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24 September 2014
Bradford and West YorkshireBradford and West Yorkshire

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Last chance to have your say!

Time's running out for YOU to have YOUR say about the proposal to create a "Park at the Heart" of Bradford. Find out more...

City Hall and the Park at the Heart
Bradford 2012?: Park at the Heart

Way back in 2003 it was 'the lake' which was going to help change the way Bradford looked, the way that Bradford people looked at themselves and the way that other people looked at Bradford. The man with the grand plan then was architect Will Alsop, who suggested that the area around Centenary Square could be turned into a landmark lake and urban park in the area now occupied by the city's police station and magistrate's court - both unarguably stuck in the grim stylings of the 1960s and 70s. They were grand plans, indeed, but it seems that even these have now been re-thought.

In the publicity material surrounding February's launch of what's being called the 'Park at the Heart' of Bradford, 'stunning new concepts' are being offered up to people in the city for scrutiny. If they like what they see then the proposals being promoted by Bradford City Council and Bradford Centre Regeneration will form part of a bid for Big Lottery Fund cash. And if these blueprints become a reality, then the city centre could be turned from concrete to country park - or something approaching that anyway! If it happens, the transformation should be complete by 2012.

The Park at the Heart plan
The plan: What do YOU think?

The Park at the Heart will cover 350,000 square feet of land, larger than two football pitches, stretching from Centenary Square up to Jacob's Well and is intended to better suit what people in the city are said to have been asking for since Will Alsop's ultra-ambitious vision for Bradford was first unveiled. In other words, according to the Park at the Heart launch material, what's on offer now is 'a more active and usable space in the centre of the city which would bring the people of the district together...a park that everyone will enjoy and be proud of.'

What does this mean in practice? And what about the lake which for so long has been the focus for some people's concerns, some people's out-and-out support, and any number of quizzically-raised eyebrows?

Well, let's start with the lake. In the plans for Bradford's Park at the Heart, what was going to be the controversial lake becomes a 'mirror pool' - four in fact - designed 'to reflect and showcase the Grade II listed City Hall.' The questionnaire through which Bradfordians will be able to air their views describes it as 'an exciting water feature...shallow water which can change in size and shape. There will be fountains, jets and causeways and the water can be simply drained for easy maintenance and for hosting major events.' In fact, it's also being proposed as the site for a winter ice rink. So, it might not be a lake anymore but the intention is clearly to make this pool in the centre of Bradford much more functional than the previous plan had suggested.

The Lake, Bradford in Will Alsop's plans
Will Alsop's proposed lake

But, in the hope of getting the thumbs-up from people living and working in the city, it's the other aspects of the new plans for Bradford centre which now appear to be the main focus. That means children's play areas, art displays, cafes, bars and restaurants, together with 'green' areas, 'cutting edge lighting features'. Plans also remain for Bradford Beck to see the light of day once again after years being hidden underground.

Major changes being proposed, then. And once again they're all up for discussion. Following February's launch of the Park at the Heart plans, it's been a case of 'over to you'. Bradfordians have been invited to have their say about the plans by visiting (click on the link at the top right of this page) or by filling in a leaflet available in City Hall, libraries, cafes, shops, public buildings and businesses all across the district. Consultation ends on March 31st, 2007 and the results will be published soon after.

But as well as that, WE would like to hear from YOU about your views on these plans. The lake may have been downsized, but the plans are still pretty impressive. So, we want to hear what YOU think. Fill in the form below with your thoughts and opinions!

  • Does Bradford need yet another set of plans to transform the city centre?
  • Are these plans realistic? What benefits might they bring if they happen?
  • The plans for a Park in the Heart of Bradford sound good for a sunny day in summer, but what about a grey, rainy day in winter?
  • What would YOU suggest?

We'll include a selection of comments below. So take a look to see what other people are saying - then have YOUR say! 

last updated: 28/03/07
Have Your Say
Tell us your comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions about the plans for Bradford's Park in the Heart!
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Joe Powell
why not make a grand shopping centre with arcades and tree lined boulavards. compete with Leeds.thank god we have bradford bulls to be proud of.

John D
Bradford people really need to ask themselves what the city really needs to regenerate – is it a lake and leisure area or is it a strong, vibrant economy. I bet there isn’t a single city of its size in the UK that would have a prime central location stood empty for years while a developer tries to badger decent retailers into signing up before construction can start.The problem is the city isn’t and never has been easy to get to or from when compared to Leeds for instance. From the dawn of the industrial revolution it has suffered from inadequate communications - a branch of the Leeds Liverpool canal; branches of the main line railways and most recently a branch of the M62. This is singularly down to the lack of vision from those in charge. Ask yourselves if you want your local politicians to spend all this money on a feasibility for something that might look nice or something that will actually help the city to regenerate by stimulating a demand for businesses to locate here and people to consider coming to live and work here. What would really help for starters is to use the opportunity presented by the clearance of the area between the railway stations to create, after 150 years of not really trying, a through railway and new station. It would be an enormous boost for the whole region, not just Bradford. Are Bradford and the neighbouring councils pressing for funding to study such a proposal? No, thought not. This is your last chance for generations to come, I suggest you Bradfordians insist that your political representatives tackle this issue before fancy lakes and leisure facilities that might be nice for locals but will add nothing to the outside worlds view of the place. I won’t hold my breath……..

Steve Wells
Bradford Council's website undemocratically disallows any negative comment. They also 'spin' the latest feedback in total contrast to the broadly unfavourable comments here (which, I feel, better represent local opinions).High-up councillors seem suspiciously eager to ride rough-shod over true views of Bradford residents and get their hands on lottery millions...

qasid from pakistan
maintanance is difficult than building

Bradford is the dump of the north. We are the poor cousins to leeds. We have no decent shops no more they have been replaced by pound shops, Its very unsafe to go around the city center at night.P.s Ask yourself why bradford university hands out free ATTACK alarms to all female students? {this says it all}

I think the plan is the right plan for Bradford...It will be a real landmark and will create a fantastic first impresion for visitors to the city...First impresions are important...more people will want to live in and around the city centre and these people in turn will require leasure and retail facilities. Leading to a more lively atmosphere and a more vibrant economy.

I Live in Leeds and when I ever go to Bradford I see the old buildings whith such good style and architecture, but all these old buildings are all abondnend & derilict. This project is souless and cheep which would never put Bradford on the map. You can easily change the look of Bradford but you can never change the pepole who live in Bradford. If this project is constructed, in a week or two the whole area (bins, lamps & trees) will be vandelised. Bradford should try to copy there neighbour city leeds and attract floods of investment. Shops, restaraunts (not just the backstreet curry houses). Bradford should try & get a real develpment like lumiere or bridgewater place then finally the city could have something to be proud of instead of a proposell of a pond with some benches and a soggy tropical garden.

Simon Pogson
As an exiled Bradfordian living in Oxfordshire, I will be delighted if the plans come to fruition. However, I don't believe the powers that be have the strength of mind, determination & managerial skills to pull them off. Prove me wrong!!

remember the 'Bradford's bouncing back'Campaign, well the Campaign bounced straight out of Bradford to Leeds....went shopping there again last week, and I noticed two things. 1. the inner city living there isn't actually inner city, its around the city, or the majority of it is, and,2. the inner city was full of retail units, and a great many of them. unfortunately in Bradford we don't seem to get anything going. Take christmas for instance, we have a great big hole in the city centre, why did we not put a fair on there to attract people into the city over that period, or even better free parking for the period. oops did I have an idea then?

Fareed Javed
it would be good if you did what u promise

The plan might just work. But only if the scheme extends far enough to in clude the large number of unused, delapidated buidings that surround the city centre. The old mills and warehouses need to be regenerated as in Leeds and other major cities to attract people to inner-city living. otherwise it will just be a night-time haunt for the drunk and homeless.

firas hassan
I think the original plan it was so Beautiful. and i hope The original plan should be put in action instead of the new plan.

Steven Kiernan
The lake and park would be very pleasant, if it were kept clean. This is not likely given the yob element that exists in Bradford. Mind you no urban scheme works well with this problem so prevalent.Sadly though, I believe such schemes mark the decline of Bradford as a shopping centre. Much more radical approaches are required to successfully regenerate Bradford. This would require massive investment being redirected to Bradford instead of going to Leeds and real progress oncommunity relations as well as general law and order issues. The lake and park are part of a boost to Bradfords image and where as this is alright, image needs to be backed up by real substance in the city centre regeneration plans.

I think the hideous town hall should be demolished and replaced by a nice car park. Plus there are too many cyclists and cycle lanes in Bradford

As a former Bradfordian now thankfully living in Italy surely the money would be better spent in cleaning up the abundance of dirty scruffy areas that surround the city

Donna Wright
Bradford would be better getting some decent shops and then more people would be encouraged to visit and invest in the area.

stephan kraft
A fantastic idea

john lawler
as an exiled bradfordian living in cambrige i support the latest plan. it will give me pleasure taking my 'Southern wife' into town for a change

Andy - 14
y dont you get on with it instead of keep changing your mind you started off with a amazing design which would be great for all the ages and ruined it and made it smaller!!! wel not ruined it but made it less ow a landmark and more of a usual park

I think they should forget the lake and turn the place into a bigger shopping city extending as far as Manningham Lane, this would bring more revenue to the city because more people would want to shop there from other cities, Bradford must think about the future and it's investments, it will cause more businesses to invest in Bradford which would creatre more jobs. Bradford must stop thinking with small mindedness and think big. Look at the sister city Leeds, they are making big progress because of their investment. Bradford has a large district area to enlarge itself as a big city. More revunue means that Bradford would be able to invest in ohter places in Bradford to build parks, lakes etc. The city centre needs a good revamping with more opportunities to shop, create businesses, this would create chances for work for the new generations.

Sunpreet Kaur

A McCarter
I really, really want this to work so badly. The problem here is that people are so negative about it before the builders have even begun.The Broadway development is an absolute disgrace, why oh why did Westfield think that Bradford was ever going to be anything different.Bradford needs to do what Leeds and Manchester have sucessfully achieved and have mini 'villages' in the city centre, where defined groups of businesses and communities are.Can they not try and have a as specific arts/culture area, gay area, shopping area, bar/cafe area etc....I think this would be fantastic for the city, having the area by Media Museum for Arts. The new development by the Town Hall for live acts. The Broadway for shopping, the arches by forster quare for cafes and art installations.Come on Bradford, it can be done!

Joanne in Keighley
Just get on with it!Then we can pass proper comment. Or are these all simply pipe dreams like all the others. Keighley is attempting a similar (albeit much smaller) regeneration thing and I cant see that actually happening in the near future either. And im not being pessimistic - Id love to see positive changes in our city and towns. It just never seems to happen.

geoff hindle
All Bradford Council seems to be interested in is the city centre.Since they took over the outlying districts against their wishes ( thanks to central Government )these towns have NOT prospered.As for Parks,take a look at the rundown state of Roberts Park at Saltaire ( A village that Bradford is always happy to quote in Tourism advertisements ).Improve the Parks that you already have!!!

Vera P Scanlon
I see it as a waste of time. I don't visit the center of Bradford I have been threatened and harrased. I'm disabled and "walk funny". I see the pond as somewhere for the revelers to be sick. and rubbish to accumulate. look at the water feature outside the police station. it will end up stinking. that does. I go to Halifax. Its much nicer.

Ooh, what a waste of time and money! Cant wait to see all the drunks going to the toilet in the water ahhem 'play'. Oh and the nightclub vomit swimming around! Great stuff.This is such a joke...seriously.

giuseppina hrymak
I think you should not have the water feature, because it will require a lot of expensive maintenance. If you are opening the beck, the water feature is not required. If you have a lot of shops and restaurants- grass and trees etc..with seating areas would be sufficient and would give a nice warm feeling to the city centre and would be easier to maintain. Events could also still be held there.

Peter Rushworth
On the face of it the idea seems fine, ideas usually do.To really work though it needs to be part of a city-wide initiative that looks to the long term with a vision of where the city as a whole sees itself in (say)10 years, with each individual development plan contributing to the whole. There then needs to be an 'political' consensus, so the plan doesn't depend on the 'whims' of the party in control.Add to that, Bradfordians getting behind their city and public servants with some credibility and we're on a winner......not much to ask eh?

Abdul Aziz
I have lived in bradford since my chilhood from 1967 and have seen many changes.The plans for bradford looks very impressive but is the bradford council looking at along term investment where people will come to bradford to spend money every day or will it be like going to blackpool once every summer.We should look at the city's nearer to bradford and think why people go there every day. Iam proud to be from bradford and would like to spend my money in bradford. so please get rid of the rubble and start building some attractive shopping centre so that i dont have to go to other cities like most of my family members do.And dont forget the night life. Bradford have lots of potential that other cities dont have if all community work together this will be one of the BEST city in yorkshire

nice idea i hope i to be done sooner

what a waste of council tax, could think of better things to do in better places. bradford will always be a dump no fancy trimmings will sort any of it out!!!

Sam Goodstuff
I am from Bradford and have lived in the area most of my 27 years. When as a group of friends (also from Bradford) we visit other cities in the UK it bothers me when we are asked the question "where are you guys from?" that they answer with "Leeds or Harrogate". Now i like leeds city centre but i am proud and optimistic about Bradford. It is a good Shopping environment that will bring the money in to our City Centre. I think the council need to look at why High Street Retailers are leaving and look to combat that. A lake isn't going to make me want to visit Bradford CC especially when we have the Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep - a range of clothing/eating outlets might (hence the only reason i like Leeds City Centre, and also, why most people on this forum go there aswell). Ask yourself the question - why do you go to Harrogate or Leeds?

Chris Scott
I think they should concentrate on finishing the westfield project before messing with something that is fine as it is.

When these ideas were first put forward, Britain was hooked on make-over tv. It seemed like all you had to do was tear everything down and replace it wih painted MDF and hope the neighbours would love it. Getting in on the act - the gardening programmes pushed the virtues of decking and water features.People are sceptical for a reason - The Council have let them down repeatedly.The very buildings that have just been torn down were eyesores, but they were hailed as the "way forward" back in the 60's and 70's and a lot of beautiful old buildings were destroyed to make way for them.If Bradford ends up with just the 'mother of all' water features, the Council's lack of imagination and vision will be reflected - amongst the floating fag ends and chip paper.

Ken Windle Newark Delawer U S A
Sure looks good but for how long befor it gets vandlized Lister park got rid of the Lido ? A waste of taxpayers money

It won't happen, there will be some late makeshift alternative or it will just get left. Odsal Superdome anyone.

J Ravenscroft
I think Bradford should concentrate on looking after the parks it already has on the outskirts of the city. This is surely where parks should be, near to peoples homes, accessible. convenient, within walking distance for people to enjoy. As to a lake in the centre of Bradford,we have not been able to keep the small fountain by the Police Station clean and free from debris.I see a lake as needing a great deal of upkeep


joe batty
a great waste of money again, pity poor Bradford keep the pond amd keep our brain

Another day, another fancy regeneration plan. Bradford seems to have been trapped in a perpetual regeneration cycle that never goes anywhere...perhaps this is why Bradfordians are so cynical. I moved to Bradford in the 1980s when there were other regeneration plans. Those came and went, just as I suspect these will. There comes a point where after so many regeneration plans, which have all received the precious input from Bradfordians, have fallen by the wayside that we just quit caring. Ten years from now, there will be another regeneration plan, with glossy brochures, fancy website and pie-in-the-sky artists impressions. Perhaps if the council actually had some guts and went ahead with one these plans, something might change. I'm getting tired of saying the same thing every four or five years when another fancy plan is announced. For God's sake just stop talking about it and build something!

D Williams
Pity poor Bradford! The once proud city has disappeared for ever. The Victorian entrepeneurs built a town of solid stone with shops, pubs and offices which served the people well until the 1960's. Then as now,'modernisation' that was the keyword. So they demolished all the central area and put up the concrete blocks. Gone was Swan Arcade, and Kirkgate Market which could now be shopping malls with character. All the department stores closed, Busbys, Brown Muffs and latterly Sunwin House. Woolworths disappeared leaving only Marks and Spencer still in their original site. Darley Street has become the only shopping area. Sadly Bradford has died, so why not flatten what remains and start again with a 'New Town'- a Milton Keynes style- with no links to the past. Only the history books will remember that once this was the capital of the Woollen Trade. Thank goodness Leeds and Harrogate have survived the demoliton squad.

Miss Evans
I moved away from my hometown of Bradford seven years ago to the south east of England. On the rare occasions I do visit I always feel depressed at my surroundings. I applaud Bradford council's intentions to brighten up the city centre, but surely it would be wise to invest first in the other delapidated areas of the town centre.

what a lovely idea - i think we could all take a picnic and have a lovely day out!! then we could have a jolly good round of drinks at the bar of an evening.. ahhh lovely and pretend we arent actually in bradford!

First it was going to be a lake. Then it shrank to a shallow "mirror feature." Rumours are that it will probably end up as a damp patch on the floor. The only sure thing we can be sure about , is that Bradford Council haven't a clue. They lurch from one mad idea to another - with huge amounts of "consultation" money being thrown at Mad Willy Allc**p for his toytown fantasies. And nothing ever happens. Just look at the farce of Bradford's Broadway Underdevelopment, which we are now told will be "at least" three years before it starts. If ever. This city is the laughing stock of Europe. If you give our planners one chance in 10,000 to get it wrong - then they will. Bradford is now the standard model for how not to succeed.

Dean Loynes quotes: "i have tried to rack my brain to think of a city or town in Britain that is successful, that has a lake or park as it's central theme." The answer is: there isn't one. That's why these plans set Bradford out from the rest of Britain's towns and cities. The plan that came from Leeds was just an initiative to attract more people into the city and eventually bump up the cost of running a business making more money for the council to spend on plans for a tram system that always seem to fail. The Bradford plan could bring much, much more than just a few extra shoppers into the city centre. It's a chance to show the country that our bad pressed, 'downhill' city is about to, and will change. Bradford is currently the UK's sixth biggest city and with the plans and the estimated population growth, in the year 2015 Bradford should be provailed as the UK's 4th largest city with a population of over 790,000 people, a city centre bursting with opertunity, stores, retail therapy, apartments, people and fun. Not just the city centre, but the whole Bradford district. I support wholly the plans that are set out for Bradford as we will soon see that this northern city will be the place to be. Bradford never wants to, has never wanted to and will never be Leeds. All for it, i say!

will this affect our rates?if so as a pensioner its another worry,when does any one ever consider our feelings about anything,we are the ones who have to put up and shut up,its not fair,i have worked all my life,and no one cares,or gives us a say,I think we need a new plan for BRADFORD,MORE THOUGHT FOR THEIR ELDERLY ASK THEM WHAT THEY THINK AFTER ALL THEY PAID IN MORE TO THE UP KEEP OF THIS CITY

Dean Loynes
I have tried to rack my brain to think of a city or town in Britain that is successful, that has a lake or a park as its central theme. As of yet I can't think of one. I would have thought that the money could be better spent on commerce or quality retail..or here is a novel idea, subsidise the rates for businesses that relocate into the city centre. Give them a greater incentive to move into the centre....Oh bum! my friend has just told me, that's what Leeds Council did over 15 years ago. Never mind second place again Bradford!

Jez Holdsworth
Once again plans for Bradford’s City centre regeneration falters, the result of another ill-conceived idea. If indeed the opening lines on the BBC website are true and I quote “change the way Bradford looked, the way that Bradford people looked at themselves and the way that other people looked at Bradford”, then the council continues to fail and has done for some considerable time. Is Bradford’s lack of ability to drag itself up by its own boot laces unique to Bradford, or do other Cities of a similar size have the same problem. If they do I see no evidence! If Bradford had one penny in every pound from all these big ideas since the 1980’s we wouldn’t need to approach the lottery Fund. A lake a park, who cares just give the people of Bradford something to be proud of, it’s way overdue.

Dallow Spicer
May I commend Keith G. Dayby for perfectly articulating the regeneration of Bradford's main problem: cynicism. People only seem to get involved, in what is an open and communication led planning system, when they are given the opportunity to have a good whinge, most often when it gives them the opportunity to; so eloquently vent their anger; prove just how intelligent they are; and demonstrate how they could do the job far better, if only someone would have asked. Well they did ask. And now I ask: where were you when they did? What a joke.

Bradford Has All My support

David Wilkinson
A much better option provided it happens!!

Keith G. Darby
Are those responsible for these schemes actually aware of what the public really think? Everyone I know thinks the plans are ridiculous and that the planners are deluded; "they must be on something" is a typical comment. I concur. What continues to amaze me is that the planners and architects seems totally unaware of the real nature of contemporary Bradfordians. Turning the city centre into some sort of post-modern leisure centre is just laughable. Take a walk through Centenery Square after six p.m. on a summer's evening, particularly on a Friday. It is a sea of bellowing - and often fighting - drunks, intimidating gangs of youths, all trying to look "hard", beggars, vagabonds and general undesirables. The place is just downright threatening. Believe me, "cafe society" is just not going to work in Bradford. The whole "strategy" for the city centre - full of features nobody asked for - smacks of the same sort of unreality as surrounded many of the millennium projects, or follies, to be more accurate. What a joke.

shirley lambert
great ideas but i think it will be a long long time coming,an artical on calender tonight mentioned some thing about paying a quarter of a million pounds for consultions fees so what is going to be the true cost of these grand plans

D Thompson
We have at least 4 parks just bordering the city, its time to think about getting back the shops, and public places for entertainment, not silly play areas, who wants to play in the middle of a city, full of carbon monoxide emmitions from all the traffic that travel through the town, people dont want to live in the city, you can see that from the number of empty so called upmarket Flats that are still showing boards For Sale or To Let. Its a big Joke now and will be in the forseable Future.

Tommy Brown
I think that we should stay with the original plan with the lake! You may ask why??? (THIS WOULD HAVE PUT US ON THE MAP) The park is a down scale in the project... WHY NOT HAVE WHAT WOULD HAVE FETCHED MILLIONS TO SEE; WITH THAT MONEY????? A park will interest nobody =( Good old usless bradford failing to deliver again.

Mark Alston
A complete waste of time and money. Once again Bradford is using tax payers money and lottery grants to try and improve a city that the council has let die. Look at Leeds and see what can be done with forward thinking council.

like the park idea, but i think the lake is very good because its the wud be the only lake in the centre which means that its wud attract more domestic tourism.

Daljit Kaur
The original plan should be put in action instead of the new plan. The reason why that is the architecture is more effective and efficient. That improves Bradford’s reputation.

Bradford will always be a dump. The council need to sort out the people before they sort out the landscape.

Patrick Hooper
Wonderful basic idea but TOO MUCH! A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of something else. Pools, fountains, Beck, artwork, garden, trees, cafes, play areas, performance space, residential tower - it's all too much. Less content, superb quality and better form might improve this marvellous concept.

alison unwin
i am from braford, now in living in wales but now again i go onto this website beausce i miss home but what i see is not home mearly some one idea of a joke made to upset bradford im proud to be from bradford but not if you implement this joke of what you call the furture

Alix Jones
It looks very nice but it will never be Leeds. If I go shopping to a city it is always Leeds, it has a cosmopolitan feel which Bradford will never have, the city centre shops are run down and on a hill, I much prefer the layout, space and flat Leeds.

Looks nice but bare this in mind, to change a City you need to start with the people, not the decor of their soursoundings.

P Middleton
What planet is this stupid council of ours on,for Christs sake we have lost everything that was good about our city. Please let someone with a noggin of commonsense take a look at the hell hole we call a city and rebuild the place we have already got. Grass the bottom of town over, perhaps try and make it a safe haven for people to sit, a few trees here and there and a band stand maybe. Try and make it a little bit like our envious neigbour HARROGATE. Maybe then we'll have what we (not the planners want). Sorry Bfd but our city is dead it wont revive so lets settle for what we've got and make the best of it eh! From Pauline resident of BFD for 60 years.

Mr P A Smith, Shipley
It alls sounds and looks very nice but it seems Bradford City Council are far too good at talking and not very good at actioning. First things first, Whats going on with the Westgate Retail Park? that area is still a pile of rubble. I recently moved back to my hometown from London having lived there for several years with the hope of a brighter tomorrow, which now seems a very distant past. It would be nice to have somewhere decent to shop for a start, meanwhile Leeds continues to profit from all my hard work. Get real Bradford Council and deal with one thing at a time - you dont even seem to be able to do that. It seems Bradford will waste thousands of pounds of tax payers money on a pipe dream idea which will never come to fruition.

Dallow Spicer
Wonderful. Hopefully with the right investment this can be come a reality for Bradford. OK, it may be somewhat over the top but planners should be commended we have to be over the top to press the point. Bradford has been depressed in its own self-induced and perpetuated sadness for years and, in tern, become segregated. Now is the time to push forward the dreams, visions and ideas of the people of Bradford: a multicultural canvas with the city as the artform; from determination to celebration, and from utopia as a project, to utopia as a charter: a frame for the richness of life. Come on Bradford. For everyone's sake: raise a smile.

N Coupland
Sounds like another windfall for Consultants and other experts.

The plan is excellent it looks fabulous and it will transform our City into a city to be proud of


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