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13 November 2014

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Cabot Circus news

You are in: Bristol > Cabot Circus > Cabot Circus news > Cabot Circus stone wings in from China

Cabot Circus stone wings in from China

A Bristol artist has lugged a large lump of stone all the way back from China just to help build a small part of the kerb around Cabot Circus.

Neville with the stone

Neville Gabie spent two-and-a-half-weeks hauling the granite on and off trains, buses and ferries.

"What I've got here is a granite kerb stone, exactly like all the other granite kerb stones in this part of Broadmead, around the Cabot Circus development.

"What I wanted to do was make a piece of work which celebrates some of the most mundane items which are involved in building something as big as this because even they have a really interesting story."

Neville said the inspiration for the kerb stone - which you can identify from the Chinese text on it - came from the multi-national effort that went into building Cabot Circus.

"I discovered that a lot of the material are sourced from around the world and I thought it would be a really interesting idea that there are people dotted right around the world who are sustaining a kind of living through what's going on in Bristol.

Kerb stone is installed

"So the idea was to go to China and to track one of these granite kerb stones from the quarry in south east China all the way back to Bristol.

"I went to the quarry where we watched the granite being cut from the quarry face.

"I watched it right the way through the factory, and then it was packed up for me on this blue trolley and I brought it back to the UK first of all in a truck for 48 hours through Beijing then train and various other trucks."

The kerb stone forms one of ten pieces of art which you will be able to see in Cabot Circus.  You can pick up an art trail leaflet on the opening day for more information.

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created: 19/09/2008

You are in: Bristol > Cabot Circus > Cabot Circus news > Cabot Circus stone wings in from China

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