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28 October 2014

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Banksy's Bristol

You are in: Bristol > People > Banksy's Bristol > Have your say: Banksy or Pranksy?

Banksy or Pranksy?

Have your say: Banksy or Pranksy?

A new mural has appeared on a wall in the centre of Bristol - that could be a new Banksy. We want to know whether you think it is genuine or not.

The work shows a child, complete with paper bag ready to bang, sneaking up on a police firearms officer.

The mural appeared in the past few days on the side of the Honeypot building on Upper Maudlin Street.

Unlike previous Banksy work it is not "signed" with the iconic graffiti artist's tag.

It is visible as you walk past the Bristol Childrens' Hospital and the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Hospital fundraiser Laura Denson, 26, said: "I think it's real. People rip him off but it looks authentic. We like it."

Banksy or Pranksy?

Please note: This debate has now closed but you can still read the comments below.

last updated: 28/05/2008 at 07:59
created: 02/10/2007

Have Your Say

Banksy or not, theres another politically aware artist out there with the courage to parade his or her views and open peoples eyes to the corrupt society we live in. If more people were aware, the world could be a better place.

Sam Pearce
It doesnt matter weather this is a banksy or not its all about the message no matter who has done it.

''8th Sin''
Banksy did do this because it is in his book 'Banksy's Bristiol'available at waterstones if u wnt to check

clare hayer
A talented, illegal, artist that expresses his political views cleverly through his work. Not necessarily a person that would win votes in an election for power or be trusted to run the country . But definitely a talented artist putting thought evoking art in place of normally boring brick walls!A world away from what I would call vandalism. I think he seeks to appeal to most. he is not aggressively tagging his territory or frustratedly trying to de face or devalue the walls and properties he uses. He just uses them as blank canvases cheekily without permission . far from devaluing the property in most cases! I enjoy his sense of humour.

Miss Nina Villis
..and the Hype cant even laugh at it self! Hillarious

yup...definately a Banksy. Its posted on his website, and has been critisised by tabloids, claming that the way the fire arms officer is holding the gun is wrong. i love banksy!

Sammy, a devoted art student from Kent
Banksy is an amazing artist, and if its real or not who cares! graffiti is vandalism and shold be punished but this is art not graffiti! if its not a banksy artpiece im sure the real artist would come forward if everyone is accrediting the wrong person. it has banksys style about it and its amazing work!

im a graffiti artist name is MINT.banksey is a legend. he inspires kids like who just want to get their art out and their views heard. people like banksey keep that spark of enthusiasm in the artists world. wothout people like banksey. no one would see the real side of life.

It's only banksy, there are plenty of better street artists within 10 minuted walk of the stencil. i have never heard about a mass vote on whether a new character at dean lane skatepark in bedminster is original or not, so why should this need any more attention. It doesn't even have a clear message like people claim it should have. There is plenty of better graffiti in Bristol and a lot of better things to give attention to.

Has everyone forgotten how Banksy exploited that poor elephant. Anyone who openly participates in animal exploitation for money or publicity does not deserve all this attention that he keeps getting from the Bristol city council and the public no matter how talented he is! Plus I know most of his work is usually a form of political statement but if your raking it as a result it kind of defeats the object!

I think this is a real banksy peice. Banksy is my favorite artist [weather you class him as an artist or not] and if you think about the way he does his work im sure he doesnt always have the time to tag the peice. Surly if someone was imatating him they would sign it themselfs.definatly a Banksy peice. I Love Him!

Len Leaper
It does look authentic however his work can be replicated by anyone who has enough imagination ..what is different about this piece is the placement of the characters..they are very close .. the 'message' is not subtle.. Most artists sign their work..or a consistant manner and this breaks form if genuine..The balance of that this is not not by Banksey...I do feel it much less..rather than much more..which is what I come to expect from Banksey..

Sure it's a Banksy as the image is very much in his style-if it isn't, then someone has done a very good imitation!

Its A Banksy.. I'm fairly certain of that. If not and its someone trying to pretend it is then they WOULD have copied his signature and if its a new artist trying to display their own work they would have put their own tag on it. Banksy likes to cause discussion about his art and not signing all pieces certainly does that. I love Bristols street art but hate the random Taggers such as SEKO. They add nothing to the community.

alice green some people become when others fortunes change..get your green eyed monsters under control people, lifes to short,live,love and be grateful for your roof and your full bellies

Job's a good 'un. It's caused some more publicity/controversy, and we all get something to look at.

Ramdom Stranger
I hope it a Banksy but I don't care if it not. I'd like to think he still find the time to brighten up his home city.Love it or hate it. In the modern world of art Banksy is a shining jewel for all bristolons to be proud of.And frankly even If it not his work then all the merrier that there a new artiest on the block.

Regarding the points made that it's not a Banksy due to the fact there is no tag, his last three pieces in London and the one in Glastonbury also have no tags, but they're definitely his as they're on his website. This is just too new to have appeared on his website yet.

Does it matter? I like it whether it's a Banksy or not. Who decides that it's of no value if it's not a Banksy or that it can only stay if it is? Is Banksy the only graffiti artist who's work can counted as valid art?

Naa not a banksy.. no tag. Nicely done though..

Nonmoron, Banksy didnt actually sell his work at auction hence he created that print. yes he did sell the print and made a fair bit but everyone has to live and make a living for themselves!

It is certainly his style when you compare it to his "Wall and Piece" book.

Luke Weyman
Why ? Whenever theres "a new Banksy" must Bristol question it ? Is it just some sort of publicity stunt ? Its getting a little tiresome now.But... Its clearly very well thought out, his style, cunning place, all adds up.

steve chapple
Yup, it's a banksy, very similar to a piece at his L.A exhibition last year.Bristol is a very lucky city to have such great art on it's streets.

"I Can't Believe You Morons Actually Buy This ****."Not my words but a quote by the man himself, after 6 of his efforts sold for a total of £72,000. I hate him because he inspires all those idiot taggers to think what they do is in some way clever, and because he wants to pocket the money whilst still claiming the moral high ground. Give all the money to charity if you're so wonderful, W*****.

Who cares??? looks like a rip off of a picture on the net of a bomb disposel team.

Def a Banksy in my opinion. Top bloke! He could be selling these images for top dollar to Hollywood superstars and yet he gives this to you Bristol folk for free. Appreciate that you Britains greatest living artist on your doorstep!

Steve not all of banksy's work is available to see on his website and if was a new piece by him it would not of featured on there or in wall and piece. With regards to it being a real piece or not, who's to say other than the artist

Graffiti is a controversial subject, & if done well can actually brighten up an area. This is as opposed to tagging which is an eyesore, perhaps the location could be better - but I like to see good art.

Its Street Art - leave it alone. Back in the day no1 ever used to question it.

I reckon it is a fake, Banksy can paint better than this - the perspective is distorted, plus what is the message?

Glenn Dawkins is right - if this was anyone else it would be considered 'vandalism'. One law for 'them', one law for the rest of us.

Unless he was commissioned to do the work by the owners of the building it is a criminal offence. As such, he or she and their like should be prosecuted and no glorified.

This is not Banksy. It is not on his website. There is no logo indicating such. However, it would be great if Banksi did something not so controversial to liven and brighten up the place. Such as the naked man hanging out of the window near the Council house, although it does look like a councillor I knew.

I actually think it's a policeman and child stood on a roof.....hang I'll get my glasses.

From the poor quality photographs of it on here it does not look like a Banksy, it's of his style but why depict a gunman aiming at a childrens hospital? It's a bit sick and whether it's genuine or not, it's in the wrong place.

Its not a case of double standards. Tagging is vandalism, proper graffiti are actually improves the appearance of some buildings, in the case of banksy's work, that actually carries a message, it would be criminal not to treat it as proper art.

Yo, Glenn Dawkins lighten up man . this is the most expressive art of the 21st century. BANSKY keep it goin..Love it(p.s even my dad loves ya, and noticed it)Peace

This looks like a classic Banksy, very well executed.Glenn Dawkins, I think there's a lot of difference between scrawled names (tagging) and street art of this nature.

Glenn Dawkins
Isn't it a case of double standards to encourage and celebrate these creations, while on the other hand, arresting and vilifying graffiti artists for Acts of Vandalism? Graffiti is no less expressive! When will banksy get an asbo.

i like it its banksy or right

You are in: Bristol > People > Banksy's Bristol > Have your say: Banksy or Pranksy?

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