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24 September 2014

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You are in: Bristol > Have Your Say > Have your say: Cadbury closure

Cadbury factory, Keynsham

Have your say: Cadbury closure

Cadbury is to close its Keynsham factory by 2010 with the loss of around 500 jobs - here you can listen to interviews and have your say.

Staff in Keynsham were told during an emergency meeting in the early hours of Wednesday that the phased closure would begin in 2009.

Production will be moved to factories in Poland and Bournville near Birmingham, as part of a wider cost reduction plan announced in June.

Listen to audio below, or have your say by filling in the form. We'll publish the best comments here later.

BBC Radio Bristol's Drive programme was live from Keynsham with Kate Salisbury on Wednesday - listen to the programme in full by clicking the Radio Player listen again facility on the right of this page.

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Have Your Say

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Loss of jobs always brings sadness and anger, but we must put this into context. We are a member state of the EU, and thats that. Cadbury moves 1200 miles away to improve it's profits, a sad indictment for British unions that this can be achieved? EDF who are 85% owned by the French government buy into our energy market and promise to invest and create jobs - the balance restored, our shall British energy users now boycott use of 'French' energy - I think not.

Jack Clements
why are you closing this factory can we have comments please!

Bechey Kel Nev Schuply & Jam Jam :)
We are doing research on Cadburys and if anyone has any comments that can help, it would be very much appreciated.Thank you xxxx

Vi Masters
I was disappointed to learn that Cadbury are moving to Poland. I have tried Cadbury's products in New Zealand and the taste is definitely worse. I have decided that I will not be supporting Cadbury from now on and will be buying another brand that is made in the UK

Just goes to show that even more BRITISH wont be british for much longer!

Tony Baker
LIke many folk I have tried Cadbury's products in many places round the world and none of them reach the standard we're used to in the UK. I go even further and state that very many of the foreign versions of "home grown" favourites are absolutly foul.

I think its discusting how this country is being ran the whole world infact too many gready cruel top guns like watching there pounds and profits grow when the whole world is at stake through climate change well one of these days this world is gonna end in one big bang thanks to man being greedy! id like to see them count there pennys and pounds then!

48/49 A lot of what you put in your postings are valid points but what I don't agree is that keynsham needs lots of luxury flats on the Cadbury site. I have no connection with Keynsham but come from nearby where 3 mjor print based companys have closed in recent times. The moment anywhere is mooted as closing then take it as read that it will close no matter how much your local mp or residents may protest. Then lots of houses MUST be built on the sites, but where are the people earning the money to buy these houses. you need industries not just houses. Anyway, there can't be many people left in poland to produce things as most of them have moved here.I would almost guarantee that nearly all of you that say you will not eat cadbury product again in protest, will be back on the chocolate sooner or later.

I say don't buy from any company including Cadbury's who have moved there prodution overseas and put british workers on the dole I have

Seems to be a lot of people on here that worked there and moved on after getting what they wanted/needed from the factory, such as Gary in Longwell Green. Cadbury's are no different.

Helen Thorsby
I think it reflects very badly on Cadbury's that they plan to relocate work to Poland. New expansion there by all means but don't take away peoples jobs in this country. It's an ugly way to carry on your business.

Gary Jones, Longwell Green
Before doing insurance I used to work my butt off there. This paid for my conservatory and Toyota Rav. Sorry to hear it's closing.

the founder would turn in his grave - he set up cadburys and built the estates to look after the workers - just need to look at the history section at the Brimingham factory to see that - now the people running it are only thinking of ?who

Leigh Oats
Says "Ex-Pat - USA": "It is a shame that Cadburys is moving out of the UK."It's a shame that Ex-Pat knows something that the rest of the world doesn't know.

dave burnham
Yet another company going for cheap labour we should all refuse to buy Cadburys products this is the only thing corporations undersatnd

m magee
we don't want our chocolate made in poland we want it made here. if it's goes to poland then we will all stop buying it. enough is enough. if you want to go to poland go and the polish back with you cadbury cos we've had enough of them here. you want to make chocolate out there then get lost we dont want you any more.

Get Real
No use crying now. Who put these gutless morons in charge of a once great country in the first place? You get what you pay for!!

stan white
I have enjoyed Cadbury products for the passed 65 years, If they locate to Poland then this is just another British institution going down the pan. I and my family will no longer support Cadbury and the money grabbing directors.

from bristol
Put your energies into retraining and finding new work and stop whinging - all the petitions and protesting in the world will not stop them closing keynsham down. Cadburys make a revolting product which bears little relation to chocolate anyway - who cares where it is made.

if the government does not do anything to prevent this, remember well the next time they ask for your vote and put them out of work

So Ex-Pat in the USA, you won't buy Cadbury's if it's not made in the UK? But you don't want to live here? Glass and a half of irony there then.

Unfortunately, many people do seem to have the attitude in Keynsham - from personal experience - that Keynsham is the be all and end all of Cadbury's and chocolate production in the UK, not merely an outdated spoke in a wheel spanning not just the UK, but abroad as well. As I mentioned weeks ago - Cadbury's is moving a small amount of jobs away from one area of it's market to another. Tough for the people of Keynsham? Hardly, it's been on the cards for a decade, and no different from any other area - take Trowbridge with Bowyers for instance. It's a progressive industry, and a business first and foremost.

Ex-Pat - USA
It is a shame that Cadburys is moving out of the UK. My grandmother had family members who used to work in the old Fry's factory near Bristol. As a child, I used to look forward her bringing us product from the factory shop. Cadbury's move to Poland has already stopped me buying some of their products in the USA. When buying Cadbury's, I always check to see where it is made and won't buy unless made in the UK.

Reality Check
Would you rather Cadbury fall into the hands of private equity? I suspect that the fallout from that eventuality would be somewhat larger. Cadbury is merely doing what it needs to survive that fate. Sad for Keynsham and those impacted employees in Birmingham, but it's not as if Cadbury is withdrawing from UK altogether which many of these posts seem to imply.

david butler
british consumers should boycot cadburys pruducts it does hurt them im sure h p sauce pruducts are feeling the pinch after closeing a british plant in favour of holland us brits dont forget make them pay for their treachery

andrew j thornton
A bloody shame this goverment can not see the devestation it is causing by not protecting british workers until its to late!

linda cleaver
typical!cheap labour and big profiteering!all to please a certain/lucky hierarchy!my concern is with the employees who suffer and their households so much for our expensive rip off country when is this forgein migrant/company going overseas going to stop when there are no businesses left in the uk of course.isnt it time somebody woke up?from linda cleaverorpington kent.

Roy Stevenson
Can we look forward to Cadbury's prices coming down due to cheaper manufacturing costs?I think not,just as Dyson prices didn't come down after the move to Malaysia!

i was very upset to hear about cadbury move to poland.i will not be buying any more cadbury products.i work with polish people and the main words i hear from them when they are doing there work is "i dont care about the quality of the work" i am absolutly discusted with there decision,it is always the british working class person that suffers,there is nowhere else in the eu where british people could go to earn more money.

Neil Smith
If Cadbury go ahead and decide to move to poland I will no longer be eating anything that they make. This is also the views of all my friends and family after talking with them.

the people who comment that its only business and stop moaning need to have a hard look at themselves and look deeply into cadbury. They are shutting a profitable factory down - there is also lots of capacity within the uk without having to source out abroad. We as a nation do really need to start to get a grip and start to ask the government the question why british manufacturing is being raped without any question. Oh by the why - cadbury are struggling so it looks more like a quick fix just like they did with the adams factory at manchester where they are struggling to make the product at the same profit when moved abroad. And why all of a sudden are they spending so much money on advertising - buying the british public

Reuben Geldman
I will no longer buy Cadbury chocolate. This is despicable, the UK consumes more chocolate than any other country in Europe, and this is how British loyalty is rewarded. They can count my loyalty out. If they want to expand their markets to eastern europe by closing factories here, they should be made to stop selling the product here. Not enough to use cheap samonela ridden foreign egg powder and milk in this country, they still want more profit. Mick is right, this unfettered capitalist system is to blame, it cares only for fat profits, interesting this is supposed to be New Labour.....

Dennis Young
I would have thought, outsourcing the jobs, will only end up bringing more problems!

vicky pollard
If a worker is paid 31k to make mini eggs )as per the BEP) no wonder the production is being moved abroad.

Teresa Harly
I have told my family that I will no longer be buying Cadbury chocolate and they will be getting an alternative in the future. I don't believe in supporting an issue that I feel is wrong. The British is getting it in the neck again. Moving production to Poland is morally and financially wrong. What about all of those workers who have given their best to Cadbury's over the years. Typical they are only thinking of the shareholders again.Very disgruntaled.

Steve K
Only a fortnight ago Gordon Brown was declaring "British jobs for British workers" - obviously not in Bristol, eh Gord?How hollow his words sound now.

I will not buy cadbury products if they move to poland. I work in a food factory with polish workers and they are very unhygenic - not washing hands after toilet, dropping food on floor and then using it, blowing noses etc and then handling food. If you are not constantly watching them who knows what they do or put in foils. Cadburys will be making a big mistake.

This is Capitalism - No more no less! I am in complete sympathy and hate the fact that the rich get richer whilst the 'normal' working man and woman get's shafted - but it's the system that is at fault so we should all become socialists. If ou don't criticise the system then you can't criticise this closure. Capitalism is uncaring and it's not interested in being nice - it's only interested in cash!

tricia- cardiff
once again greed comes first. The British public have supported Cadbury from the word go. Even when the salmonella outbreak was confirmed, did the British public scream blue murder and verbally attack Cadbury? I think not, even when millions of chocolate bars were recalled, did that stop us buying Cadbury's chocolate? I think not. We showed our loyalty and support all they way. What is our reward? they sell the British workers up the swannee!! So Cadbury should take a long hard Think before going any further, because one thing they certainly can depend upon is, the day they confirm closure is the day I for one will Never. Ever. Buy another bar of chocolate from them. I know they will think, so what, but, they should realise, I am one of Millions. Let us see how much profit they make when Britain turns it back on them.

"It is about the time the people of England found their teeth again"I think Cadbury's are probably the root (!) cause of the problem. Less chocolate is a good thing!Seriously though, have any of you been to Keynsham lately? It needs an influx of money and services, something that luxury flats would bring - keeping Somerdale open will only compound a fact - Keynsham is a dying (small) town, in desperate need of decent shops, transport links and most importantly - life.

Comments about 'tradition', 'manufacturing efficiency' and 'loyalty' miss the point. Some accountant has looked at the size of the site - a huge brownfield one - and realised the redevopment potential for flats is worth millions. Simple as that.

Jean Lane - Melksham
I am so pleased to hear that the people of Keynsham are going to fight this, as we have to make a stand against out manufacturing industries being systematically dismantled and sent abroad. It is about the time the people of England found their teeth again

Keith Lewis
We have made the decision to stop buying Cadbury products in protest and logged our compliant on the Cadbury website. If enough people do the same then maybe the management will see sense and reverse this deplorable descision

Sophee - Rose Glynn
i am a buisness student and i have been studying the company of cadbury's for two years now. The reason why they have to cut the workers in Bristol is because they have to react with the economic climate. The tax's in the UK are to high for Cadbury's so they decided to move to Poland so they reach their target of maximised profit. In personal opinion i think that for the company this is a very clever move but for the workers in the UK they will sufer servely from this. They have also went the oposite way from they first strong value of keeping the workers of the company close and ensuring they are working together as a company. Cadbury's have totaly ignored this and have went back on their values. I think that they need to reconsider there choices and ethical belifs.

"I for one shall boycott Cadbury if they insist on moving production to Poland."Oh grow up people! It's a business, not a charity. In this day and age, and especially given the recent fortunes of Cadbury's, it's no real surprise - talk to former employees of Somerdale and you'll hear that.And there are many other UK Cadbury plants, it's a business decision - no-one is owed a living, and that includes Keynsham as a town - it's about time it drags itself into the 21st Century after all.

I'm sure this decision was a difficult one for the board of directors to make, however it could be that by making this tough decision now that they protect their business as a whole, and keep as many jobs within the group intact in the future. Having been made redundant twice myself I know how hard it is, especially after giving many years of loyal service to one firm as I'm sure many of the employees would have done. Unfortunately this kind of thing is now all to common since we now operate in a global econmomy. Just look at Imperial Tobacco and Rolls Royce etc as examples of once huge employers in Bristol who have had to change with the times & the market place that they now operate in. It's very sad but not a surprise.

Graeme Blake
There should be a national boycott of the goods & services of any British company who lays of staff in UK in order to move the work overseas for the cheap labour. And in tandem with a public boycott, the government should implement punitive taxes on those companies who go down the cheap overseas labour line making it financial suicide to even contemplate it.

This is bad news for Bristol. They say that the site will be demolished and new houses built. Strange that an area that will be losing 500 jobs will need new expensive houses.Boycotting Cadburys won't make a difference, but a campaign should be started to keep Cadburys here, for econimical, ecological and even historical and ethical reasons.

Sarah, Keynsham
How sad that a company originally founded on the strong value of looking after its workers and the community around it should end up going completely against its original beliefs. Brands like Cadbury's should be encouraging manufacture in Britain and supporting the people that made the brand what it is today. Another blow to manufacturing in this country and they wonder why we are becoming so cynical and despondent. Where is the support for those that try to help themselves! Wishing all the workers at Cadbury's all the best for the future.

I will stop buying Cadbury products, if they move production to Poland.

Anthony Blacker
Don't see how it can be cheaper to produce their products in Poland, as they'll now attract import taxes. time for this Government to take a stand and put a stop to our industries and jobs going overseas.

Cadbury, you have obviously not done the math and worked out the cost effetiveness of changing manufacturing plants - 'Dave from Keynsham' is clearly more enlightened on your business than yourselves.Some of these comments are ludicrous. The company can do what it wants to progress as a business, they own Keynsham and it's people nothing as long as they provide safe working conditions, pay them and pay any pensions etc. Stop moaning and get in the real world..All this talk of Boycotts etc is embarrassing! If the people of Keynsham stop buying Dairy Milk bars Cadbury will cease to exist...whatever!

C Gibbs
I think it,s disgusting that companys are allowed to move production abroad to exploit cheap labour, i work at cadburys and my grandparents used to work there.Soon britain will produce nothing and import everything the gorvernment need to sort this out.

Dave, Keynsham
Just stop eating Cadburys products, that will teach them. Is it really going to be cheaper to make it in Poland and then ship it all back to the UK? Outsourcing never works.

c forse yatton
no problem never to buy any cadbury product ever again let the polish buy it I shall buy swiss chocolate which is more suprior product

M Young
Appalling - why don't we do something and stop buying Cadbury products

My great aunt worked in this factory 60 years ago, and this is a very sad day for Bristol and British manufacturing - not to mention those who have sadly lost their jobs. Cadbury say "our ongoing commitment to manufacturing in the UK is absolute." yet they still decide to send their business abroad.I shall boycott Cadbury's from now on and I wish all those made redundant best wishes for the future.

I for one shall boycott Cadbury if they insist on moving production to Poland. My feelings go out to all those in Keynsham affected

Darran Matthew-Hoar
As a local independent retailer, this is a sad blow for keynsham, not only for the work force but also the local economy were much of the small independent traders depend on local support.

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