Pennywell Youth Project

fencing and trees in garden

The Bee There project

The project aims to regenerate an area of derelict land to create a community garden and wildlife area in the grounds leased by Pennywell Youth Project.

The aim of developing the communal green space is to provide a safe and welcoming area were members of the community - young and old - can meet and learn new skills, like recycling and horticulture, while increasing their awareness about the green environment.

The People

people on site of garden

Project Manager for the Pennywell Youth Project, Gordon Langley, says the idea of the project is to make young people aware of the environment and of nature.

Once created, the site will be promoted as a resource to attract young people, local residents and community and statutory groups to access the community gardens and wildlife areas for their educational and recreational benefit.

The Place

Development of the site will centre around the establishment of bee keeping facilities called the Bee There area. There will be two bee hives located in the garden which will not only help pollinate the plants but also provide honey for tasting days the group hope to run in the future.

Volunteers will work on planting areas that will attract bees and other wildlife to the site and will hold honey collecting sessions, activity days and workshops to coincide with other gardening events throughout the year.

Working in partnership with other agencies, Pennywell also hope to address a number of key issues around health, training, basic skills, fitness, environment, recycling and community cohesion.

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