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28 October 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: City Views

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City Views: Emerson's Green
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Doug Webber

Your views on this area

I have had a leaflet through the door proposing a leisure centre, and jogging path amongst other things. When will this be built? I am fed up of having to travel up and down the ring road getting caught in traffic, just to do about everything or anything. If there are any publicans reading - please invest in a grown up pub. No offence, but the kids have their stuff sorted with new parks and the mill house ect. Time to think of the adults living here.

My girlfriend & I have just moved to the area, In response to Jen's comments if you fancy a quite drink in a nice pub try the Langley arms on guest Ave..just a 5 min walk if that from the mill house, as like you I agree the mill house is a nightmare with screaming kids that run all over the place as well as being full of young kids who cant handle their beer. Would also say the most annoying thing for us is the rat run that is round the back of Boots, as we have people parked right outside our drive on a sat, not only that but late at night we have the kids on their scooters and in cars using the road as part of a "race track" they have going around the sainsbury's car park......Dont get me wrong the area is really nice would just be nice to see a bit more of a police presence with all these kids racing around on sccoters, wont be long before their is a serious accident...

Mark P
I love the area, its amazing! I hate the fact how there are loads of annoying youths that go up there just to get drunk on the weekends and all. They council must incrase the size of the skatepark because there is all the waste land which is going to waste and also place flood lights up there so we are able to skate up there night and day, this will also keep us away from the Sainsburys are too. Thank you, Mark

i like emersons green for the skate park and it is a safe place to be

Completely agree with Nick on this one. Just moved to Emersons, and there really is nothing to do, on any day of the week, at any time. It's like I've just moved into the set of Desperate Housewives. If you wanna go for a nice quiet drink, you really can't because of all the screaming kids in the millhouse. If you go to Sainsburys, lots of screaming kids. And don't even think about going out for lunch, single mum parade accomapnied by screaming kids. I'm bored out of my head here, if there was something more than a Bewise, Instore and Boots, maybe you could actually go shopping here, but unfortunately, you can't.

edward doyle
i like emersons green because i live there alos i apologise my brother can't spell

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