Have fun with fungi


Why bother with fungi?

Fungi is the name given to a group of living things which are neither plants nor animals. They include mushrooms, toadstools, moulds and other weird and wonderful things. Why not get out this summer and see how many types you can find?

There may be fungi events happening in your local area. Use our event finder to search for events near you.

"In the UK there are over 3,000 of these unique organisms waiting to be discovered. So why not get out there and sort your stinkhorns from your snakeskin brownies?" Bill Oddie, TV presenter

Fungi are essential to the survival of wildlife – and our gardens. They are everywhere but we rarely see them. They don’t need the sun to grow, unlike plants. Fungi love moist and shady places and help create a really rich environment, particularly in compost heaps.

Learning about Fungi

We've put together this great pocket guide which can tell you lots of interesting things about fungi. Find out how fungi reproduce, get more of them in your garden by building a compost heap or even take part in our fungi bingo. There are also lots of ideas of ways you can have fun with fungi.

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