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17 September 2014
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You are in: Bradford and West Yorkshire > Features > Latest > Crate crazy in Castleford!

Crate crazy in Castleford!

Have Your Say

Have you been to the Cratehouse in Castleford? What do you think of it from the pictures you can see here? Is it art? Tell us what YOU think here!

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Look at all the comments that have been made about this! For however much money it's cost, it has got people talking about what is and isn't Art, and whats more it has people talking about Castleford.... As for them 'employing Germans and not Brits', if a British artist had thought of doing this they would.... and at twice the cost.I say well done to the council for having the balls to spend money on Modern Art

eyesore and an expensive one at that get rid

why not fill in holes in pavement with our hard earned cash stop waiasting it on eyesores

STRANGE-looks like a construction area to me, I didn't even realise it was the final piece of art- what a waste of money and space- it really is awful.

Peter Fruish
It's just a part of "lets take the P*** out of Castleford. All in the name of civic pride or tv programming? ALSO wheres the street lighting on the artists impression of the much trumpeted new footbridge?

peter walsh
its crap

I love art but this is complete rubbish! Is it a joke?

You think this is bad wait till they spend £5,000,000 on the bridge to Knowhere. still it will be be somewhere for the hoodies to sit and have a Lager, and dive off in the summer.

Diane Horton
this artwork really needs a visit to be able to comment on it. It's another world on the inside.

i only occasionally work in cas but drive through it often. only thing to say is "whats the point?" the people who live in cas have a very valid point, couldn't the money have been spent in a more fruitful venture. remember..its your council tax money.

now living in turkey and still a big supporter of my home towns rugby team why wasn!t the money put to them,bit of a waste really

its a disgrace! go round the back of any pub & you can see the same thing for nowt!

Don from Cas
Who said the Germans don't have a sense of humour!!!!!! It's awful to look at from the outside and I can't go inside as it is not disabled friendly (the DDA mustn't count for other Nationalities).

Complete waste of time and money. Why would anybody pay for that thing to be made, some things eh!

What a waste of money....Big eyesore if you ask me too ...

Leann Jannerton, Castleford
I was sat in the vets oppostite and i thought it was a dust barrier covering up some building work! I work in the arts so i am not one of those people who doesn't appreciate true works of art. This is a load of rubbish and as far as paying some german architects to design it goes...what's wrong with giving the work to up and coming local artists? and for gods sake if your going to plonk it on a bit of scrubland, at least tidy it up a bit first and get rid of the rubbish that is all around it. A prime example of how Wakefield Council like to waste council tax payers money.

wink. in oz
what a waste of space and money,sell it to the germans and put the money back into the community.
the biggest waste of money spent,as the nhs crying out for extra cash to treat local people.

Kelley, Wakefield
See picture 13. The reason the artist are smiling is because one just said to the other, "Ha, silly English people, paying all that money for our German rubish. At least it is saving our landfills."

Peggy O
I also think it's a waste of space and money, money that could be used for the important things in life, like health and schools.

Complete waste of money,when you look at the state of Schools,Hospitals,and the towns roads and pavements!!!

sreve ,cas
its a complete waste of time and money

sian, ex cas
used to live in Cas and the town could do with some colour.

Steve Robinson
i'm from Leeds but i live in America but i saw this and i think if this is Art, people are nuts and must like wasting money

Steve, Glasshoughton
Another case of the Emperors new clothes! An average piece of sculpture in a really cr*p site (that's not saying Cas is cr*p - just the location - at the end of a side street). A little more thought & consultation would have helped! £25K is a lot of money for this.

now why wasent the money put into the new cas staduim where we have potentioal not like that ist ugly

think I could have made something like that myelf and I am not an artist. At least they could have let a Brit do it instead of a foreigner

emma, becky and martha (cas)
that is the most ridiculous thing we've ever seen! It looks like something a 3 year old could make with lego bricks. It's hideous!!

Brian, Hull
Pleased to see it's not just Hull that can waste brass. We spent £650,000 on a giant TV that no one looks at. Local Councils are run by unqualified Morons.

pat hulme
ugly and a waste of money

Peder E Rush
The spiders will love it. Rather cute, but at first i thought it might be an American CIA prison.

John H
It is not made entirely of orange crates, Why wasn't the money used to fund local artists or used to prtect the town,s heritage?

What a pile of c**p this money could have been used to improve schools in the district or play areas for kids!!!

Marje Harrison
What happens when it gets faded by the sun and covered with polluted gey yuck. Another design by a walk-away architect

Elizabeth, Castleford
I wish i was clever enough to be an artist and got paid an extortionate sum of money for a load of old rubish, roll on next year when it has gone!

Matt, Auckland (ex Cas)
It's certainly very interesting and I like it but.... How long will it be before it gets vandalised, filled up with rubbish/used syringes and eventually burnt to the ground?

mark in leeds
Not seen it wouldn't want to see it. looks like a b***** eyesore to me!!!!

Dan, Wakefield
Some people on here are probably going to slag this off as just another waste of money for something they don't see as art. My message to them (thought I'd get this one in early) is get a life! It's a bit of fun and a bit of colour and my god castleford needs it! Who cares if it's 'art' anyway, it's something interesting to look at, what more can you ask?

michael jackson
it is a pity they have nothing beter to spend money on

Geoff Crossley

You are in: Bradford and West Yorkshire > Features > Latest > Crate crazy in Castleford!


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