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28 October 2014

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Gary and Richard

Bristol Uncovered: Listen again

Did you know that you can listen to Bristol Uncovered, which is broadcast overnight on BBC Radio Bristol, on-demand at any time through the BBC's iPlayer Radio?

Bristol Uncovered

You can listen to Bristol Uncovered on BBC Radio Bristol:

  • Saturday between 0100 and 0300
  • Sunday between 0100 and 0300

You can also listen to Bristol Uncovered on this website:

  • Click the 'listen again' button on the right of this page
  • Scroll down the a-z list until you see Bristol Uncovered
  • Click either the Saturday or Sunday show
  • Sit back and relax

The show, which explores alternative music with a focus on local bands and gigs, is presented each weekend by Richard Pitt & Gary Smith.

The two local lads have been long-term supporters of the music scene in the area and now they are bringing that knowledge and commitment to BBC Radio Bristol.

Richard and Gary firmly believe that local music easily stands up to scrutiny when played alongside the wider music scene, so that’s what they do.

Between the two of them, they like a lot of different kinds of music, especially if it’s guitar-based.

Their somewhat eclectic tastes are stimulated if the music is entertaining, original, experimental, inventive, complicated, simple, primitive, discordant, melodic, haunting, quiet, loud, political or with a social conscience, funny or just something they can dance to.

And they’ll throw in some old stuff occasionally to show where it all fits together.

The show will feature live guests and sessions, interviews with some of the bigger named bands playing in the area, plus a lot of locally-made music and you’ll get recommendations for gigs in the week ahead.

Take part in the show with your own tips for up-coming bands and gigs, your alternative music requests and regular chances to win new releases.

And if you’re in a band or make music yourself, then send Richard and Gary your material.

The address is Richard Pitt & Gary Smith, Bristol Uncovered, BBC Radio Bristol, P.O. Box 194, Bristol BS99 7QT.

E-mail Richard and Gary and tell them about your news, gigs or maybe just tell them how good the show is!

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created: 27/04/2007

You are in: Bristol > Entertainment > Local Music > Bristol Uncovered: Listen again

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