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24 September 2014

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Wallace and Gromit

You are in: Bristol > Features > Wallace and Gromit > Calls for city honours

Wallace and Gromit

The duo in Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Calls for city honours

As Wallace and Gromit come home to Bristol with a third Oscar - and the Aardman trophy case gets even fuller - a local councillor calls for the claymation duo to be honoured by the city.

The hapless inventor and his canine sidekick took the Academy Award for best animated feature film for their first full-length feature Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Now Southville councillor Matthew Symonds says the time is right for Bristol to have its own Wallace and Gromit statue. 

“There cannot be a single Bristolian who isn’t proud of their success,” said Cllr Symonds.

“They really have placed Bristol on the map worldwide and because of Aardman a sizeable animation and special effects motion picture company that has made a big impact on the city.

"What’s more they actively encourage the education and training of new animators in Bristol, and they have taken time to support the city’s children’s hospital, too.”

Cllr Symonds suggested that a civic reception should be held to thank Nick Park's creations for their contribution to the life and gaiety of the City of Bristol.

“It really is about time that the Lord Mayor offered Wallace the best cheese the city can lay hands on, Gromit and his makers are more than welcome too,” said Cllr Symonds.

Cllr Symonds says that a campaign should be started to raise funds for a statue of Wallace and Gromit in Bristol.

“In the past statues have been funded by public subscription to commemorate Bristol’s great and the good from the poet Chatterton to Cary Grant.

"After staring in three Oscar-winning productions I think that Wallace and Gromit have certainly earned a statue now,” he said.

You can add your voice to the campaign by using the link below.

last updated: 18/09/07

Have Your Say

Should Bristol honour Aardman's Oscar-winning duo? Let us know what you think.

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Shirley Chapman
Most Definitely - they have bought such laughter and fun to a worldwide audience, and anyway Gromit is a very loveable hero and sleeps with me every night!

Feathers McGraw
I, for one, am firmly opposed to the idea of a statue of aforementioned 'heroes'. After all the trouble they've caused me! (message censored by prison staff)

klaartje Leemans ( belgium)
Of course !

Sounds great - but they must be soft and touchable. Have to be designed by Nick Park, coloured as originals and made of a plastic material that regains it's shape. Everyone knows they're made of plasticine, so they should look and feel that way too - bronze? no, no, NO!

Horace Turner
They have durability- they should be honoured with something durable! Build that statue

Jacque Kowalski
I think that a statue of Wallace and Gromit would be an excellent centrepiece to Bristol. Another great thing we can be proud of.

Of course we should have a statue of Wallace and Gromit! For once, lets celebrate something great about Bristol instead of depending on our dodgy history.

Jan Morgan
Yes good idea and do put the statue in Millenium square with the water features and make them of a suitable size and material that are child friendly

Richard Cox
I think it would match nicely with the archie leach memorial

Gerald Saumders
With current celebrity status it would attract visitors both locally and internationally.

Raoul Gaston
A statue of wallace, gromit and sean the sheep would put bristol back on the tourist map. i can see the australian tour giudes now: and bristol: capital of shipbuilding, tobacco, slavery, brunel and claymation!

Duncan McKean
Of course we should honour Aardman. We should be proud of Bristol as a part of this worldwide phenomenon.

Jill Yoder
Yes! Wallace and Gromit statuefied! And definitely add a little flock of sheep. I'm a local person now residing in Oregon; this would raise the profile of Bristol internationally.

Justin Horton
I'm a bristolian, living in southern California for the past 4 years. In my view there have been a few key individuals or creations that have put Bristol firmly on the map, globally!Portishead, Roni Size, Massive Attack, Wallace and Grommit, and some of the great work done at the BBC wildlife department in Bristol.As a proud Bristolian, I think a statue is entirely appropriate, and I know that it would attract swarms of American tourists, if it was big enough. Think Eiffel tower or Statue of Liberty!!!

William K
I think it is a great idea to unveil this statue when the new broadmead opens

I live in New Zealand and I think Wallace & Grommit definitely deserve a statue.

Great idea. Bristol does not celebrate ANY of its triumphs enough, but will it mysteriously disappear after a few months just like Wallace Walk and Gromit Grove did in Emersons Green??? Can anyone explain why these roads were renamed?

Sheila .
What a wonderful idea! Can't wait!

Yes, they should. Aardman Animations have put Bristol into the limelight. It would be a good way of putting them into Bristol's history.

Derek Barton
Absolutly,and let Nick design it,then it will display all the fun weve had from watching them

Frank West
Good idea, add a bit of colour and fame to Bristol


Phil Clark
we defiantly should one have preferably a really big one, someone were on spike island the size of the stature of liberty

Richard D
They are animations(!) and the characters are not representative of Bristol in any way. To me the whole idea is a bit Mickey Mouse.

bridget prewett
I think its a good but i also think we should also have a hot air balloon and launch it at the balloon fiesta

Andie B
If there can be a giant beetle like thing in the @Bristol square, then there must be a giant bronze Wallace & Gromit! And whilst they're melting metal, can we have a small flock of sheep too :-)

Duncan Cruickshank
we must celebrate our pride in their achievement - success breeds success

G Bell
I think they definitely deserve a permanent statue to show our pride in Bristol's finest

Of course Wallace & Gromit should get a statue! They're not just famous in Bristol but Internationally too - though over here in the US I have to explain some of the humor!

If Cary Grant gets a statue in Bristol, then Aardman should definitely be honoured!

Paul Ricco
They should definitely get a statue. Nick Park should design it too!

Erm, Nick is from Preston, and even his characters dont sound very "West Country", so perhaps everyone shouldn't go too overboard about Wallace and Grommet being Bristol born and bred?

Vittoria D.
Can a Canadian have a say in this? My family lives in Bristol and I'm just delighted every time I hear Bristol mentioned in relation to Aardman's work, especially at this year's Oscars. I think a statue would be perfect.

Theric Jepson
. It would likely bring tourists as well. I know I'ld come see it.

This is a fantastic idea. Let's celebrate success here and now instead of always looking back hundreds of years. And they'd look great!

richard rainbow
They are the funniest comedy duo since Laurel and Hardy. They are Oscar winners. They are Bristol born and bred. Is there any reason why they should NOT have a statue erected in their hounour?

Adam Williams
If rugby and cricket heroes are honoured with parades why shouldn't Bristol's own film heroes? It's the least the city can do after all the good-will they have brought to Bristol.

You are in: Bristol > Features > Wallace and Gromit > Calls for city honours

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