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I am a TV/film/programme maker and wish to feature the BBC, BBC Branding, BBC talent or characters in a fictional context

  • Considerations for BBC News branding, footage, talent, or other assets. It is imperative that the BBC protects its reputation for impartiality in journalism. Therefore the use of BBC News assets in a fictional context is something to which we rarely consent. However, on occasion we may grant consent subject to the considerations listed below and provided that proposed context is in accordance to our Editorial Guidelines, which can be found on our website.
  • Approved requests for BBC assets may incur an administration charge. Access to BBC studios may incur a charge. Footage will be licensed at normal commercial rates by BBC Motion Gallery Ltd. For more information please go to the BBC Motion Gallery website.
  • For us to consider your request you must fill in the online request form including as much detail as possible about what you need.
  • When you fill in the form, you must also upload documents with the following information so that we can understand the context in which our assets would be used:

    • A synopsis of the programme/film
    • Script pages of the relevant scenes
    • A description of the proposed use, if this is not clear from the synopsis and script pages, including the prominence to be given to the material (e.g. full screen or background? audio on or off? with material from other broadcasters or on its own?)
    • An artwork mock-up, rough cut footage, animatic or storyboard which visualises how any requested BBC branding or graphics would be seen on screen
    • Broadcast or distribution details for the film/programme

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