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28 October 2014

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Shot from Ashton Court Festival

Ashton Court Festival: Your shout

The Ashton Court Festival 2006 is over and we want to know how you thought this year's event compared.

Our reviewers spent the weekend checking out as many of the bands as they could.

But, we also want to know if you enjoyed Ashton Court, or if the two days have been tripe.

Do you agree with our reviewer? He liked the Go! Team, Nova Saints, El Guapo ... but Simple Minds "left him cold".

You can read some of the opinions already posted - scroll down the page.

Whether you agree or not, we'd love to hear what you think. Add you opinions in the box below.

last updated: 26/07/06
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Gypsy beats from Malarchy and Bhangra rock from RSVP ! Best of all - Babylon Circus. No thanks to corporate nonsense.

Small Axe
Hi guys and girls Paul here from SMALL AXE, performed on the second stage on saturday late afternoon... have to say that it was the best atmosphere we have experienced at ashton court before now and are really looking forward to getting our application in for next years festival (Maybe close the second stage in 2007 eh) anyway thanks to those that left comments on this site relating to our performance, the pleasure was all ours and we hope to see you all next year... if you want more info on what SMALL AXE are doing right now then you can check out the web site at Cya

it was too expensive to get in, and not enough local band, seeing as it is a local festival. otherwise i had a brilliant weekend and the music was good.

I see views for and against Simple Minds with there performance,£9.00 not bad for a band that once sold out stadium arenas. Alot of todays indie music bands have drawn inspiration with bands like Simple Minds. They say there back, in truth, they have never been to far away. Well done Bristol, again not bad for £9.00.

Mikey Pupfish
Why has nobody mentioned Blackout JA? My highlight of the festival for the 2nd year running, although I have to admit they're the only act I can remember seeing... for the 2nd year running. Went to the vets in the Blackout tent for what seemed like years. Apparently it was only 45 minutes but hey, time's only a concept.

I have to say that The Nova Saints totally blew me away. A masterpiece performance that left you wanting more!! These boys did themselves proud and were a true asset to the Ashton Court Festival. Bring on Next Year.

tim healy
The highlights for me were... Plan B, Dreadzone and Up Bustle & Out... there mix of breakbeat, dub and spanish flamenco was brilliant !!!!

Simple minds, simple minds, simple minds. Bristol community festival, and all i find is simple minds. May i say.. babyhead?

Babylon Circus, in the global tent, were the best band of the festival! Closely followed by Blackout and The Scrub! Great W'end!

The Formula playing on the WKD stage, were the best band by far! Where have they been hiding?

Great festival, again. And all for less than a tenner. But where were Bristols own New Rhodes?

Dave - London
Where/how can I buy Sidz's pictures? I wasn't there but the photos look excellent and it seems the day was even better. Next year it'll be in my diary.

Chris Nelson
Travelled over from Cardiff on Sunday to see the Minds, having 1st seen the band play live in 1986 and having followed them ever since including trips to the continent, once again another excellent show, Kerr was in fine voice and the band as tight as ever. Simple Minds at £9.0, Bargain, thank you Bristol

Thought the obvious highlights were the biguns like the Go! Team. A lot of smaller acts I hadn't heard before were good too. Century Man early on the main stage were very good and energetic although I think the singer nearly killed someone with a space hopper. Enjoyed my day there.

Sarah Phillips
This year was tiptop. My only critism is they need more dancable acts. Pendulum, Babyhead, The Scrub and Dreadzone were about it. Don't get me wrong, i do love my indie and rock but there seemed to be a little too much of it for alot of peoples liken - balance it out guys, pleeeease. x

doctor moody(blowpop allstars)
amazing ,the people the place and the staff. Ive only just recovered.MUST ROCK HARDER.lots of love to all that caught our closing set on sat at the wkd stage.

The weekend was amazing! for a first timer there, the relaxed atmosphere and the festival funded features like the free painting boards were great. Favorite bands were Baby head Dread zone and the scrub. The only downer was the inevitable crowd of g-unnit wannabees at the pendulum gig but the weekend was still awesome!

Jennifer Byrne - The closure of the Suspension Bridge has been appropriate for the last few years for ALL major public events up at Ashton Court. Would you rather see the bridge collapse under all that weight ? There must be people out there who can remember how the bridge used to move more than ever when everyone left the festival site ? Scary.

Pendulum were amaisin, they are GODS in their own ryt. Best sunday of my life!!!

Kate Broadwick
Highlights were Amelia Tucker on the Acoustic Stage and The Nova Saints who played the main stage. Massive bonus seeing Nick McCabe coming on the stage to play alonside the Nova Saints. The guy is a legend...

It was fantastic as always! I have been going for 22 years and yes, it has changed, yes it costs £7 - but damn it - it's worth it! The Louisiana charge £8 for 2 bands at the weekend so you should all stop moaning - I'm pretty disgusted with the BBC reviewer who said the price of entry was 'steep'. Best bands - the Francos, FORTUNE DRIVE (so professional during those power cuts!), El Guapo, Go Team - it was all entertaining!

I've been to four festivals this year and this was the best one yet! Fantastic atmoshere, small enough to navigate, large enough to get lost in. Highlights for me were Dreadzone, Pendulum - they rocked! Dub from Atlantis and Alice Russell blew me away! Plus a wicked little band Sunday night called the Glitzy Bag Hags. An awesome weekend with sunshine and smiles, cider and sore legs!

PENDULUM WERE BY FAR THE BEST!!! ...such a wicked day...shame i missed the saturday!! well dun to all hu was involved!...i got WRECKED!! HAHA

I can't believe the knockers... The price was fine, the weekend was excellent. Thanks to all those who put it on. No I didn't bother with Simple Minds - there was plenty else. Up Bustle & Out, Rose Kemp, Babel, Alphonse and the Hélélé Afro-Jazz Band with jeff on bass (how often was that?) Hunting Lodge letting themselves down (quite literally) and the excellent Bangra-rock lads with the girl on violin on Sunday arvo (I know not the name of whom) but they, amongst many others were all excellent. So give it up, or just give in and make some space for the rest of us who live in the real world and respect and enjoy this unique festival. how many other cities can do this? And this was just a sample of bristol music. There's loads more out there.

mervin toolman
saw a great reggae band called smallaxe,highlight of my day at the festival also from new zealand a band called katchafire

g Man
Brilliant atmosphere brilliant music, and what an afterparty at timbuk2 on sunday, Label7 and Function, more live music... Fantastic

had a great time but the festival is still really lacking something, bring back the dance stage showcasing all bristol dj'ing talent from house to drum and base

ashton court was awesome! i worked with the security and sold tickets to all the music loving crazy rocked im definateley working next year! also pendulum rocked my drum and bass was awesome...everyone freestyling....i LOVED it! please get pendulum next year i guarantee it will increase ticket sales :D and thanks to all the people below me cos £9's is a bargain in my eyes and the amount of people that complained it was ridiculous...tight bunch of silly billies! see you next year!x

Mike Powney
I decided to work the ashton court festival this year and thought it was amazing...I had a wicked time and am still recovering! I was one of the few that was still about at 8am on Monday morning celebrating the success! Really looking forward to next year and I would recommend being a volenteer to anyone! Cheers!

Helen Davies
Once again the red deer park fence in Ashton Court has been completely trashed by festival revealers on Saturday night. Ashton Court Estate (which is public council run land) is a SSSI, a site of special scientific importance and of great nature conservation interest. A huge money making festival like this should not be run here; it is now time that the festival is held on a private farm like the Glastonbury festie is. It is no longer a local community event for the people of Bristol because there was a large advert for it in the Guardian national newspaper.- Helen (I was an AC festival fan until it got way too big and horrible).

Was a strange festival this year. There seemed to be more emphisis on the event rather then the community and the artists. Highlights for me included Smerins, The Scrub and Pendulum. ps. Kill all space hoppers!!!

Ashton Court is an important part of Bristol's music scene. I thoroughly enjoyed it this year and have done since I was a young 'un when there was no admission. I think it's a shame that people still feel the urge to destroy fences, avoid paying admission and walk through the deer park. I won't be surprised if next year it's thirty quid fro the weekend and it'll move out of town. Have some respect.

well the highlight of the weekend for me was seeing small axe on the second stage whilst consuming more alchohol than ever before, the entrance fee was a bargain and its a shame we cant all do it again next weekend

i agree with leon martin jones as a member of the BBC Bristol team should be celebrating Bristol accents regardless of what he thinks of a band musically...get yee back to Clifton ya oik!

First time I haven’t been for 16 years! It’s lost its appeal to the real locals Now its just another music festival... Shame!! I miss that local festival feeling we once had!

Se Fire man, the best show of saturday! check em out on myspace!

Im from up north, but i love down south and this festival is now another reason why, good spirit, good music, and anyone moaning about the price should give sneaking in a try, sweat soaked and adrenalin filled you slip round the back of the burgetr vans, laugh with your mates and go havea good stonk!

What is Martin Jones problem with Bristol Accents? It's a Bristol music festival showcasing Bristol talent (sorry Simple Minds). Bristol accents should be celebrated. Enjoyed the festival mind, and the Dirty Whites rocked, along with the Francos and Fortune Drive. Me and me babbers'll be along next yr......

Loved Mr Hopkinson’s Computer - repect to the guy with the horse head!

Can't believe people are moaning how much does it cost to get into a club for a couple of hours or to see 1 band play live? You get a whole day for £9 and still complain?! It was excellent as always.

I saw The Fallout Trust on the main stage on Saturday night and they were amazing!!!! They gave an incredible live performance- I can't believe you haven't mentioned them in your review!

century man were awesome on the main stage! shud have been on later glad i stopped to watch

Andy Madison
£9.00 was an absolute bargain for what you got for the price of admission (I appreciate it use to be FREE and all that), but as with all fests it gets bigger and better every year and they've got to get the cash from somewhere. Where did you get the '£37'000 artist expenses' from, I played the Main stage with Red Light Go and didn't see a penny, as far as I'm aware the majority of the acts were local and just playing it for the absolute pleasure of playing such an excellent festival. unsigned bands don't get the oportunity for that kind of exposure and a to play a big festival very often. It was great, the kind of thing most true musicians would happily pay for. I bet Jim and the boys REALLY enjoyed the experience, not sure they were £37000 better than all the unsigned bands who played for nowt!!!!! but they were good.

£37'000 artist expenses? VIP £75 ticket area in what was a community festival? £9 on the door? Simple Minds? 50% inflation on bus ride over from last year? Still a great festival despite all this, but something has changed and gone slightly wrong somewhere.

Laura W
Loved the festival once again, can't get better than a day in the sun with great bands and lots of wine. Highlight was The Francos - shame about Fortune Drive's power probs as they're a great band. It's a bargain for £7.

Festival was great, gates slow to open on Saturday, but MacGyver on the Relentless stage stopped us in our tracks as we trouped thru. £7.75 online excellent value, too knackered to make it to Sunday.

My highlights were: painting my own grafitti board picture, getting a Duck, Son & Pinker rubber ducky, seeing the fire juggling, meeting the amazing lit-up smiley face man in the crowd, Bristol Capeira Barabazu, Sunday's comedy session with Callum, reminiscing to Simple Minds and buying a big bubble blower thing!! A brilliant weekend!!

John E Vistic rocked the stage and crowd at the Relentless stage followed by Fat Man Swings who had tons of us up and dancing in the sunshine - top Sunday thanks Ashton Court.

Thats MY back! Awesome weekend - good effort on the hugs everyone!!

Jam Ace
Simple Minds were brilliant. Never seen them live before and even after all this time, they seem at home on the stage. Headline acts are always very important as generally speaking the warm up acts are somewhat below par. Given the size of Bristol I would hope to see more than one act in the same class as Simple Minds for future years. Even if it means bumping the ticket prices up by a few quid.

Cutting up my friends an ongoing musical experimental film extravaganza was oh so cool and very very clever..other highlights the dirty whites rock machine unleashed on the relentless stage superb...i will definitely be going again next year!

Was utter awesome stuff! Great WKD Presence with loads of free stuff going around, Pendulum rounded off a fantastic day with a massive set which blew most of us away! Had a chat to them afterwards, they said it was the best gig theyve done in 2+ months!

simple minds sucked, i thought p-e-n-d-u-l-u-m were the best !!!!

Another excellent Ashton Court Festival. £7 is an absolute bargain for a full days entertainment. Anyone who moans about the price needs their head examined!! and the privelige parking was a godsend!! Saved the long walk up the hill!!

Fab weather, amazing atmosphere and wicked music - what more could one want from a weekend?!Definetly worth the money!Highlights were The Go!Team and bouncing on the Orange Spacehoppers - cant wait for next year!!

Great day. Played the Relentless stage with Fatman Swings. Superb on stage sound and apparently good out front. Big thanks to the sound engineers. Would have liked a longer set, but just pleased to be there.

Highlights of the weekend for me included the rifftastic Figment on the main stage, the first act to get the crowd psyched and interested rather than indifferent - Termites, who's explosive guitar smashing action has improved tenfold since i last saw them around a year ago, and 3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners, who pulled off an immense set of lunatic-rock dispite a dodgy sound. Fantastic! However, the festival ended on a sour note for me, seeing the incredible local band Fortune Drive ushered offstage an hour before Simple Minds, most probably so they could set up. I thought this was unnessesary and i was gutted for the lads in FD who looked like they were having the time of their lives up there.

Wicked weekend! The black out tent was freaky! I thought that £7 was a fair price! Pendulum was awesome sun night! Loads of peeps having a good ol rave! Brilliant weekend! Cant wait for next year!! x

Great event - definitely worth the money. Childrens area was fab, especially the Same, Same, but Different theatre co. My only moan was that, having a large but young family meant it was much easier to take the car (happy to pay the extra £5), but the walk from the car park to the festival was gruelling for all concerned.

Mike Tucker
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - highlights included Red light Go, the Francos, Fortune Drive and of course Simple Minds. All that and the weather was beautiful. Can't wait for next year

Haven't been to the festival for a few years but it was well worth the clamber up the massive hill for. What happened to Fortune Drive???? Muchos respect for the drummer who kept it going through what seemed to be a power cut, but then the organisers pulled the plug and didn't let them finish their set due to 'time slots'!!! FD are a great band and deserve to get to the end of their set!!!!

thought Laid Blak were wicked...

Moan moan moan! I'm Down Under in Oz and would have loved to have been at the good ol' Ashton Court. Its been a part of the Bristol Summer for donkeys years and I can remember getting well tanked every summer music, lovely women, sunshine, a few Thatchers, everything that Bristol isn't normally! only kidding...but why moan about car parking? Thats for the weekdays to moan about. Anfd besides, its a festival, what do you expect?!?!?

Jim Kerr and co wereon top form with his rock band Simple Minds who were great value for money. Sunday 24th of July the sun shined on me and the happy suntanned people of my Bristol. :O)

20th year at the Festival and each year gets better and better. Good value for money which ever way you look at it. If you think 9 pounds is expensive for a whole days out with multiple and varied stages for 12 hours all through the day you may need to re-enter the 21st century and check what little 9 pounds buys you on the high street. The secure bike area does need to be doubled in size.

Theres just no pleasing some people, moan moan moan. weather was great, people had fun, bands were great, good food, fantastic day all for the measly price of 7 pound next time stay home.

Not going. Think it's lost it's appeal. Too much of a price increase, don't care what the organisers say.

Wicked! I am still smashed!

secure bike park, too small, and didn't really feel too secure...but good to see extra funds going to the fences elsewhere. good day out saturday x

Top day out as always! Just love Ashton Court! And Dreadzone were fantastic! As for the bridge being closed Jennifer, you should be used to that by now - get a bus you fool!

what a fantastic saturday... glorious weather, chilled crowd.. lots of the great pear cider.. best band was go team, really got everyone dancing. my only problem was with my mobile phone!! ran out of credits.. soo sorry anyone that texted me.

Jennifer Byrne
The Clifton Suspension Bridge being closed was inappropriate. Very long walks up hill in the heat. By the time I got in the festival, I wanted to go home. Way too many people, music was not clear because the stages were too close together. Wouldnt go next year. On the bright side, no rain and super sunny day. I felt it was a waste of £7.

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