BBC Branding

BBC Branding

Use of BBC assets

I am a member of the press and wish to use a BBC logo

  • If you wish to acquire a BBC logo, please make request using the online request form below.

I am a member of the press and wish to use images to report on the BBC or its programming

  • If you are staff member (ie picture editor, researcher or journalist) of a print or digital press media, based in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the Benelux.  Please go to BBC Pictures' free website service,
  • Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions.  Registration eligibility is subject to terms and conditions and the BBC Pictures will reserve the right to provide only one login and password account for each publication/website and preference will be given to picture desks.
  • If you are not eligible to register we may still consider a request made using the online request form below. Please provide as much detail as possible about what you need.
  • When you fill in the form, you must also upload a copy of the text or a visual of your design concept, if relevant, so that we can understand the context in which you are proposing to use our assets.
  • If you wish to use images from old BBC programmes, then please visit BBC copyright images can be licensed for editorial re-use across the media industry. This includes all programmes that have completed transmission and repeats.  Please note that charges apply to this service. 
  • If you wish to use an image from a programme currently being broadcast in your country (other than UK, Ireland or the Benelux), then please contact the press office of the broadcaster. If they cannot help, then please contact

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