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28 October 2014

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Banksy's Bristol

You are in: Bristol > People > Banksy's Bristol > Banksy art: Stay or go?

Banksy art: Stay or go?

Banksy's new art on the side of a building off Park Street has got the city talking - is it art or graffiti? Should it stay or go?

Banksy's art

Banksy's new art has the city talking

Bristol City Council seem happy to let the city decide what to do with the saucy stencil.

"We have to decide if it's public art or graffiti," said a spokeswoman.

"We are encouraging debate amongst residents and would like to hear people's views and comments about this latest addition to the Banksy collection."

To help, we've decided to hold a snap poll on what you think of the work.

Does it improve the look of Bristol, or does art like this just encourage more graffiti?

Vote by click on the poll on the right-hand side of this page. You can also let us know your views by filling in the box below.

Please note: This is an archive feature and the comments here are now closed.

last updated: 02/06/2008 at 07:52
created: 23/06/2006

Have Your Say

What's your view on Banksy's art? Let us know by filling in the box below.

lil stencil
i'm admired by banksy. he should not be clasified by graffitt or vandilism hes an artist.hes an inspiration to alot of people including me

jac inga wheat
awesome let it stay!

Jacob the sticker slaper going by the name of whea
omg!!!1i bought banksy wall & piece!its amazing i think it should stay!its amazing!that is not grafitti its art!he should be honored!i love you banksy!im inspiered by your work and some day you will see my pieces

hes amazing id be honoured if he vandalised my house

southwales emo kid
i often go to the city and i pass his art allot and i think its amazing of courseit should

Eve Powell
I'm a year seven art teacher and am currently using Banksy as a study for a unit of work teaching the children to understand the differences between graffiti artists and graffiti vandals, I think Banksy's work is great, it brings a smile to people's faces of gives you food for thought, but at the end of the day if it is on someone elses property created without their is vandalism. Sorry Banksy but you are welcome to vandalise my property any time.

he is so good i really admire his work !!!

this is art!, people who go around and just write a name "tag" on a wall should be classed as graffiti,

People should differentiate between tagging and grafitti. Tagging turns areas into slums, it has no relationship to art. Tagging is a sign of a kid who has nothing to offer the world but their insecurity.Graffiti at least gives light to the grey areas of the city. Check out the work in gloucester road

i think his art is great, i think his attitude comes accross really well in his work it is alomost comical yet deadly serious art work, i really admire him

Banksy Is Awsome and one of the best modern day arists that represents the street

being an artist myself who loves stencil graffiti, i feel that this is not just a scrawl on the wall like most graffiti artists do. that kind of graffiti is vandalism, as it means nothing. it is just some teenager spraying words on a wall to make themselves feel cool. banksy does very appealing and meaninful art, which helps the world see what is happening. most of his art is anti-establishment, so i hope this will make people see that we cant keep living like this. i think all his art work should be kept, as it also brings a smile to most peoples faces, as well as getting a message across.

yes it should stay it is art any way you look at it

speak as you feel banksy is doing the visual feel its fine

William =]
I think Robert Banks "Banksy" is a model warrior of art work in society. Many say its graffiti but who says graffiti isn't art?

banksy bloody well rules. he is letting people know what he thinks & good on him.

Jordan & Jemz
We both think that this painting is about someone try to hide the fact that they are having an afafir

I think banksy's peices are definatly art work, they obviously take planning and thought and don't look unattractive. I think that if anything it may discourage graffiti because graffiti artists may feel they cannot live up to banks's art.

rave warrior
take his art down and the street armys will dont want that. trust me.

let him do the graff man its radhe should be allowed to!!

it is cool it should stay

Cross Tee
Reportedly he gets permission from the owner before painting on their wall. If so, then the decision on whether or not to remove it should be down to the owner.

Lets face it, Banksy's amazing. The ideas he comes up with are incredible. People say that hes a vandal, but he really isn't. So what if he stencils on walls? so what if it looks ''bad'' or a ''mess''...its like saying..'hey don't drive your cars because i dont like the way it looks'. Silly. as you can see in the picture above, it amazes people weather you like it or not. i love it, and i love banksy, pure pure genius

excellent say no more

Jo Lawton
I think it is urban art


Francesca Edwards
Banksy is immense, why doesn't everyone stop slating him and let him get on with what he does...

i have always been against graffiti, im sick to death of seeing pointless 'tags' or names or cheap tacky looking stuff on nice buildings. HOWEVER i love banksy! i moved to bristol just recently and was amzed by some of his stuff, it is actually art, it intrigues people and it doesnt actually look bad! if this gets taken down there will be a lot of people to aswer too, just look at all the names below mine saying exactly the same thing i am!

no i think it looks good but all these young people who cant do it as good as this mess the streets. im good at it

ryan smith
it has meaning to his work so i think it should stay

kris darby
i am a huge fan of banksy his art says what needs to be said about this country and thats something no other artist dare do

matty 07
GRAFFITI IS ART AND BANKSY IS AWSOME!! I dont understand why dont like graff ar. Think of how much time and work as gone into a graffiti throw up or mural!!

freda Mcintyre wrote:I think the line should be drawn - painting a live elephant and putting it in a warehouse is dispicable Does that mean you are against the indian peoples who have decorated their elephants, for festivals and such like for hundreds of years? does'nt seem like the elephant minds, at least its being looked after, could be worse, it could be stuck in its natural habitat (whats left of it) and having poachers take potshots at it. what does it matter what colour it is? same goes for the woman protesting about useing farm animals, they will get treated a lot worse on their way to, and being, slaughtered for our benefit. at least they're gettting a little colour in their lives definately pro-Banksy, time, effort and a lot of thought go into what he does, which is more than can be said for the likes of Tracy Emins

I don't care what any one says whose against it. Ive lived in bristol all my life and i went into town the other day and i actually just stood and looked at this for ages,how can any one want to get rid of it.

Andy 23
Banksy is an example to all. Hes a misterious artist who no one knows. Has any 1 seen him?Banksy art should be somthing to look at not hate!

I think this work is amazing and should be left as it is. graffitti is fine when its thoughtful and not a stupid scribbled tag or swear word or 'emma woz ere'

sam hamer
walls are walls..they are nothing bland, colourless. Banksy has created an amazing piece of Art here, and everywhere else he has painted. Each piece giving a different meaning off to the public. It's 2007 and it should be excepted as "Art" and graffiti..It is Brilliant and should be excepted anywhere..Banksy is in my eyes is an amazing Artist using Stencils in a fantastic way!would love to meet the guy,sam

Matty j
Not that Bristol needs putting on the map but this helps, it says something about the city in a good way. The art is not offencive, only to the people that are offending, it's just a reminder to make you think about things in a different way abit more. Leave it! Much prefer looking at this than something of someone else's work trying to make me buy things i don't really need! Which seem's unavoidable nowadays!

I'm a fan. I've just bought a few prints on Ebay. It's good to a a rebel in our midst!! Makes life a little more interesting.

i think it should stay up because it gives people something to look at , its creative...very inventive, and very should stay

H o l l y
Im a massive fan of banksy's artwork and for the first time yesterday, I saw this peice up close! I think its awesome! =]

emily andrews
it makes bristol look good and shows banksy's work in action.its a amazing peice of art

jane hill
makes a dull space interesting loads of people stop to look

Banksy's art is a huge benefit to Bristol and should be left intact.

a view from Downunder...something that inspires, makes you think or question, provides an emotional response is worthy of consideration. if you want real social vandalism, look at all the advertising we are subjected to. at least Banksy isn't promoting products that give us cancer or images that make teenagers feel insecure and unworthy.

Louise Harrison
I love Banksy Art it's not Graffiti it's art, it has a story behind the picture and gets your imigination going. BANKSY RULES

it's art, leave it alone

I am travelling from Sweden just to see the Banksy pictures.Before I did not know anything about Bristol.He is really a famous person all over the world.

I think his work is amazing, to do so much and never be caught. his work is so clever and should definately be considered an art

claire Rhodes
I think its fab....let it stay


BANKSY is a carefully placed and considerate genious. I havn't considered any of his work vicious or bad. He his our modern day artistic figure for youth. Banksy is witty , Banksy is political , Banksy is Best

i think its amazing to have such a famouse artist commin from our home town of bristol, he brings another name to bristol.. bristol " home of banksy "it belive it should be love and should in no way be fround upon !!well done him !

Loz Samuels, it hasn't been painted over I saw it just yesterday so no need to panic :)

what is truely amazing, is not only what banksy does, but how the city supports all of it. there will not even be a controversy in my country.

Loz Samuels
I hear this work has now been painted over by the council. What a tragedy. I have seen much of Banksy's art and in my view he has always been careful to select where he paints, everything I have seen has been a positive addition to it's environment, really well executive and often either witty or sensitive subject matter. In my view he should be encouraged.

Damon Halls
as an artist my self i believe you should leave the lone rider (banksy)to do what he does best, it's not some teenagers doing it it's an artist who's work is priceless so DON'T DESTROY IT!!! banksy art as more feeling to it than anyones.

I lived in Bristol for 15 years and having had my house and my next door neighbours 'decorated' by Banksy on more than one occasion, I have to say they were always witty, and welcomed. Unfortunately, by letting one bit of art (and it is art) stay, we always ended up gaining a pile of tags around (and eventually over) them forcing us to repaint our houses (not a cheap job) . Some people do take thew attitude that it's OK to spray if someone else has, and have no respect for others. Most of the areas where Banksy worked look run down because of this effect. If taggers can't respect the work of graffiti artists, and others who live in the area, then unfortunately Banksys work just ends up as a sign saying 'Please Vandalise here'.

joe bloggs
"We have to decide if it's public art or graffiti," said a spokeswoman. This is possibly one of the most stupidest things I have ever heard. Of course its 'graffiti', And of course it's 'public art'. Isn't the majority of graffiti an utter pleasure to look at? I think there should be a lot more of this poll type thingy's. As I am often horrified to walk down the street or travel on the train, to find that some of the most pristine artwork has been scrubbed by lazy underpaid overweight anti-graffiti removal men. As I said this only applies to the majority of graffiti – not the minority of gum chewing scum who think they are cool by spraying ‘tizzer waz ere’ or the most obscene four letter swear word they can think of, in five-foot tall letters. Anyway back to the point, The writer’s who go out at silly o’clock in the morning and risk getting chased, fined and arrested whilst juggling work, family and your Anonymity. These are the ‘real’ artist not those who fanny about in a studio for days and end up with a digitally enhanced 2”x 2” blue square. Banksy, I salute you for the beginning of getting the majority of the public to look at things around them, and noticing talent, and the questioning of weather graffiti should stay or go. I know you’ve heard this before however I feel it needs to be said: The government should spend less time chasing these so call vandals about and focus there attention on ‘real’ crime.

Absolute classic material.. how on earth is this hurting anyone... if this was an advertisement for some rich arty farty company then it would belong & everyone would be happy.. The goverment spend thousands on a lump of rock outside a building & call that art... PLEASE GET A GRIP!! Spray can art (good spray can art) brightens up this grey dull country, please don't let these tallentless taggers who just scrawl & make the place look a mess cloud the beauty that's spraycan art.. Peace love & unity!!

It's a fine piece of art. To remove this piece would be to censor youth culture. It's causing no harm. In fact its inspired many people I know to start honing in their artistic abilities.

banksys art is the start of a new era of how people look at art heres someone who has the attention of everyone but no one knows his name he is making art not to be famous but to make a statement

I feel that Banksy is just pure genious. His work encourages people to stop look and think about things in a different political view in a modern way, as a youth myself, I have certainly took an interest in his work, in an educational outlook and a modern art point of view. This is not just normal graffiti of made up cartoon charcters or just plainly someones name scribbled across a wall and looking tatti, there are clear statements in some of his work. He does it so cleverly, people of all classes stop and take an interest in the work, whilst all the while it is still, against the law. I enjoy seeing the pictures around and feel it does make Bristol a proud place to be to have such an artist founded here.

Mark Hardman
I think it raises a really interesting debate about "ownership", which I can't resolve in my own mind. For example, it would really raise my middle-class property owning hackles if someone put graffiti on my house, but I quite like the idea that someone puts a thought-provoking piece on an otherwise dull piece of "civic" building. In that sense, it could be said to add value (socially not financially).

Steve O
To the people who are saying this is not art - learn to grow your mind. You prefer elitist art locked away in galleries? Classical art? Cubism? Did you know that these were all looked on when it was first produced with the same distain that you look upon Banksy's work? Anything that provokes discussion and encourages thought is art, whether grafitti, watercolour, video, sculpture or any other form that the artist decides to use. Keep it or wash it away, its work is done. Art doesnt need to be preserved to be art.

id much prefer to walk down a colourful street than a bland grey one. at least his opinions are being expressed this way without hurting anyone and are still thought provoking. people can take it or leave it.

L to the O to the double T, E
well for starters he has released a book so we can no longer just call him one of those grafiti men. However i do understand the point that people are saying about other gafiti men following in his large footsteps. However surely the other gafiti men can see how important and different his work is. He is going to be known as a great artist of our time, do you want to be responsible for removing his art? do you? do you? well.... do you? I think not! kiss kiss

John Stewart Gerard
10 years ago my very talented graffiti artist mate in Edinburgh was asked by the Council (through his charity work contacts) to help some misguided kids do a mural in a rundown area, to maybe give them a creative outlet. After mural was finished and the MP's got their photo opportunity in the paper standing beside said mural/kids/my friend, etc, sending the signal that they 'supposedley' cared for the areas young people, they astonishingly pulled the funding my friend had been promised to keep the graffiti workshop project in question going. The real shame is that some of the kids had shown real interest and artisitic promise and after being let down and used by the Council they went back to their usual delinquency of punching people and writing vulgar non artistic graffiti depicting private parts/swear words, etc. Graffiti art CAN be a good/thoughtful/stimulating/non criminal activity. It should be encouraged (with guidance, support, funding and planning space).

Andrew Williams
It should be allowed to stay as long as the owner of a particular wall that he's used isn't upset about it. I see Bristol as a city with a great cultural diversity and hertitage - and Banksy's work is very much part of that. We need to distinguish between mindless scribbles+tagging, and Banksy's thought provoking works which can be found all over Bristol and add to its character.

Jamie Wood
Although i do not dispute 'Banksy's talent, he is doing what most people are prosecuted for- i.e vandalising property. I am a teenager who has dabbled in 'wall art' and we are constantly told that what we do is wrong, vandalism, etc. I do not understand why Banksy is allowed to have his 'art' wherever he pleases, just because he is the 'flavour-of-the-month'. Councils should make their minds up-either every piece of graffiti that is drawn on a wall should be allowed- or none (in which case Banksy's art would have to go)- the hypocritical attitiude they are displaying just because the graffiti artist is famous really gets to me

if you go to cadaques where Dali lived you will see examples of his work on walls there. Banksy is an iconic british artist.His work is clever, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining. I hope he'll continue to delight and stimulate us with his work for years to come.

Kyle Warwick
You Cant have it both ways either every piece of graffiti is allowed to stay or none, What Banksy does is interesting that doesnt mean it isnt illegal under British law. I love graffiti i just want a level playing field. Dont put Banksy on a pedestal because there are far more technically talented graffiti artists out there making political statements embrace it all or none.

I'm sure Bristol is proud Banksy's work and if they are happy then it should stay. His work is definitely art in my eyes and pleasing to look at. I'd rather have that in the street than an 'unmade bed'. He will soon become one of the richest living artists around (if not already) so good luck to him. Keep the art where it is as people are paying to look at his work elswhere. He's a one off so keep it!

Banksy is a very clever guy - his compositions are simple and bold, his message is clear and the positioning of his pieces is perfect. For that alone he is an artist. The only think that disqualifies him as an artist is the fact that his work is executed on the exterior, rather than exhibited on the interior, of buildings, making it unsolicited art as a result. Art is meant to evoke a reaction amongst the people - whether you see it on the street for free or in a museum it doesn't matter. The fact that people have reacted to his work just proves that it is art and that it shouldn't matter where it is displayed. As soon as he places his work on canvas i.e. The Warhol-style Kate Moss pieces and the Mona Lisa, it sells for thousands of pounds at one of the most prestigious auction houses in the country. Also, the fact that fellow contemporary artists, such as Damien Hirst, and many A-list celebrities are buying his works just goes to show that people from all walks of life appreciate his work as art.

Black Wolf
As a GCSE student doing art I really appreiat banksy's work though its not right he graffiting public property the work he does is not a bad standered unlike some of the scribbling you see

tom warren
I think it should stay because it's art, it brings tourists into bristol to come look at his work.Iit's not recking the scenery it's adding colour to those dull bits of the streets(bringing those places to life i guess)!. It makes our ciy alive and it get's yound or old people doing something having a go etc. KEEP BANKSYS ART WORK!

Banksy is an average artist, his subject matter has been negative comment based on existing horrors that are already media favourites to scare people. Very popular recently, but not very subtle satire is it?

bill heatley
There is a place for Art. A place where people can go to see it if they wish. Not in a public place where some people will be offended.

will cole
i believe is work enhances the beauty and creativity of bristol, giving buildings a modern interesting twist, which could even be a tourist attraction. plus his work isn`t just some mindless graffiti, it has meaning, sometimes political or cultural. Leave Banksy to it, its putting bristol on the map, for all the right reasons!

Hooligan Brad
Banksy's work is the sort of thought provoking art that needs to be seen all over the country! Anything is better than the endless advertisements and corporate logos! Punks Not Dead... Hooligan for Life!

It should be removed. Sure I appreciate it is a witty and provocative piece of art. However, letting it stay merely gives the green light to other less talented artists to go and illegally paint on walls. Could they not argue in their defence 'the city said it was fine for Banksy to write so why is it not fine for me to do the same'?

i am 17 and i live in bristol. i walk past banksy's 'mild west'piece every day on my way to college, which is right next to this bansky piece ^. bansky is a true phenomena and everything he does should not be seen as a crime.. how narrow minded. i just wish he would take a break from the rest of the world and come back to his home town and give us more amazing pieces of art, but then again everyone on the planet should be able to witness the brilliant paintings and pieces he provides this boring world with

I agree with Mark (nearly at the bottom of the page) I think that being accepted by the establishment would enrage him. we need more controvercy so the decision is not so easy for them to make! bring it

Jon Mckenzie
If the council decide to get rid of it they should just lift the section of wall out and sell it to a private collector. The proceeds would probably pay for a new building let alone replacement ofthe wall. EIther way the work should be preserved.

rebecca hughes
graffiti is a recognised and important genre of art within this city and has recently connected post 16 students of mine to an art and sound instillational project which links with students in New York. More positive, effective examples and role models are needed in Bristol. Why cover up the best parts of Bristol's youth culture?Bristol's youth face far too much negative press as it is..wake up and smell the spray paint!! - Teacher of post 16 media and music.

John Bussey
Banksy's art is always thought provoking and an asset to whatever it is sprayed across. Keep it keep it keep it!

Organic herbs
Well surely, if Bristol City Council is contemplating the removal of this Artwork, then surely that should be the case with any other placement of Graffiti in Bristol.

art in a public space is beautiful and sparks the imaginations of passers by. it can help make our communal living space become more personal and a happier place. it must stay.

natasha chengubraydoo
I have to do a debate on is graffiti a crime?and i am for the idea of graffiti Graffiti helps people find the inter fun and happy side of them instead of having to sit ina room for at two hours having to look at a computer all day and graffiti is unquie in more then one way so really face the facts if the government wanted graffiti to stop why doesn't he ban saling spray cans

I wish Banksy would do some artwork on my house, it would increase the value no end! I agree with most of your posters. Tags can be pretty mindless and don't contribute much, but Banksy's work does, and should stay.

it is art but im sure it encourages more grafitti. he gets valid points across without seemingly doing anything about them. he appears to me to be the entrapped revolutionary in all of us who is happy to 'misbehave' without doing anything to change society. still the paintings are nice!

D. Stroker
Something like this does not lower the tone of the surroundings, in fact in embraces it along with human nature. Its refreshing to say the least. Even if it is graffiti whats wrong with graffiti? It's the media have turned that into a dirty word.

In a monochromatic world sculpted by the very few I think we need to relax the laws on street art and graffiti. Freedom of expression gives life to a city and this is a classic example!

I love this painting!I think it should be Bristol's residents who decide if it should stay there.

Iam a big fan and i don't belive it will encourage 'bad' graffiti, as fellow graffiti artist and others that look up to banksy will appreciat the time and thought that goses into the work. this is not careless tagging but public art with substance.

Christine Lowrie
I feel his work is tasteful and is in no way offensive, racist, homophobic or otherwise. I am a great fan of graffiti and Banksy is our Dali, our Warhol. I would love to see Banksy art in Edinburgh, by God we need the cheering up!

hannah meaghan
I wouldn't class it as graffiti, it's art. Graffiti serves no purpose and is an ugly sight with stupid words painted on walls. Banksy's piece is not like that at all. It has been cleaverly created and is an amusing piece of artwork. it should stay and make people laugh!

Luke Denning
"is it art or graffiti?" I will answer that with a quote from the man himself... "Graffiti is not the lowest form of art. Despite havin to creep about at night and lie to your mum it's actually the most honest artform available. There is no elitism or hype, it exhibits on some of the best walls a town has to offer, and nobody is put off by the price of admission" There is no question for me the ART stays

Josh Jefferizzzzzie
look, im from bristol and support the graffiti scene, banksy's work is inspirational and a joy to the eye, to be quite frank muha! mindless tagging and rubbish piece deserve nothing and should be taken down something that literally took hours of work and preparation deserves to stay put. He's work is genius and original and gives life and brightens up the dull grey buildings around. Gives the boredom of the day and lift! booyakasha

Bristol!...Be proud you have such a talented artist on your doorstep.....This is 21st Century art.

A banksy fan
Banksy is producing brilliant street art that we should be proud of, it gives a city like Bristol character. It the art is not insulting or too explicit but makes a good point or just looks good we should encourage it, why not?

Shady Adi
Going to look tomorrow Looks amazing definately should stay

its not just some kid whos got hold of a spray can its good and should be a part of bristol

i think its great, brightens up dull walls

David Wade
he is a modern marvel, his works are fantastic and have such a strong view, he puts down what noone else dares, and it even gets up americas nose (so its a real plus:p)

Banksy is a geez let his work stay

I think the elephant in the new exhibiton by this artist is just another of people mistreating animals

freda Mcintyre
I think the line should be drawn - painting a live elephant and putting it in a warehouse is dispicable

laura havelock-allan
I think Banksy's work is great, its nice to see that people are supporting it. Graffiti should be used to cover the ugly grey areas of citys as a way of building on the talent that some of these artists have. Tags no way- but true graffiti art is brilliant and should be supported more by councils in the form of community projects.

Banksy is amazing. His work should remain everywhere. The wall still functions as a wall, so it's not vandalism in any way. Nothing is being ruined, broken or removed. To even consider cleaning this away while 20ft billboards are allowed to stay put, is terrible, misdirected and makes me sick! Why can't we vote on whether or not giant posters for poisonous alcohol, cigarettes, politicians and plastic surgery are allowed on our streets and buses? These are deliberately placed in the busiest parts of the city and are nothing but advertisements, trying to tell us we're ugly, uncool and yet worthy of their toxic products. Banksy lost money spraying this mural. While the shiny ad campaigns (sometimes built into collossal flashing plasma screens nowadays) line the pockets of faceless millionairre fatcats as well as the council itself. With no real question as to whether the content is morally sound. Banksy is an inspiration!

Phil Medora
Banksy's work defines the point of art. people stop and look at his work, and no matter what your back ground, you cannot deny the talent. he makes you think, which most people dont do enough.

I think Banksy's works capture the mood of the moment, they're relevant and thought provoking. I hate grafitti but I love seeing where he's going to appear next. Lets hope he remains undiscovered so we can keep enjoying his art

Hmmm, yes
Banksy's works aren't your usual "let's get a neon pink spray paint and scribble everywhere" style. They're satirical, witty and humourous. Sure it's vandalism, sure it may be seen as antisocial, but it's nice to look at and gives the city some much-needed colour. I'm against anti-social behaviour, but this is art. People should recognise that. Thumbs up to Banksy!

Daniel Hall
I live in East London, and Banksy's work is dotted about all over the place. It's wonderful, humourous and intelligent!

Paul Glynn
whatever you want to call it I think it's a very good thing. It should stay

Pete Scarratt
Banksy is an awsome graphitti artist. Its not your usual horrible tagging that looks like its been attempted by 5 year olds. Its actual art and looks good. Alot of his work is humourous and brings a smile to alot of peoples faces, whether or not they approve of it. So I think it should stay :)

Mike Guy
Banksy's works are stimulating, witty and valuable in their way. I think bristol's lucky that he chooses a public place as his canvas.

Tom Unsworth
Anything that rounds the edges and challenges our blinkered lives should be accepted or even encouraged. These great artworks should be preserved as free public art as inteligent as these is all too rare.

Ruth McDonough
Most of the graffiti tagging around the city is mindless and ugly. While there is an argument that keeping Banksys works encourages graffiti in general I don't agree this is a reason to paint over these popular works which add to our city. Banksys are thought provoking art given to the public for free. They are part of Bristols identity now and something for the city to be proud of. Where building owners are happy to host them I think they should be left alone.

art is art. the cavemen did it and so should we. the message is clear. real artists need to express themselves and it is pleasing, witty, brightens the day. It is not mindless, but inspires us to be mindful.

Banksy is apart of bristol and i think that you can class what he creates as Art not graffiti. i say that i stay there its great to look at! Banksy rules

Amusing...let it stay for 6 months then Bin It & have another in the same spot..

Bristol City Council seem to have set a trend - I passed a wall at Smithfields in London this morning which previously had various tags and a few Banksy's on it at. The whole building and wall has now been repainted but the three Banksy rats have been carefully painted around.

Karen Lawrinson
I think that this art should remain. It's not like the scruffy 'tags' that bored youths scrawl, this is pleasing to the eye. I've been in other European towns where murals are painted on buildings and they do make the places look better.

Paul Lal
Having looked at Banksy's art over the Internet i must confess some of his work looks like Graffiti and typical of kids with spray paint blighting the landscape with limited imagination. After saying that I link the piece above like art as it displays real humour, gives the audience something to think about and is humorous and detailed. For this reason I think it should stay

at last - a true hero from the west country who can rightfully take his place alongside Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Homer Simpson (aka Pieman) as a mysterious figure fighting a just cause.

Dean O'Reilly
True graffiti is art, Banksy is the best example of this, unfortunatly most people confuse mindless "tags" on walls as graffiti when it should be classed as vandalism. Let the true art stay, get rid of the rest!

I would prefer to look at graffiti like Banksy's everyday than the ugly billboard posters trying to ram their products down our throat. Why can’t we have a public consultation on these instead?

Dan Broughton
I work in an office close by - I like it - people are interested in it and lets face it - its more entertaining than a blank wall!

The fact that you have to ask this question show how out of touch and inept Bristol City Council really are. Banksy could well be bristol most famous living artist, and you want to remove one of his works that he place freely available and accessible to all. Shame on you Bristol City Council

Its hardly graffiti in the traditional sense of the word. It is funny, wonderfully executed and will bring a smile to people passing by Perhaps Banksy could train up a few graffiti artists, so they produced stuff of this standard, it would be well received!

I wonder if Banky wants it to stay? He Sprays his art, or whatever you want to call it all over the place with the full knowledge that it'll get buffed off. so maybe this response will annoy him. Personally, I'd keep it.

Sonya Pollock
Banksy is an artist that Bristol should be proud of. I am from Canada and had heard about and seen his art on the internet before coming over to Bristol. I was shocked to see how much of his artwork is no longer around. I know that Banksy brings tourists to Bristol and definitely allows for conversation amidst the locals. Tear down the advertising billboards and let Banksy brighten up the city.

Wessex Boy
It is entirely fitting of a city that is city of culture 2008 to allow some of its dull blank and grey concrete walls to be turned into real works of art. This may be graffiti but it is also very good and it's got the whole country looking at Bristol - for reasons we may be proud of, for a change. I certainly prefer seeing our city being exposed in this way rather than for high crime problems which so often provide the reason for high-level media comng into town. I hope it inspires some other graffiti 'artists' to improve their efforts before spraying other people's property. It's important to remember though that graffiti is often the only way oppressed people can express themselves - in many south american countries it is first and foremost a political movement - art is just the medium.

He's an absolute legend and a real artist. The piece has to stay! It's the highlight of my morning when I look over and see the masterpiece from my seat on the miserable stinking bus on the way into work.

Also let it erode naturally, leave it there, and dont have seperate rulus for him though, if you catch him arrest him, if you dont, then dont. but KEEP IT THERE! AT LEAST FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!!!!

Dave West
I love Banksy, I think his work is an Inspiration and they should definitely be allowed, his work is becoming a tourist attraction, the talk of the town when a new one appears, I also love the whole shady part to him, the fact that no onw knows who he is! Let it stay! Big Up Banksy! Suppport the B! Im studying him for Art its definitely not Graffiti, and shouldnt be removed!

Aline Marnef
I personnaly think that this graffiti can be considered as a real piece of public art. Finally, people's conception of what art is will perhaps change. Art is not only in museum, but in the street too. It is just a question of how to appreciate it. And moreover, in this case, it is not degrading the building at all!, it has the opposite effect, it makes the building look better (more colourful and attractive in a way).I would say that it must stay there. It is a great pice of "graffiti art"!. Aline.

It should stay! Bristol needs to have a sense of humour about this. Someone has taken the time and effort not just to "tag" a property BUT to create a form of art work. Wake up Bristol, you never noticed the ugly looking building before! Whats the problem?

It should go. Graffiti artists should not force their opinions on us through vandalism. Many other artists, whose work is shown legitimately, have far more interesting things to say but are not selfish enough to use vandalism to "express themselves".

john winderholm
I think it is a creative oultet of self, and shows that theres beauty in this corrupt,power driven, terrorist consumed world. besides theres always gonna be little punks writing graffiti everywhere, atleast banksy knows that fine line of talent..

Another landmark for the city. A genuine talking point. Great. More vistors must mean good news for independent local traders and the economy. How can anyone object to this?

This piece and the "Mild Mild West" piece on Stokes Croft should have preservation orders slapped on them.

Banksy is a local artist, it must stay. He has art all over the world, be proud that he's still working locally and appreciate him!

This is criminal damage, and he should be arrested and charged for it. Or does different laws apply to him?

Loving your work Banksy. Loving the Buzz. Yes its 'Gaffiti' but it attracts more attention than any legitimate art in Bristol (ideas?), so whats the harm? You can't classify it as mindless vandalism as it captivates and makes people stop and smile - and whats it cost our councillors or Bristolians. With attitudes like some of the opinions above its no wonder we can't compete with other provincal cities. Good work fella, and thank you!

dan williams
why wait 20 years for the council to pay him £40,000 as a recognised artist , when he's produced this fantastic piece for free?

C Busby
Aside from any antiestablishment messages Banksy generally likes to make, this message is inoffensive and brings a smile to many who walk past. There is an argument that this still remains vandalism, however wouldn't we feel priviledged if a conventional top artist provided a free piece of art for the city to own..........

I love Banksy’s work and Bristol should be proud of it, however, doesn’t it encourage those stupid ‘tags’ appearing on or around this sort of art. Tags only mean something to the people who wrote it, Banksy’s work is inspirational to everyone but where do we draw the line? I don’t have the answer, how can I? Unless we start rating the standard of the art and remove anything under par, but that’s down to personal taste!

el spic
Just reading through some of the previous 'points of view'....cannot believe there are such miserable, narrow-minded vehement people in this city! Banksy's latest offering is putting smiles on so many faces - it IS clever, and it IS art! More please

rob deacon
it's a modern masterpiece, by your most famous and talented local artist, plus it works beautifully in it's setting and will attract banksy tourists to the city. you'd have to be crazy to scrub it.

I say it should go. I'm all in favour public art like this as it can reach a lot of people but sometimes the emphemeral nature of a piece is part of its character. Appreciate it whilst it's here but do not artificially preserve it. Let it make way for something else, I'm sure that's what the artist intended.

How can you call this man an artist? He's little more than a vandal. Don't condone anti-social behaviour by glorifying crimes such as this.

It has got to go. Not because it's vandalism (far from it), but because it appears to be accepted by the establishment.

joe morris
graffiti is art just take a look at dean lane skate park the graff writers are world class writers and graf should be up everwhere

If there's one way to stop unwanted graffiti throughout Bristol (of the 'Chris woz ere' ilk), it would be to have a Banksy on every wall. Even the most crazed vandal would never deface a wall with such thought provoking art on it.

the bank
Sadly, it has to go. I love Banksy's work, and am an avid collector of it, but still this has to go. Graffiti is a form of vandalism, and it is illegal, hence it should go. Banksy is anti-establishment. It woudl be a strange world, the day that the establishment started to accept, and promote his work. Keep his art, but his street art has to get removed over time. That way it keeps him alive. Gradually over time his work comes and goes, old ones gradually get scrubbed off, and replaced. Politics change, messages change, everything changes. Banksy is dynamic. Also what does the image really mean? It is not a good as some of the Banksys that are still around. I guess it just says that if you mess around with someone else's wife then you'll probably end up in a situation that you won't really like!

Emily Moulson
Banksy's art isn't bog standard grafitti, it makes you stop and think, this piece should definately be left, it makes me smile on my way to work!

It should definately stay. Graffiti is a way a reclaiming public space from corporations. It has so many leels of freedom. Are we consulted when we are constantly bombarded by billboards taking up public space. As long as graffiti is not on private property, I see no problem. Councils, governments have no regard for us when our public space is 'tagged' with corporate images. I find this more offensive than graffiti. Art should be free in all senses. Not bought, made and sold according to some rich old fart. ala Saatchi. Go Banksy

It's nice the council is taking time to debate with us over whether this should stay. Maybe they could do the same whenever they erect another grotesque corporate billboard?

Graffiti is a fundamental part of a place, especially if you want to call that place a city. Banksy gives spirit and soul to Bristol (a place where graffiti is scarce anyway).

I really like Banksy's art, but I echo some of the feelings of others regarding vandalism. The council should provide spaces in the city where artists like Banksy can paint freely. I wouldn't mind if there was a "Banksy" on my building, but I would hope that he would ask permission first!

there have been many other "graffiti" banksy pieces on display throughout bristol why should this be taken away just because its next to the council house.

Aaron & Jess [Bristol]
This picture says it all...we have seen loads of people stopping to take a look. This is art at it's most inclusive...nice one Banksy

Oliver Fowler
Let it stay as a moral talking point for residents and visitors to grasp the idea of others involved in our collective society.

Peter Hammonds
Go and drive down cheltenham road to see what encouraging this does to the enviroment

Caroline Fry
It's just another example of Bristol at its best! Always one step ahead with music/arts and cultural awareness, a city in harmony!! It should definately stay.

J Hugo Fat
Banksy is fantastic. When you find one of his works in Bristol, it really does a lot to dress up the area where you find it. Banksy should be given honours by the city, and those who want to clean up the streets should look to the vomit, dog doo, and all the other rubbish people leave everywhere, and let the artists get on with beautifying what they can. In Bristol, Banksy performs a badly-needed public service.

I have spent many hours cleaning the junk off the sides of the trains, giving this banksy a free hand, will only encourage the mindless to do more. VOTE A LARGE NO

On a par with Wallace & Gromit - if it puts a smile on people's faces - hey let it stay.

It begs the question... 'But is it art?' Of course it is and Banksy is a man of the people for the people. It is causing discussion amongst all areas of the community, exactly what art is there for. Excellent work that man.

I would like to see it stay. Banksy is a celebrated Bristolian known throughout the world for his stencil art. It would be a huge shame for his work to be discredited in his hometown. It is playful art and livens up an otherwise anonymous wall-face. If Bristol wants to consider itself as a centre for culture, it needs to prove it and support one of its most famous, if un-conventional artistic exports.

Blackdog (Benjo)
Banksy is a legend! This is his art - art is his voice. Do you really want to lay silence upon a non-offencive voice...?

Brain the Snale
I like good music, but not at full volume at 4 in the morning. There's a time and place for everything. The place for 'art' is NOT all over someone else's walls!

john carlon
as a northerner i moved down south do get away from this sort of tack. if this banky continues to willy nilly spray his so called art all over town i will strongly start thinking about moving on to singapore, remember micheal faye? he was a vandal too.

Banksy is no longer just a pesky graffiti artist - he is a proper artist. He can come do a piece on my Bristol terrace any time he wants - it might improve the value!

Jamie Lloyd
Art? call this art? any joe can make a stencil and spray, what a joke! I expect to see this type of so called art on the doors of the bear pit toilets!!! and no doubt as a tax payer it will be my money once again cleaning up the streets of bristol!!!

Sam Downie (
Yes of course it should stay, as it's a great design, and it keeps you guessing about what the story is behind it. Plus also I hope this picture work goes into Bansy's 2nd book, as his first is such a thril to view!

andrew Giaquinto, Art Director, IOP
One of the few internationaly know / admired, Bristol artist, an asset to Bristol and the UK, It' s a pity so few are left, as would have made an excellent trail around Bristol for visiters, please do not touch it!

Helen Bushell
Really great, typical of this artist.

Banksy is the new Warhol! It should definately stay!

I personally like Banksy's work, it adds a bit of character to the area, so long as its properly maintained I think its worth keeping, I would hate to see it fade away over the years, otherwise I think it could become an eye sore

It should stay, its many levels in quality above simple tagging. The picture is not mindless, its creative, fun and is tidy! As long as the property owner is happy then no problems.Bristol wants to be recognised for having a strong arts culture, or even contender for European culture of capital, well Banksy is one of the leading exponents and should be supported in that case. I'm sure when it suits that people will support him "oh yeah that guy who did the wall in israel he's Bristolian" .If it is allowed to stay the council should let everyone know that good graffiti in accepted spaces is welcome but tagging is not artistic and should be derived. Why dont the council arts fund create some boards somewhere for artists to work on?

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