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24 September 2014

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Walking from England to Wales

Ever wondered how you can walk from England to Wales without getting your feet wet? We've got the answer ...

Severn Bridge view

The old Severn Bridge has a pedestrian and cycle route which goes over both sides of the giant structure.

We recommend you pick a still, warm day to complete this trek as the bridge is high up and quite exposed.

Make sure you also take some warm clothes just in case, and be warned that there are a few steep spots in the walk (the approach to the bridge on the English side is a 9% hill).

Also, apart from the Severn View services, there are no toilets so make sure you go before you walk.

Severn Bridge view

Parking is easy. There's plenty of space at the service station or you can park on Passage Road off the A403.

From Passage Road you need to walk up Bridge Access Road - the cycle and pedestrian route is well marked so follow this past the maintenance depot to the hill down to the bridge.

From the brow you get a good view across to the bridge and you can see the walking route in front of you. As you walk down you'll go under a gate and walk out onto the Severn Bridge.

Underneath is the rocky beach at Aust reaching out into the estuary and in the distance you can see Beachley peninsula and the Welsh coast beyond.

Severn Bridge view

As you walk along the footpath the first landmark you'll come to is the Aust tower reaching high above you. As you pass it you'll see the bridge arch up in front of you.

When you reach the middle of the Severn Bridge you will also be able to get good views across to the Second Severn Crossing in the distance. If the weather is good you might just be able to make out Avonmouth behind it.

Keep walking over and you will walk past the next landmark, Beachley Tower, then walk a bit further and you start to pass over Beachley village itself.

Severn Bridge view

The area the bridge passes over here is home to the Army's First Battalion The Rifles.

As you walk on you'll leave the Severn Bridge and start walking over the Wye Bridge. Beachley is actually in Gloucestershire so this bridge - and not the Severn Bridge - is the border between England and Wales.

Severn Bridge view

As you walk into Wales you'll see the mudbanks leading up to the green shores of the River Wye and the train line which runs along it.

A few hundred metres later you will walk off the bridge and you'll officially be in Chepstow - welcome to Wales!

If you want to walk into the town then it's around a two mile walk to get to the High Street.

The walk in total, if you start at Passage Road and walk to the end of the Wye Bridge, is about 2.5 miles.

Remember, the walkway is alongside a motorway so make sure you stay on the marked pedestrian route.

Pictures: Chris Kelly/Marie Day

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created: 17/04/2008

You are in: Bristol > Places > Places features > Walking from England to Wales

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