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BBC Branding

Use of BBC assets

I am a supplier and wish to refer to the BBC in publicity or marketing material

  • Because of the BBC's position as a public service organisation, free from commercial and political interests, it is subject to strict regulation which requires that it does not appear to endorse third parties. For this reason BBC can only allow third-party marketing in certain limited circumstances and then only if the BBC retains editorial control of those elements which refer to it.
  • You must always seek our permission (as stated in your contract) before referring to your relationship with the BBC. Please contact your BBC representative in the first instance.
  • If you don’t know who your BBC contact is, please fill in the online request form, including as much detail as possible about what you need and your relationship with the BBC.
  • When you fill in the form, you must also upload a copy of the text or a visual of your design concept, if relevant, so that we can understand the context in which you are proposing to use our assets.


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