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24 September 2014
BBC Bristol: The website that loves Bristol: City Views

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City Views: Blaise Castle
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Picture credits for this section:
Terry Lait, Donald Sydney, Wayne Griffin

Your views on this area

My friend Donna and I played in these woods in the sixties and seventies. We had numerous dens and fantasies that would blow the mind of most of the young today. We were secret agents, cowboys and indians , the last people on earth living in a cave under the castle. We heard about Elivis dying whilst playing on the swings. But we had something thats not available to our children today, ... freedom. Must visit again soon. Shes in New Zealand and I'm miles away in the UK. Lovely to see the photo's on this site. Glad it's not chaged too much.

Anne Youens
Blaise Castle and the woods bring back memories of schooldays. Our school playing fields were at Stoke Lodge and our crosscountry running route was that of the extremely muddy river tracks of Coombe Dingle and Blaise Woods. Many a pupil was merrily pushed into the shallow water by fellow competitive runners en route!! Nowadays there are friendly, gently sloping concrete paths to take a relaxing walk or bike ride. But you still have the option of treading the more adventurous old paths. With the museum and other historical buildings, play area, cafe and the walks, Blaise is possibly one of the most fascinating areas of Bristol. A wonderful place if you want a good combination of history, nature and fun.

Fionnghuala Wright.
This is a really nice place to grow up in, i know because ilive quite near it and im only 11. The only time that i dont like it is when my aunt gets me and my sister to jog around it numerous amouts of times. I strongly advice you to come to see it, it's perfect for a picnic if you have small kids! (Theres lots of mud to jump in towards the winter!) thanks, fionnghuala xxx

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