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28 October 2014

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My Bristol

You are in: Bristol > My Bristol > Is graffiti good?

Is graffiti good?

Bristolians have sent in hundreds of photos of their city to the BBC's My Bristol project. We’re planning an interactive guided tour of Bristol for the council's new Chief Executive, Jan Ormondroyd. 

She’s from Yorkshire, and she’s agreed to be shown round the city by you - the  Bristolians who use this site and listen to BBC Radio Bristol.

Graffiti in Bristol

We asked you to send in your pictures of the city, images that tell us what Bristol means to you. So what have Bristolians been snapping?

Already there’s a hot debate about graffiti. Perhaps no surprise, but check out this from 'FatMandy': “Tagging I've got no time for and harming public property too, but why not cover up all that builders hoarding perpetually covering up the developing city?”

Graffiti in Bristol

It’s becoming clear that Bristol has a love-hate relationship with graffiti, on the one hand we celebrate major artists like Banksy - who has achieved international fame and whose piece, Mild Mild West was voted Bristol’s No 1 alternative landmark just last year - and on the other we become infuriated by having to clean illegible scribbles off of every wall within reach of a hoodie with magic marker.

Another contributor, Danbri, had this to say: "‘The street art here is one of the things I love about living in Bristol. Doesn't mean I like all of it, or that there's a clear line between something worthy and someone just scrawling their tag.

"But that's okay, on balance it brightens things up. Especially the excellent People's Republic of Stokes Croft effort.’

The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft which he is referring to is an organisation that uses graffiti to enrich rather than deface their community. 

Graffiti in Bristol

They have written a graffiti development  plan for Stokes Croft that includes a list of ugly places that they feel are ripe for a colourful mural. They feel that graffiti has the power to transform public space and the people in then, making them safer and more pleasant places to be.

Once Jan Ormondroyd arrives to take over as the new chief executive, it will be her job to decide how best to put the council’s plans into action, so join in the debate about the graffiti we love and the graffiti we hate.

Do we want to be presented with art wherever we turn, or do we crave a graffiti free city of clean lines, clean colours and clean walls.

What’s your view? Tell us – we’ll tell Jan. Better still, take a picture.  It’s worth a thousand words.

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created: 19/03/2008

You are in: Bristol > My Bristol > Is graffiti good?

My Bristol FAQ

Q, What is My Bristol?

Bristol is getting a new chief executive and we're taking her on a guided tour - but we need your help to guide us.

Q, How can we do that?

We want you to take pictures of Bristol - good and bad - that highlight what you think of the city.

Q, OK, I've taken my picture, now what?

There are a few ways you can get them to us. We've got a FlickR group which you can add your images to, you can email them to or post them - address below. We'll use these pictures to decide where we take the new chief exec - we'll also make sure she gets copies of all the pictures to look through at a later date.

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