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24 September 2014

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Colston Hall seen from the West side

Have your say: Colston Hall

A group in Bristol says the name of concert venue Colston Hall should be changed - we want to know what you think.

Artists For A Name Change said the concert venue should be re-named because of Edward Colston's association with the slave trade.

The city centre hall is currently undergoing a £20m development.

The group claim that a name change during the 200 year anniversary of the abolition of slavery would be fitting.

Roz Martin from the campaign group said: "You hear a lot of statements of regret, and what Bristol is doing in particular to get black minority citizens more involved with city life.

"This is an example of something they could do - it's not just for black citizens, it's about all of us taking pride in the city."

What do you think? Do you think the name should be changed because of Colston's associations with slavery? Or should we leave it as it is to remind people of the past?

Fill in the form below and we'll publish the best comments here. You can also vote on whether you think the name should be kept by using the panel on the right.

last updated: 09/03/07
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Maureen Sutherland
As a black Bristolian, who has lived in london for the past 22 years and hated it cosmoplitan my ass, I'm now the proud mum of 4. Leave the name alone, I have no problem with it, slavery is part of ALL true Bristolians history, it happened,cant't change it. I've educated my mixed race children to embrace their culture on both sides + many more, what difference is changing the name going to make, let's learn from the past not try to erase it and pretend it didn't happen past,let lets move on together, one love x

Of course Colston Hall should be have a new name. Renaming would show that Bristol is ready to disassociate itself from its shameful past. Names are powerful and not to be underestimaed. Slavery went on for hundreds of years. I bet those who object to a name change would use the same arguement - you can't change it, it's always been that way! Just because it's entrenched or traditional doesn't make it right.

I think the idea of apologising and changing the name of many things in Bristol associated with Edward Colston is politically correct madness.No amount of apologies can errase the atrocities of the past,it is just a patronising waste of words.The slave trade is part of history, it should not be forgotten. Bristol was built on the slave trade if the crazies had their way perhaps they would erase the City all together!!

Ellie m
i think it should just say the same. it has been that way for along time now what is the point of it having a new name . it will not change what happened so i think we should just leave it.

a a smith
leave the name alone slavery was a fact of life at the time and you can not change the past

a new Bristolian
names are powerful. I appreciate that if this name offends someone it seems reasonable to hold a debate about whether to change it. Let's have a public discussion, and perhaps a ballot. In Switzerland they vote on everything

navalgeorgian points out that we should do some factfinding as "just a very minute percentage" of Bristol's wealth was derived from Slavery, he cites instead the trade in sugar, tobacco and wine. Well I suggest navalgeorgian goes and finds out a few more facts, and he will realise that the sugar and tobacco plantations were run with slave labour, and the same ships that took slaves west returned to Bristol with these goods. Any way you look at this, slavery was a fundamental part of Bristol's success, not just "a very minute percentage"

Jake Beeton
I'm interested to know why most of the people who have posted on here are actually sniping and throwing harsh jibes at each other??? What happened several hundred years ago was a terrible and saddening thing and that in itself is a gross understatement. But what's done is done, you cannot change the past, all you can do is look to the future. I express my opinion of not wanting to lose the name Colston Hall for another "newer" vibe and approach.Whats wrong with looking at Bristol's 'interesting' history and appreciating how far we have come??? Why not use Colstons name as a milestone and leave it like that? I'm 22 years old and have been in bristol all my life it really is a wonderful place and has a very broad history. Why do people cling on how bad and negative it is because of the slave trade? There are so many good things that have happened as well as bad. Surely this warrents a peaceful approach to this decision for changing the Colston Hall with a new name?Oh, and one more thing, the derogatory comment about Bristolians being no better than the Americans from Dixie - the Confederates, they wanted to keep slavery and continue to oppress black people and ended up having a civil war. Was there a civil war in Bristol because of the same thing? The answer to that is no. So with this in mind I wish you all and everybody a very merry Christmas, Hanukah and Eid.24/12/2007

Alan McAteer
I attended a concert in Colston Hall on Thursday evening and during the interval I noticed that on the walls in and around the bar area was listed the names of artists who had performed at Colston Hall in the past. Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie,Oscar Peterson Wynton Marsalis and Jimi Hendrix were amonng those listed. 'Out of the darkness comes light'Let's look towards for the light in all this.

some one signing him/herself as Chris stated that Bristols wealth came from slavery. Not in total, just a very minute percentage, most of Bristols wealth was derived from sugar shipping,wine ,sherry tobacco, and was also a happy hunting ground for the ever present press gangs who stole men off the streets and forced them to go to sea either as pirates or on the royal navy men-of-war soalittle judicious fact finding will not go amiss. By the way keep the name of Colston once he knew he had wronged he became a wealthy benefactor & provider to this wonderful city, and set up alms-houses schools and made provision for the sick and needy, he helped to shape its way of life into the tolerant, cosmopolitan society it has become,it's a shame that the odious vociferous minority are not as broad minded, but then there are those among them that make a living out of controversy

Protector of the Colston Name
I strongly object to being called a "White Nazi" or in fact being connected in any way to them. And in reply to Susan M. Johnston, you have just proved how little you understand about the British. I, and everyone I know, have never felt that black people are a 'burden' or are second-class citizens. I do regret that slavery ever took place, HOWEVER, I have never been connected with it. For this reason, I would like to know why I should have to apologise (or the city on my behalf!) for something that I have no control over? Why, too, should we have our history wiped clean? As for clinging "with great nostalgia to traditions associated with enslavement and empire", I understand that my country's history has not always been pure and right, but then again, neither has any other country. The United States included in that. We should be more enlightened and realise that it DID happen, we cannot change it, and just ensure that nothing like it happens again. Renaming a popular venue simply because of a connection the person whom it is named after had with slavery hundreds of years ago would have no real effect. In fact, looking only at this messageboard for an example, it is more likely to annoy people who do not want it changed and create even more problems.

alex phillips
Get a grip you people -do a google search or read some books to discover the real degradation of the slave trade. It was a daily torture of millions of men women and children who were mercilessly flogged and illtreated. It was the Merchant Venturers in Bristol like Colston who made a stack of money out of this respectable trade in human degradation. Abel Grant, Pinney, Colston....70 Bristol ships trading in misery..500,000 people sold as goods and used as beasts of burden on plantations by these worthy Bristol benefactors. Change the name of the hall now.

No. I think the name of Colston should stay. Slavery happened many many years ago, but is still part of Bristol's History

I am not saying that the name should or shouldnt change, the point I want to make is that it seems lots of people on here are blindly saying 'we are proud of our history' without wanting to scratch beneath the surface.. Edward Colston was involved in terrible crimes against humanity.. why should he be revered as some kind of hero? there is a large element of 'proud' Bristolians who use any of these kind of debates to air their bigoted views.. Bristol.. a City of Culture? dont make me laugh.. it sounds more like some redneck, hicksville place in Texas when you read the average persons views on here (and I was born here so dont tell me to get out of town if I dont like it)

Happy not to visit Bristol--ever!
After reading this poll, I will never travel to Bristol. You sound like a bunch of white nazis. Compare the majority of these comments with remarks about 'Abolition' by Black Bristolians. The majority of Bristolians appear to be like white Southern Confederates!

Susan M. Johnston
Why wasn't this comment box made available in the international section? On an international level, the Bristolian's views appear extremely backward and provincial. No matter how much prejudice still exists in the USA, we did have a Civil War to abolish slavery. It seems the Brits, as former colonialists, are reluctant to give up their notion of black people as 'the white man's burden'. As long as the Brits refuse to critically examine and rewrite their own historical past, no real possibilty of equality between the races will be possible--blacks will always remain second-class citizens. My children, adopted from Africa, enjoyed a visit to the UK, however, they would never live there. They believe that, although blacks are tolerated in the UK, that solely on the basis of their color, there is no real possibility of social mobility. White Brits seem to unwittingly cling with great nostalgia to traditions associated with enslavement and empire. This unfortunate state of affairs will not improve the lives of people of color inhabiting the UK, nor will it improve the perception of the UK by people from other countries. Thank you for allowing me to make this comment. Sincerely Yours, Susan M. Johnston USA

This is absolutely ridiculous. Yet another case of 'World Gone Mad' as my father would say. I wonder if 'Artists for a Name Change' have considered the cost of this idiotic idea? And do they intend to campaign for the name change of Colston Avenue as well? Sounds to me like AFANC would rather stick their fingers in their ears and go 'Can't hear you', than accept Bristol's past. Changing Colston Hall's name is just like sweeping dust under the carpet. AFANC, take your ball and go home.

Protector of the Colston name
My question is this: Why has it taken so long for this issue to come to light? It hasn't only just happened, and if it really DID offend those who claim it does, surely they would have made more of a point a long time ago. It appears to me that these people who want to change the name just want their names in the papers... all the publicity! I bet that with the announcement of the Abolition 200 celebrations, that they found a history book of Bristol, saw Colston's name and a vague note to slavery, and decided that what would be better than to tarnish a man's name to get fame. I agree with many people here that although slavery was not good, nor acceptable in today's life, it was then. It was their way of life. Just be thankful that we are more enlightened today.

Just who is it that wants to change the name? No good saying 'the council'. There has to be one individual. Lets have a name please.

From Editor: Trying checking this link for more information.

Before the idea of transporting African slaves to the Americas caught on, we shipped convicts - over 800 West Country locals from the "Bloody Assize" for example. Let's try not to forget that THEY were treated no better than the Africans. Should we perhaps name a bridge for one of Judge Jeffries's victims, randomly-picked?

Oh and by the way Roz do you expect people to take pride in a city that covers its history? If you wipe away all the history what exactly are we taking pride in??

Hi All, Personally i do not think that the name should be changed, i feel that it should remain the same as it is: a tangible reminder of our past and that it is up to the Bristolian people (and the British public) to make aware the history behind such named buildings when talking about them to fellow people or children. No matter what you do the past is still the past and it needs to be learnt from. Slavery was not right and it was not good but it happened. Reading through some of the previous comments, i really do not feel that naming a building after someone is celebrating ONE aspect of their live. Colston done many things to make Bristol what it is now and yes he just happened to be part of the slave trade too but that does not undo all the other, good things that he done: again it is up to us to let people know the whole story. Perhaps what would be an idea would be to place an information board outside or inside the Hall telling of its founder and its history? Bristol is not agreeing with the slave trade by having a building named after it. On a slight side note, surely if the council is thinking of removing any names it should be those that have a slightly stronger link to slavery such as Blackboy Hill and Whiteladies Road? In response to 'Joe' earlier and his/her 'same boring people' can you even think about calling yourself a Bristolian when you blately do not care for the history of the city? Do you even go over the Suspension Bridge or infact any suspened bridge? Even traveled from Temple Meads to another distination? What about Padington? Ever been there? Ever boarded a Iron ship? All these things were made by 'blah blah boring people' Surely the fact that you would consider calling these people boring highlights your height of ignorance? The fact of the matter is that Brunel, Cabot, and Colston all done things for Bristol and helped to amke it what it is today. They should all be remembered for the good and the bad...that does not mean celebrating the bad, just telling people the history of our city. I feel it would be more disrespectful to those who lived and died as slaves if we re-name all things associated with the slave trade as people may least this way we can try and make an impression on future generation's lifes by showing them the history of their city and showing them that we did not agree with it.

It's just silly. I come to Bristol to work and untill changing the name of Colston Hall came up, I was unaware of whom Colston was. I did know that Bristol was a slaving port. Should we change the name of Bristol? I don't think so. On that premis we would have to change the names of half the country.

Robert Howard
Changing the name of Colston Hall because he was a slave trader has certainly got a lot of people going. I would rather see the name Colston Hall remain together with a display in the foyer of the new hall explaining that Colston was a slave trader and that many of the city's charities still benefit from money made from slavery. If you get rid of the name Colston then you are in danger of losing the memory. The funds of such charities should be used to help disadvantaged people regardless of race or faith etc. As a nation we have to live with our past, although as Iraq and Afganistan so clearly show we rarely, if ever, learn from it.

more Pc nonsense over something that was abhorrent but happened 200 years ago. This has been on local news all week and some presenters have had their heads bowed like they are personally responsible. Is there to be an apology for Rorke's Drift or the Khyber Pass. Leave Bristol Alone!

D. Broad
The name must remain it is part of Bristols past and belongs to the people of Bristol who can trace their ancestors back to Colston and beyond it belongs to them to decide not a minority who have only been in Bristol for a short time indeed without Colston (A) they would not have ended up in Bristol and (B) would not be enjoying the wealth he brought to this city and living in areas that was created by this wealth. Some people have a vested interest in prolonging this debate? like the Slave traders they complain about they are also making money on the backs of these poor slaves.

Brent Gillespie
Just leave it the same. Slavery is over in Britain! There is no need to go through the trouble. Slavery happened, it stopped because it wasnt right and now 200 years on surely we should have moved on.

daniel Shillinglaw
The name of colsten hall should be changed. He may have done some good things for bristol. But he made most of his money from the slave trade. His name should not be celebrated. Why name a building that promotes music and arts from all over the world after someone who sold slaves.

Mark Thomas
The white middle and upper classes were part of the slave trade. But they did not invent it, they took advantage of a worldwide business that had gone on for millenia. However, British whites did do something remarkable and unique. They started the abolition of slavery in a world hostile to that concept. Let's celebrate that and stop the onslaught of victim culture.

David Hughes
I came to Bristol 10 years ago. So no, I don't feel any guilt about the past. The city's current wealth is due to aerospace and financial services; many of the black people here like myself came through choice. Were the city and country to make reparations would that mean they would put right the wrongs and repatriate me to the Gambia? For heaven's sake lets live today and for tomorrow. I'm going to the Colston Hall twice this year and no the name doesn't offend me!

Has anyone ever asked this group exactly what it is they want from their fellow citizens to enable a line to be drawn under the citys involvment in the slave trade.After all, they have had an official statement of regret from the city fathers, we have named a bridge after an obscure former slave that i doubt if one in a thousand bristolians will remember in 200 years time, they were allowed to change a perfectly good name for the new retail area and now they want to change the name of the Colston Hall.All this while we are raising millions of pounds to attempt to do something positive to help the starving people in many of the african countries.They should be ashamed that they are wasting time and money on something so trivial as the name of an entertainment hall while so much poverty exists in their ancestors homelands.

Ged Clapson
As a native and proud Bristolian (though now resident in London for the past 17 years), I share the opinions of those who are campaigning for the Colston Hall to retain its name. And though I haven't been following the debate about 'Broadmead', I do hope that not only common sense but also some sense of heredity and history will prevail. Broadmead is not just a name: it was a place - a wide open meadow. Just as Narrow Quay was precisely that: a narrow part of Bristol Docks. The history of Black Boy Hill and White Ladies Road are fascinating, and teach us lessons for today. Temple Mead was the area of grassland adjacent to the Temple Church, and so on. All over Bristol (and every other city in Britain for that matter - think of Mayfair in London, the site of the Fayre held in May, or the Tate Gallery!), places were named hundreds of years ago because they had local associations or were local landmarks or had links with local people. The name Bristol itself is derived from Brig-Stowe, the Place of the Bridge (i.e. what's now Bristol Bridge). Edward Colston and his associates may have been a part of the city's less illustrious past, but for heaven's sake, let's use these as opportunities to teach our children - and visitors and migrants who are setting up home in Bristol - about the city's incredible history, not pretend it never happened. And for that matter, let's keep this tradition going. How about naming a new road 'Roger Bennett Way' so that in years to come, our grandchildren can ask, 'Who was Roger Bennett?', and we can tell them.

David Iles
No it should not.Bristol has nothing to be ashamed of,Colston did nothing illegal. Conditions for all working class people in his day were very bad,and cruel.Colston gave a lot to Bristol,things that are enjoyed by all citizens regardless of colour or religion.It would seem to me that the very very small number of people who want this change,would be better employed trying to effect changes in Africa,where tyrants are murdering and starving their people,and slavery is still practised.

Ian Thompson
I agree with Tom. Let's just go the whole hog and re-name Bristol. It's association with the slave trade must mean the name itself will soon be under attack.

For God's sake leave well alone. It has always been the Colston Hall and shouldn't be changed. We have just had the fiasco with Broadmead, don't start another.

I wonder if the people of Bristol in 100 years time will have to have a massive guilt trip for the 300th aniversary. It makes my blood boil the way do gooders are trying to change history in the name of political correctness. Who are these people get a real job.

Protector of the Colston name
All that should be said here is, Bristol is as much our city as it is to these "artists". I do not WANT the Colston Hall's name changed. I vow now that I will not LET them or the Council ruin my city or it's history in some stupid publicity grabbing scheme.

leave it the same name history can be remebered we can't wipe out the past, what next change the name of whiteladies rd or blackboy hill ?

Where are they going to stop, Colston School, Blackboy Hill, Whiteladies Road, Colston Avenue etc. It's groups like this that rake up issues like this, it should be left in history.

I dont think we should change the name of the colston hall as it is named of a bristol man perhaps we should change the name of the royal albert hall aswell ?

Derek Hook
Political correct madness - Do Gooders in positions of power dictating to the rest of us how and what we have to do and think and believe... so why are we having to change our history just to appease a few!!!!

Why are people so "proud of their heritage". Its only a name so lets embrace the future and change it. Its so boring how every name has to hark back to the same old boring people, cabot, brunel blah,blah,blah.If history doesn't matter to all these raging proud Bristolians then why do we have to keep going on about these people. If offence is caused (and I can see how it is offensive, and I am not of an ethnic minority) then it should be changed. And all these comments like "if you don't like it then just go home" sounds like blatent racism to me. I am not proud to be a Bristolian because of the ignorance of my fellow Bristolians.

John R
Yet another example of political correctness gone wild. These people who start these pointless campaigns should focus their energy on changing the world for the better in 2007, not harping on about something that happened 200 years ago.

Lesley Banks
The name should stay the same as far as I am concerned

richard Lennie
history has brought alot of painful memories not only to the slave trade to many cultures scottish, Irish,most people except the past and move on. some people just like to hold on to it. In scotland the mcdonalds where slaughtered as they sleep..dont you dont hear people wanting all mcdonalds closed do we.

Me (again)
People are only saying about changing its name because this was discussed when they wanted to re-name Broadmead - if that hadn't been discussed, the whole slave trade history wouldn't have brought up.

The past is a time to learn from: not a time to keep going back to. We need to move on: that seems to be difficult for England. People know the Colston Hall as 'Colston Hall' surely we should just keep it as it is. Why change something that doesn't need to be changed? People just like commenting for the sake of it - we need to go with what's best, and at the moment, best is keeping the name.

Ann Jones
We cannot change the past and however much we regret what happened then we can only look to the here and now and to the future to ensure that people are treated with repect, retain their dignity and supported when life treats them badly. This applies to everyone, whatever their sex, colour, race or background. What good will it do to change the name of the Colston Hall? Will it change history? Will it compensate those who still seem so bitter? Bad things happen to all sorts of people in all sorts of circumstances and, whenever we can, we must should sure it's not repeated. Human beings seem though, to continue to find more ways to hurt one another. Officially slavery is abolished but we know that this is not the case. We should be expending our energies helping those who are in slavery now. Would changing the name of the Colston Hall go one iota towards doing this. Of course not.

You what ?
The history of Bristol has made it into the open minded, liberal city that it is today, hence there is even a discussion that the name of the Colston hall should change. If the name of the Colston Hall is changed then will we also have to change the names of Black Boy Hill, White Ladies Road and Jamaica Street? Where will it end ? All through school in history lessons I had to learn about world war 2 it was so depressing, I asked why we had to learn so much about it. The answer I got was so we don't make the same mistakes in the future. Why teach the kids in school one way and then contradict it in real life by hiding the past as if it never happened. I agree that the naming of new parts of the city now have no need for any connection with the past and a contemporary and socially sensitive (although that seems an impossible concept) should be thought up, however the Colston name is part of Bristol's heritage, please leave it be!

Bristol should be re-named because of its association with the slave trade.

Again why harp on about the past when slavery is still rife in this country and is growing, why dont these people put their energy into todays problems and stop harping on about what realy wasn't occuring in bristol. Facts are No slaves ever past through bristol, only a few men and their buisnesses dealt with slavers and that was in India,Africa,and the West Indies. Should we be asking the Crown for appologies for transportation of convicts and debters to be used as slaves in the new world I think not. Let the past die, acknowlege it but dont try to change the present because of events over hundred years ago.

dave williams
madness, politically correct self-righteous madness. what do we change next..colstons school? colston street? leave it alone, the slave trade happened a long time ago and it wasnt our fault, we wouldnt do it in this day and age as thankfully times have changed but why bury the past, we're not proud of it but it happened. let it go. i dont see us boycotting germany and everything german because they slaughtered tens of hundreds of thousands of people, and that was in our living memory. Those who forget the past are condemmed to repeat it....

Madness personified by the do-gooders. Haven't they stopped to think that a name associated with the slave trade would be a better memorial as it is a reminder. What do they want to call the hall--- Snowhite Building. Get real and get a life

Im going to have a Victor Meldrew moment - 'I cant believe this!' I have lived in Bristol for over 30 years and recently have been amazed by the political correctness gone mad of our local council and associated do gooders - 'Artists for a name change' included. Who are they anyway? Yes, let us be sorry for the past BUT let us also move on. Colston is a name associated with Bristol - leave it alone and let us be proud of the good things he did. I still think that Merchants Quarter is a fantastic name for the new shopping area but hey - who cares what I think?

This is another trivial matter that will be another waste of my taxes, as with the Broadmead farce. There are far more important things to concentrate on, such as providing services for older people, replacing First Bus, voting in a council that will work for the people rather than themselves, etc. Leave it alone, for god's sake.

It seems that there is an undercurrent of feeling that wants to eliminate all of Bristol's history. The past cannot be changed, but should surely be respected as it has contributed to the way we are now and it should be a lesson for the future. Let's not cut all our ties with the past in our search for a better future, just look back occasionally and think that such a situation must be allowed to arise again.

We have had enough of name changes in bristol. I strongly feel Colston Hall should remain COLSTON HALL, 'cause that is a landmark name and place.

Certainly not! We can't, shouldn't, mustn't try to airbrush history. Slavery is part of everyone's history, and so is the name Colston. Let it be. Are "THEY" going to change Bristol's name also ("Avonville") because of its history? I would wish the PC whingers and moaners to shut up and do something useful instead - such as supporting African famine relief.

poor old Colston despite all of the good things he did for Bristol & bristolians he gets blamed for everything. At that time it was a respectable trade. Unsavoury though it was, he never kidnapped any one, he purchased his slaves from tribal chiefs who had been trading in slaves for thousands of years( & still do so to this day) that those early slaves suffered is not in doubt, their descendants however have done very very nicely, education, housing, their very lifestyle is all due to the early slaves plight so in reality for that, Colston should have their thanks it evolved from slavery & moved on it's a shame that the vociferous minority don't do likewise, slavery unfortunately happened, it was distateful but we cannot change the past it helped form current lifestyle just accept that & live in harmony.

I am a Bristolian living in Cardiff. I am proud of my roots. Why do we all of a sudden have to delete all aspects of our heritage just because of some thing that went on well before our life time. It's what made Bristol what it is today. Nobody is denying what went on but give it a rest keep the names the same. If you go round changing every name in Bristol because it is linked with the slave trade we won't have any identity any more. Yes the slave trade was bad but it shaped the world to day and shaped Bristol. With out its money Bristol wouldn't have thrived as it did. Be Bristolian and Proud, I am.

Liz from Australia
I think it's a shame that people would want to change the name of the Colston Hall, I have some very good memorys, from the 60's can't peolpe leave things a lone. The slave trade is part of our history, and we can never change it. When I come home for holidays I am proud that I am a Bristolian

You cannot change history, live with it. but no doubt this pathetic city council will change it.

Pauline F
There are too many busybodies who have obviously nothing better to do than try to erode every bit of our culture. What has happened in the past is gone, it is now time to look forward, and stop apologising for events of two centuries ago. Things, by the way, that the slaves own kinsmen were not entirely blameless for.

Reginald David Colston
Although not living in the City of Bristol,I have taken great interest in Edward Colston. Although today,the practice of shipping Slaves would be condemed, and quite right too. We must realise that, at this time,many were doing the same thing,and legally. The amount of good Edward Colston did for the people of Bristol,must be kept in mind,and to change the Hall's name now after all these years is ridiculous. We can't change history,by changing a name.

Janusz Sowa
It definiatelly should be changed, because it remains awfull times in our history.

Helen Williams
I completely agree with Nick Richards. Slavery is our history. Why should we change the Colston Hall's name just because of 'foreigners'? Everything nowadays is done to keep them happy - we've all got to be so politically correct and non-racial - but what about our history, our way of lives? Why should we change for them? If they don't like our ways then move on! I've never felt so alienated in my own country.

james smith
what no way that is completely wrong this is all of the nonsonse about slave trade, thats the past get used it its the same with broadmeed what was wrong with merchents quater there are other types of merchants!

surely we realise by now that the only voice that carries any weight with the city council is that of the vociferous minority that makes a living out of raising controversial subjects such as the re-naming of the Colston hall.I believe it will be changed,although I suspect the vast majority of bristolians would vote for it to stay as it is.

TheLast Bristolian
Having read all the many many comments below, I suspect those calling for the name change will disregard them, and push on. How about "Cabot Circus Hall"? Colston Street could be called "Cabot Circus Street" & Colstons Schools "Cabot Circus Schools" Thus easily identifying them as buildings that used to be associated with a slave trader, who died 300 yrs ago - but who's name we now should not now mention. Changing the name is denying this citys (not the personal history of anyone alive in it today)history MUCH more than keeping it.

Pressure Drop
As a white working class, middle aged Bristolian male, I wish to apologise unreservedly for every horrendous deed that Bristol, indeed the whole of the British nation carried out over the last few hundred years. From sending white children up chimneys, making white children work in mines and factories, sending my white forefathers to fight in wars against their will, and press ganging white males to fight for the Royal Navy - yes, 200-300 years ago the world was not a very nice place, either for blacks or whites. The white man did not invent the slave trade, but they did abolish it - let's celebrate that fact and move on.

Lorna Guest
I'm just totally sick and tired of political correctness in all walks of life. Please can we put a stop to it now!

This is the final flippin' straw!

Jan Edwards
Leave the name alone it is part of history of the great city. I hope the very large pipe organ is still operational as I remember back in the 50's when the BBC used to do it's lunch time organ concerts. That instrument has a beautiful sound

Oli Payton
My mums maiden name was Merchant should I condemn her and my grandad. Tell you what why dont I get them to change there names to Seacole! We do have a Seacole centre in St Pauls dont we? Perhaps these people who live in houses built on the back of Colstons trade ( as we all do if there arguement is logically extended )should apologise for the hypocrisy of accepting one long term benefit of the trade whilst quite righly condemning the appauling the way the people were treated.

I know, lets change the name of Colston's Primary and Collegiate schools. Whilst we're about it, lets just get rid of Colston Day and rip down his statue too! Slavery was terrible and I am glad it was abolished - perhaps these things are a reminder of things that should not be forgotten. Changing the name of the Colston Hall does not change history. It should be kept the same.

They've just changed the name of Broadmead, if they change all the names no-one will be able to find anything.

Jeremy McNeill
Yes of course the name should be changed - we should not commemorate slavers. By the way Bob Pepper, Eddie Cochran played the Bristol Hippodrome the night he died!

Paul Cook
Yes Colston was a slaver, but many people profited from slavery, including many of non-whites! Was he an evil man we don’t want to be associated with? If so then we should have the integrity to give all the ill gotten gains he invested in the city back to his descendents with interest - let’s see what happens to Council Tax then. This is hypocritical claptrap, of the sort most would be tyrants use to expunge even the good that their enemies did from history, leaving a twisted version of the truth that is more in line with their political agenda.

I have lived in Bristol for eight years and am proud to call it my Home. Bristol has a great history (although some parts are dark) and wonderful multi-cultural society, be proud of what we have here, we are not responsible for what happened in the past, leave things as they are.

Lord D
Why does the debate about this subject seem so shallow? The fact is most philanthropists have earned their vast wealth by doing bad things whether it was through true evils like slavery or more pernicious ones like tobacco or asbestos. Mankind has a history of exploiting its weaker members for gain and the fact that Edward Colston gave part of his wealth back to this city to improve the lives of his fellows should not be ignored or denied. Perhaps the artists who came up with this concept should take a trip to Berlin to see how reminding a people of their past can help them to come to terms with it. Do remember that if you deny history you cannot learn from it.

Merchant's Quarter was changed because it glorified Bristol's slave trading past? There were no other types of merchants in Bristol? Might as well say I find Cabot Circus offensive because it has references to animal cruelty in circuses. So - if the name is offensive, then Bristol should change Colston Girl's School, Colston Street and Colston Hill. Just in case Massive Attack need to walk in the streets or visit the school. Being aware of the history allows people the opportunity to avoid repeating it. Hiding it just cloaks the past, no matter how distasteful.

David B
The proposal to rename the Colston Hall is absurd. The slave trade is simply part of history; there's no more reason for us to be embarrassed about it than there is for the French to be embarrassed about their brutal invasion of Britain in 1066.

Has Bristol gone PC mad, i didnt agree with the changing of Merchants Quarter.The past is in the past,and some of us need to read a few history books, because slavery wasnt the only thing that came to Bristol.Also people forget that this country was the 1st to stop all trade in people.History is history lets leave it there.

kevin amos
what a pity that these people can,t help living in the past,they should spend their energy helping sort out the problems of today not the problems of the past we will never over come racisam if we don,t allow the ghost of history to be left to rest in peace

Leave it be. IT'S A NAME- that's all! Should we ban the word England aswell because it may offend the P.C. brigade? Or perhaps we should ban life itself for fear of upsetting any more of these fools. Get a life, Colston wasn't all about slavery, in fact it was a small part of his business ventures: 'He founded almshouses in King Street and on St. Michaels Hill, endowed Queen Elizabeth's Hospital school and helped found Colston's School, which opened in 1710 leaving an endowment to be managed by the Society of Merchant Venturers for its upkeep. He gave money to schools in Temple and other parts of Bristol, and to several churches and the cathedral' Source, Wikipedia.

Vicki Reed
Why should rename the Colston Hall??? We should all be proud of Bristol and start looking to its future. I am not saying that we should forget the past BUT it is history. I do not see why we should change Bristol as we know it today, doing so will not change the past. Be proud of where we all live!!!

I would really like to hear there has been a new name found for the Colston Hall, why can't the venue be named after a Bristol Musical Ledgend? I feel so ashamed of the slave trade, I don't see why we should continue to celebrate the achievments of those who participated in it?

Dave M
I daresay those objecting to the name have food, warmth and shelter and I really object to them raking through history and being 'offended' when there are needy people they could help by directing their efforts elsewhere.

mark haberfield
why should the name change, its to PC now, soon they will want the statue colston down on the centre, soon bristol will lose its meaning before long

Paul B
If we change the name of Colston Hall - which I am ambivalent about - we would also have to change the name of much of our heritage including getting rid of many statues to men who we now realise were not perfect but who were a product of their time. That some of these people then chose to do something positive should not be forgotten. If we condemn Colston and his peers we condemn all those who supported them or did nothing to oppose them. This seems to be an over-reaction based upon a guilt that we all seem to share. Some of our world war two heroes did horrible things, are we to wipe their names from history as well? It is best that we remember them as products of their time and not take part in some 1984 esque re-writing of history. We as a nation are right to feel guilty but let us learn from it and not wipe it from memory since this does not serve us well in the long run. If my children learn the name of Colston and the things he did surely that is better than being ignorant of history? Just as the Nazi death camps stand as a lesson to us all then surely the reminder of someone who profited from an evil trade will also teach us a lesson that this cannot be tolerated again. The fact that we are even having this debate is surely a reason to keep the name alive somewhere?

This is crazy. Merchant was a great name, it somes up what it is, cabot circus doesn't. Colston hall is steeped in history - but doesn't do anything to encourage it's past. What's next, renaming Black Boy Hill and Whiteladies Road??!

sheryl smith
i think we should keep the original name as it is part of our heritage

Keep the name because it's been that for many years, but in the foyer have a biog of Colston showing what he dealt in and where the city wealth came from

Slavery was an unfortunate fact of life 200 years ago, so was transportation of white criminals and rebels to work on the plantations. It is/was an unjust world, where do we stop re-writing history. What about all those purchasers of products farmed by the slaves? I believe we as a nation recognised the disgusting trade and worked hard to abolish it. Thats what we should be celebrating. Spend our energy/time now on converting others that have still not given it up.

The past is the past, people are to hung up on what once was. People always go on about our involvement in the slave trade but always gloss over what we did to abolish the industry, remember we led the way in this area. Keep the name and don't forget what happened, that way we can make sure that a similar travesty does not happen.

Think you only have to see peoples reactions on here understand that changing the name would be wrong. It would be better time/money spent on creating harmony rather than discord.

A lot of the comments being made are about people having a chip on their shoulder. It’s just ignorance for these people to decide what people can and cannot find offensive. If they fail to see how a major public building being named after someone that was involved in slavery can be offensive, not just to the black community but to everyone, maybe they should move to another country as has been said.

Fed up of hearing it. Bristol
Why should the Colston Hall have it's namr changed? The people who are complaining because of the name Colston being linked to the slave trade should look back in the history books and see that the people who started this lucrative business were actually Black Africans who raided villages to capture the villagers to sell to either Arabs or Europeans. look back and see the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks all had African slaves. A lot of the slaves ancestors have done very well. If there hadn't been slavery they might still be living in mud huts like so many of today's Black Africans. I'm far from racist, my Son-in-law is Black and my Daughter-in-law is Asian. It's about time this is put behind us. Apologies and name changing will not make any difference, it's in the past, STOP dwelling on it.

Karen B
Much has been made about being polictically correct in all things but the past and the people in it are what have formed who we are. We cannot change what has happened regardless of our feelings. To move forward into the future, we have to embrace the past, the good and bad, as part of our character. By remembering the mistakes that were made in the past, we stop them happending again in the future. If we change names and places to be 'pc', then we can become complacent and forget. Leaving the names as they are is a constant reminder of what took place.

I do not agree with what happend but you cant change history by deleting a persons name from buildings, streets etc. The slave trade existed nothing or nobody can change it - but we have learned from it we have said sorry for it ever happening - If we change the name of one building then this will open the floodgates and every name associated with the slave trade will start to change, as a result deleting and ignoring Bristol's history

John L
In response to Adam R, I can understand why he says a Jew wouldn't want to visit 'Hitler Hall' but in all honestly are there any slaves alive today that Edward Colston sold? No.

Kathleen Heath
If these people have their way everything in Bristol better change name in case it offends someone. Better rename Bristol as well. PC' ism is going too far, what we have is part of our heritage and makes us what we are today

Geoff Amor
This is another example of the political correctness radicals and their madness . I often wonder if these people,are just trying to stir racial hatred in our city .Changing the name could simply back fire , and give credence to the arguments of the extreme right . If you want to promote racial harmony erasing history is not the way forward . The slave trade was abolished 200 years ago . Own it then move on! . What are we going to ask for next ? Perhaps we should request that the Italian PM apologise for the Romans invading our shores in 150AD?

Chris Hamilton
I moved to Bristol five years ago from Glasgow and I have grown to love this city and its heritage. However, Bristol needs to stand up for itself, and embrace its heritage, instead of running from it while being chased by the "PC Brigade". There is no way that the Colston Hall or any other part of this fine city should submit just because the minority dont like some of the names. Whats next... Blackboy Hill??? Or what about Colstons School?

Nick Richards
No way should the name change. If people don't like our Bristol/ English history MOVE to another country

Bob Pepper
I have tremendous support for the 200 anniversary. However, the Colston Hall is an icon in music history (where was Eddie Cochran playing the night he died?)and to change the name smacks of Stalinism and rewriting history. As an institution, does it have close associations with slavery? I don't believe it does. Keep the name, keep the history but that does not diminish any regret for the slave trade.

Adam R
My first reaction was similar to many below, but then I thought... how would I feel as a Jew going to a place called Hitler Hall, or a Kurd visting Saddam House. Naming a building after someone honours their name and by implication also their achievements and the things they stood for. Colston is not worthy of such an honour - his gains were ill-gotten by modern standards. The majority in Bristol are fortunate that their family history is not adversely affected by Colston's activities, but they should be sensitive to the Bristolians who take offense at the mistreatment of their forefathers by slavers.

Like, you know, let the healing begin. It will salve our middle class guilt and put right all wrongs of the past. Peace and love.

Paul R
All these people with chips on their shoulders need to grow the hell up and leave the past where it is, in the past. If ethnic minorities want to be treated like everyone else, they need to INTEGRATE and stop bleating about things that cant be changed, and that no one bears any direct responsibility for.

A philanthropist in Bristol or not Colston based much of his business on the slave trade. A trade where it is estimated by some that 20 million died, making it equally, if not more devastating in human cost than the holocaust. I would feel it upsetting if Germany were to name buildings after Nazi members so I must admit it seems a shame to glorify slave merchants. Equally in terms of apologising for slavery, I feel it more important to concentrate on promoting racial equality in our current day than apologising for our past. In terms of this countries history I am not sure where we would stop!

Daniel Forrester
Edward Colston is an important piece of Bristol's history - whether it be a positive or a negative piece of Bristol's heritage, it must still be protected. Colston Hall's name should remain as it is.

Paul G
I'm Bristolian & proud of it! I'm proud of the SS Great Britain & the Suspension Bridge! I'm not proud of the fact that much of the wealth that built Bristol came from the slave trade, but I am proud of the fact that the trade was stopped & it's now a multicultural city! Stop trying to sweep the past under the carpet, face the past, accept it, learn from it, and move forward. It will always be the Colston Hall, It should have been Merchants Quarter.

A total disregard of the wishes of the majority, leave as it is.

john sellers
It is part of our history and it cant be changed. Im fed up of all this apoligizing for something that had nothing to do with us. It will always be the colston hall.

Why not just change the name of Bristol as that's also connected to the slave trade...

Ian W
How ridiculous, I guess they will have to change the name of his Schools too!

How much more time and money is going to be wasted by these PC do-gooders? I do take a pride in my city, and I for one am not insulted by the name Colston, or his links to a trade that although legal at the time, has been banned for several years. Why can't this Roz Martin get a REAL job rather than stirring up trouble?

The Bristol Blogger
Let's face it, Colston was a disreputable scumbag. Rename the hall for the modern age. 'The Tricky Kid Convention Centre' anyone?

Tis just walls and Mortar.. Get a grip Artist for a Name Change, long after you have gone it will still be just bricks & mortar and then dust.

We cannot rewrite our history nor should we be attempting to cover it up in this way. History is most meaningful when it comes alive and surrounds us. Hiding it all away in museums is not the solution. Bristolians and visitors alike should be reminded of the actions our ancestors took and the consequences these had. We cannot and should not be selective about which parts of our history we remember or show to the world. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat it. To remove all historical traces of Bristol's role in slavery and colonialism will eliminate the very reminders we need to keep the memories alive. We would have to knock down most of Bristol or rename most historical buildings and streets! I would rather see prominent plaques on the outside and inside of Colston Hall explaining the historical significance (both good and bad) of the Colston family. This would provide a much more potent message than renaming it something innocuous, the significance of which will be lost in a few years.

If something isn't broken, don't try and fix it!!!

Tracy Watts
I am fed up with people harping on about the past. It's long ago-get over it. Do you want to get rid of names that refer to the vikings or the romans. History is in the past, learn from mistakes but live for the future. The Colston name should live on.

Surely activism in Bristol could spread to something more worthwhile, like our public transport system. First Broadmead and now Colston Hall. What next, demolish half the city as it was built through slavery funds and fill in the docks as they played a role too. Deal with it.

This is political correctness gone mad! I think the name should be kept because no matter which side of the debate you agree with, you can not deny that Edward Colston & the Merchant Venturers made Bristol the city it is today, and for that reason we can not wipe out an important part of Bristol's history. Although I am not glorifying Edward Colston's involvement in the slave trade, we should remember the enormous donations he made to different Bristol schools, hospitals & Churches. Several roads & streets are named after Colston, together with 2 schools, and if we change the name of the Colston Hall, should we consider changing these names also? And how about Whiteladies Road and Blackboy Hill? By changing the names of these Bristol landmarks are we in fact trying to sweep our shady history under the carpet? Instead we should use them to humbly remember the victims of the slave trade.

Edward Colston brought prosperity and wealth to our city. What would AFANC rather name it after? No, they have no idea. Why am I not suprised?

Changing the name of some where will not help the Black Minority citizens get more involved in city life. If that is what you are trying to do you would need to look at a cultural change in the minority groups which leads them to stop thinking everything in Bristol is based on Slavery and is design to insult them as it is not. What a pointless group you must be to look out for pointless issues for something that really will not have any effect on what you allege is your cause of "placing Black Minority citizens more involved in city life"

Annabel Weaver
I am so sick of the whole furore surrounding Bristol's history in the slave trade. Why should we go on and on apologising for it? Yes, it was wrong, BUT I didn't do it. I feel like in apologising for it I am apologising for being white, and why should I? I am not racist, I do not think we should bring back slavery, but history is history, and it's over. Yes, Colston traded in slaves, but he also traded in other things, and without the wealth that this trade provided, Bristol would not be the great city it is today. Why can't we just be proud of the good things, acknowledge the bad things and leave everything as it is??

I, as a Bristolian, am proud of my city and it's history. I regret that in the past, along with many other cities and indeed other countries in the world, it has been linked with actions which are now questionable. However, it is part of HISTORY and therefore can never be changed. I think re-naming of areas or buildings because of a slight connection with practices which ended 200 years previously is ridiculous. The builing itself had nothing to do with slavery, and it is not named after a man simply because of his connection to the slave trade, but because he was a trader (in other things too!), and played an important role in the development of this city. I think that the more that these people bring up petty (and it is VERY petty!) issues on the names of places in this city, the more their arguement will lose its strength. They are more likely to anger more and more Bristolians. I, for one, never agreed with the name change for Merchant's Quarter, but as it has now been decided, I will accept that, but I will NOT accept changing the name of a builing which has been around for all of MY lifetime.

Do we then have to change the name of the Colston Arms,Colston avenue,Colston School and various other institutions and roads that contain the name.We should be reminded of the slave trade in the same way that we should never forget the events in Europe during the second world war.By eradicating any reminder of historical events that were a crime on humanity we will only being helping to eradicate it from history altogether.

alan R
Lets not forget what Colston did for the City of Bristol.He was great benefactor He founded almshouses in King Street and on St. Michaels Hill, endowed Queen Elizabeth's Hospital school and helped found Colston's School, which opened in 1710 leaving an endowment to be managed by the Society of Merchant Venturers for its upkeep. He gave money to schools in Temple and other parts of Bristol, and to several churches and the cathedral. He was a man of his time and attitudes then were very different to now.We should not judge a man almost 300 years after his death by adopting todays standards and attitudes on his life.

The fact that Massive Attack have refused to play at Colston Hall purely reflects their infantile confrontational stance with the press. As with most large scale "bristol sound" artists, any cultural affiliation with the city seemed to end about ten years ago. Attempts to change the name of Colston Hall are overly pretentious and pc. If you want to attone for the slave trade, then maybe raising awareness (potentially advertising "open doors" events better) would be a good place to start.

Rich A
Phil - you couldn't have put it better. As if the renaming of Merchant's Quarter wasn't ridiculous enough (using the word "circus" in the new name seems most apt) we now have to contend with trying to rename the Colston Hall. There are more important things in life to worry about! PS Massive Attack - if you will not play in the Colston Hall why play at all in Bristol, seeing as Bristol itself is so synonymous with the slave trade?

Tom P
Ridiculous idea. First the new Broadmead was going to be called Merchants Quarter (a place where merchants will be selling their goods) but that was deemed in appropriate so we're saddled with the awful name of Cabot Circus. And now the Colston Hall should be changed. No!

We could call it "Symbol" - The venue formally known as Colston Hall

Peter Smith
Is it not time that certain people learn to respect Bristol and the United Kingdom as one of the leaders in civilised comunity, we are good enough for imigrants from all over the world to try to get citizenship, then all of a sudden we are the worst country in the world for human rights. Get a life you can't have it both ways.

Tom Hanson
I am only 16 but i have strong Feeling for this subject, THE SLAVE TRADE IS PART OF BRISTOL'S HISTORY. I think that it pathetic the way that people try and hide history becuase it was "bad" and yes i belive that the slave trade was disgraceful. However the slave trade has been and gone and changing the name of colston hall will NOT make any differnce what do ever i would like to talk to someone who belives that the name should be changed and ask them why they think this? ask then if they think it will make any differnce whatsoever to anyones life. Also do you think we should change the name of BRISTOL. Isnt that name related to the slave trade....

M S of Bristol
This is absolute political correctness gone mad! Colston is an important and historic Bristol name, Bristol was built by the merchants and their prosperity, why has everyone forgotten Bristol's past as a centre for commerce & trading in Wines, Spices and fabrics not just slaves. The name Cabot Circus only acts to cheapen the sound of the new centre. I could not find anything wrong with Merchants Quarter after all it was not to be called the Slave Merchants Quarter and I believe the contribution made to the city by merchants from the many other industries that built this great city deserve to be remembered!

Kate Crawford
This whole re naming is getting ridiculous. Yes the slave trade happened but we cannot change the past. I think we should keep the name as it is afterall whether people like it or not Edward Colston was a big part in Bristols history!.

I agree, do they have nothing better to worry about. do they think we should the city name altogether due to its connections?

Would we also have to rename Colston Street, Colston Tower, Colston Hill, Colston's Girls' School, Colston's Collegiate School and November 13th? What should we call the statue instead? We would all agree now that slavery is bad, but in his time Edward Colston was a merchant and a great philanthropist. We cannot change history by ignoring or hiding it. It happened and cannot be changed. Move on.

I’ve lived in Bristol all of my life and never associated the Colston Hall with slavery. Change the name now and for the next twenty years referred to as XXX formally know as the Colston Hall – it’s name was changed because of its links with slavery. It would do more harm than good.

Tell you what why do we not just start renaming pretty much the whole of the world!! as depsite what race, creed faith etc etc you come from all have been enslaved at some point some where doing something that we all now benefit from in some way some how. Also may i add what a pointless waste of time and money it would be to convene a group to discuss and evaluate the name.

Wendy Budd
Leave the name, you cannot pretend the past never existed and Bristol need to have a history, at present everyone seems intent on wiping it out.

kate corwyn
It's about time we stopped dragging up the past at every opportunity. How far back are we supposed to go? Should we continue to beat ourselves over events that happened 100 years ago? 200? 500? All individuals and societies have things in their pasts that they should not have done or which tehy feel ashamed of, but there comes a point where continuing to pile on the guilt has no useful result and it is time to move on.

There is no point in changing the name. If people feel they cannot go the venue then that is their choice. The hall is a big part of Bristol History, Edward Colston was not the only man involved in the slave trade, plus he was also a good philanthropist. Why single him out. If you change the name of the Colston Hall then alot more names or roads etc would have to be changed. This would cost a fair bit too.

So are they also going to change the Colstons schools' names? Yes, Bristol was knee deep in the slave trade but surely it would be better to keep the name and to remind people of the connections and why it should never happen again. Perhaps an integral exhibition site dedicated to what happened would be better...

This must be a wind-up, do these people have nothing better to do, next they will be asking us to fill in the harbour.

Of course the name should be changed - it should be called "The Bristol Massive". The rebuild of the Hall is a great opportunity to change the name - we don't want to spend Council money to honour a slave trader.

It's time to move on history is history and can't be changed we all have lessons to learn but leave history alone. Worry about today.

Richard Furnace
These names are from a distant past. They buy no way reflect Bristols society and therefore a name is just a name. If anyone is offended by a name I suggest they get to grip with reality and start caring about somethijng that really affects us like climate change. Sometimes I wonder where this PC drive will end!

It sounds like someone has a very big chip on their shoulder. Get over it and get a life, there are far more important issues to deal with than something that happened 200 years ago.

I think the Colston Hall should be re-named after the famous Bristolian, co-writer and star of 'Extras': Steve Merchant. Merchant's Hall would be fine name.

Whatever Colston Hall is called, I hope that the name will not be written in the Latin alphabet. The Romans were deeply notorious for their slave trade and other human rights abuses.

Its part of our history - thats all! Get over it and embrace the freedom that all now enjoy! Jeez!

If we obliterate all things to do with Bristol's former life how are we supposed to remember what happened? To me it would feel that we were trying to paper over the cracks in our dodgy past. I think we should apologise for our past indiscretions but also remember what happened so we can learn not to perpetuate those attitudes in the future. Keeping Colston Halls name is part of our history for better or worse.

Maybe we could re-name it after one of the Africans who captured and sold the slaves in the first place ...

David S
This is ridiculous. No-one today was alive 200 years ago but here we are pretending this is a big issue. We should be celebrating the abolition of slavery not creating huge quilt complexes about something no one alive in Bristol today has any involvement with. Besides, for all his failings as a slave trader, Edward Colston was a man who gave this city schools and almshouses for the poor. Why should that good be erased from history?

This is just getting silly, I thought Circus was bad enough, now they are going to change Colston Hall!! I doubt anyone will use the new names anyway, I certainly won't!

Colston supporter
Colston did a lot for the city and should be remembered.

Bristol seems incapable of celebrating anything that post-dates the 19th century. It's all Colston this, Brunel that, Cabot the other. We're stuck firmly in the Victorian era. How about the Adge Cutler Hall, or is that a bit too modern?

Deleting the name because it is associated with a bad episode in history is a bit like denying the holocaust. We do need reminder of our past mistakes so we can remember and grow.

By changing the name, you're going to be just erasing this part of Bristol's history. History is important and, for better and for worse, we should remember all of it - not just the nice stuff to ensure we don't repeat those mistakes.

I agree with Richard he speakes for me, and many Bristolians. We are sick of Roz Martin and her kind, leave names alone, get a life lady.

No, No a thousnand times NO!!! when will these people understand you cannot change history I love my city, warts and all as I love my country, proud of our history and heritage, soplease leave well alone.

Please leave the name the same, these small minded people are a pest, the past is past and we are not responsible for the actions of our ancestors, Colston used his money to make Bristol the Great City it is today. We must not allow a minority to rule the majority, they had Merchants Quarter changed WHY. leave the Colston Hall as it is, next all our our roads will have to be changed to appease some silly people. I personally think that the Slavery issue is being milked for what is is worth, enough is enough let us move on and stop looking for what is not there.

We should leave it as it is, look at all the money wasted renaming the new shopping center development, whislt we're at it lets fill in the docks that was associated with the slave trade, or even rename all pubs called the ship inn, you cant just erase the past by renaming things

Anthony Blacker
Dear Artists for a Name Change if you do not like anything to do with Bristol why do you not leave. it is about time this whole aplogy thing was dropped. The Slave Trade happened, it is history. Move on,an apology now or changing the name of the Colston Hall will not change a thing.

Have these people nothing better to do!

Tony H
Daft, Slavery is within our history. I do not associate Colston Hall with slavery and I think Roz Martin has nothing better to do than pick a fuss over a name of a building. I can't believe the name of Broadmead was changed on similar circumstances. What about Blackboy hill, should we re-name this as well? Get a job and send your time on changing peoples attitude to current issues.

It has become almost, laughable that this campaign group, along with others, has time and resources to squander on such a totally 'worthless' mission. Surely by now Bristolians have had a gut-full of this politically correct nonsense. If you don't like it then move to another city that doesn't have a history you disapprove of. I for one will continue to refer to it as Colston Hall. It's not far from Merchants Quarter!

If we're going to reconsider the name 'Colston' based on its links with slavery, then perhaps we should rename 'Bristol' too?

Ed Smith
I think we should change the name 'Bristol' too because of it's inextricable links with slavery. In fact, let's pull it all down and build it 10 miles to the south. Perhaps then we can put an end to this tiresome farce and all MOVE ON.

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