it.

Hi, my memories of Hartcliffe are ones of mixed emotions. When my parents moved to Tewther Road, Teyfant area was still being built, a few years later we moved across the road to a 2 bedroom house in Aldwick Avenue, my life was football day and night, school, boy`s club. Almost every street had a team, plenty of greens and fields all around us. Sadly, my Mum passed away in 1968 and we moved to Totterdown, 2 years of catching buses to finish my schooling. 38 years later I still miss Hartcliffe but still got my memories and photos of great times.

rod coles
i was born in bristol in 1966.i was bought up in hartcliffe near symes avenue. i left in 72. i loved bristol i love the people. they are rough but have deep respect among each other.does antbody live near to bishport avenue that lived there in the seventies?be good to hear from you.

i live in withywood and i love it,and i worked in symes ave and i found the people great,you give people respect and you usally get it back my only moan about the area is the council are trying to build flats and parking spaces on area by turtlegate ave which as been a lovely GREEN playing ares for the kids which the children are themselves fighting for ,so i say keep withywood GREEN!!!!!we love it

I used to live in Hartcliff road when I was very young, then I had to move away because of my family. My family put me up for adoption probably for the trouble they kept getting into. For example my real Dad kept getting into trouble with the police. My Mum could not cope with us. In a result of this 4 of us got put up for adoption. My family name was "Kennedy". It is a rough place.

i am writing this thinking its not such a bad place to live(hartcliffe)then someone has just burnt a car outside my house.

i have lived in both knowle and hartcliffe and must say that i prefer knowle, hartcliffe has more green areas and parks for kids to play but they are littered with dirty needles and everywhere you look there is a drug deal going on! although you get druggies everywhere i seem to c them more in hartcliffe than knowle, both places are nice to live in just beware of the needles!

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