About Breathing Places

By landing on our site you are one step closer to nature.

Breathing Places was a five-year campaign set up in 2005 to encourage people to do one thing to help nature on their doorstep.

It ended in December 2010 but much of the web content – including downloads to listen to or print out and teachers' resources – will continue to be available.

Hundred of thousands of school children and adults, aided by dozens of local councils and hundreds of conservation partners, have enjoyed events nationwide and helped to transform countless areas of land into places for nature.

We know, for instance, that through Breathing Places, over half a million new trees have been planted across the UK.

The Breathing Places team is grateful to you all.

So how can you make a difference now? Well, it could be as quick and simple as burying a bucket for beetles or as ambitious as gathering friends or neighbours to transform a local wasteland.

As for help and support, that's where this website and our partners come in.

Whatever you want to do, everyone can get involved and every project makes a real difference. You don't need a lot of space, time or money either. Just the desire to create something positive and the will to make it happen.

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