BBC Branding

BBC Branding

Use of BBC assets

I am a technology provider and wish to use a BBC logo to signpost BBC channels or content on my platform

  • These requests cover items such as remote controls, iPhone apps and other logo request for devices. Requests to use BBC logos in relation to such items are very time-consuming to consider and often involve input from a number of people throughout the BBC. As the BBC's resources to deal with such requests are limited, we must be able to satisfy ourselves that such commitment of resources is warranted. This will be determined according to objective criteria that the BBC has established, including:

    • Reach (ability to reach a significant number of users or a particular demograpic or hard-to-reach or underserved audiences)
    • Quality (ability to deliver BBC services in compliance with BBC guidelines)
    • Impact (is your service innovative or does it otherwise represent public value?)
    • Value (even if the above criteria are met, if the resource cost to the BBC is too high, we may not be able to permit your use)
  • Please fill in the online request form including as much detail as possible about what you need.
  • When you fill in the form, you must also upload a copy of the text or a visual of your design concept, if relevant, so that we can understand the context in which you are proposing to use our assets.
  • If you are granted approval you need to follow these additional partner guidelines.

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