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28 October 2014
This is the website that loves Bristol: Clipper

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Race log
Keep up-to-date with the latest positions and gossip from on-board the Bristol Clipper with BBC Bristol Online's race log - all the latest news from the final leg.

Win spells wedding bells
Bristol's Atlantic win means Skipper Bob Beggs is getting married. Listen to all the exclusive interviews online.

Clipper Bristol wins in Jersey
Houdini Bob manages to pull Bristol back from seventh to first, and takes the points in Jersey.

Clipper titans Clash of the Clipper titans
Only 0.4 points seperate Bristol and Jersey - watch exclusive interviews from New York with all the main players.

Some Clipper features you may have missed

Race 15: New York to Jersey
Bristol is poised for the penultimate leg of the round-the-world challenge, with the narrowest of leads over Jersey.

Transatlantic challenge
The Clipper fleet set sail from New York and should reach the Channel Islands by mid September.

Bristol wins race 14
The Bristol yacht has won race 14 of the Clipper round-the-world race from Salvador to New York.

Fleet leaves Cape Town
The next leg of the race has begun as the Bristol Clipper heads out with the overall race lead.

Bristol Clipper wins latest leg
Skipper Bob Beggs and crew are back on form as they win the South Africa leg and regain the overall race lead.

Penultimate leg underway

Bristol is underway as she bids to regain her points lead between Mauritius and Cape Town.

Fleet leaves Singapore
After work on the yachts, the fleet are leaving Singapore in preparation for race 11 from Sunda Strait to Mauritius.

Bristol docked points
The Bristol Clipper has losts its overall race lead after being docked points for a collision in April.

Impressions of Singapore
Race director, and former resident of Singapore, Colin de Mowbray, reflects on how the island has changed.

Jersey wins race 10
The Channel I
slanders claim their third consecutive victory as the race to Singapore is officially stopped.

Close finish in Hong Kong
Jersey has beaten Bristol into second place by just 25 minutes at the Hong Kong finish line.

Bristol comes seventh
A last minute scramble and only 78 seconds seperating three of the Clippers - it was an amazing finish!

Take two for race seven

Bristol and the rest of the Clipper round-the-world yachts are ready to leave for the island of Okinawa.

Bristol wins - but only just!

An amazing end to leg six of the round-the-world race, as Bristol pips Jersey to the finish line in Japan.

Back in the UK

Jane Rickard looks back on the last few months, and picks out some of her favourite Bristol Clipper memories.

Storms force fleet recall
All eight clipper yachts have been recalled to Yokohama after hitting storm force 10 winds off Japan.

Back on dry land
BBC Bristol Online's Clipper diarist Jane Rickard has come back home after her stint on the Bristol Clipper.

Clipper heads towards Japan
As the Bristol Clipper embarks on race six, we talk to skipper Bob Beggs and the new crewmembers.

Aloha Hawaii
The Bristol Clipper has come second in the latest leg of the round-the-world race but she retains her overall lead.

Night life of a rising star
BBC Bristol Online diarist Jane Rickard, on board the Bristol Clipper, takes up baking on the high seas.

The Clipper in Cuba

Our man in Havana, Rob Salvidge, has returned from Cuba with pictures aplenty of the Clipper and more. Exclusive

Clipper claims third place

Bristol has claimed third place in the latest leg of the round-the-world race to the Galapagos Islands.

A high wind in Havana

The new crew members are apprehensive as Bristol prepares to leave Cuba for Panama and Hawaii.

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