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Your observations can help wildlife

Taking part in a wildlife survey is a great way to engage with nature near you and also supports professional conservationists.

Get to know the wildlife in your own patch by getting outside - or observing and recording it from the comfort of home.

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  • Surveys are essential for assessing the status and needs of wildlife. Taking part lets you make a real difference.
  • No matter your passion - from amphibians, reptiles and marine life to birds, insects and trees - there's a survey to suit you.
  • Take part wherever you live - it's important to monitor wildlife across the UK, in urban and rural areas.
  • Surveys run at different times of year. Get involved whenever you have free time.
  • Take part as an individual or as part of a group.
  • Many of the organisations that run surveys are charities and rely on volunteers to gather information.

Surveys to try

Here are a few UK wildlife surveys that the public are invited to join. Remember not everything lives throughout Britain and Ireland.

Various plants and animals: Nature's Calendar | OPAL surveys | UK's Wildest Hide and Seek

Bats: Big Bat Map

Birds: Big Garden Bird Watch | BirdTrack

Bugs and insects: Beewatch | Buglife | Great Stag Hunt | Migrant Watch | Moths Count | UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme | UK Ladybird Survey

Plants: Beagle Project | Conker Tree Science | Wildflowers Count

Reptiles: Add an Adder

Sealife: Big Seaweed Search | MarLIN

Snails: Evolution MegaLab | Great British Snail Hunt | Snail Search

Browse all the Breathing Places Partners to find other organisations that welcome volunteer help.

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