The Lines of War

A British World War One tank containing the burnt remains of six bodies is uncovered in France. It has been buried since 1917. The discovery ignites an international archaeological feud between Gillian and her German counterpart Dr Becker, while bureaucratic French official M Luc struggles to remain neutral.

Evidence of a war crime emerges and tensions rise between nations. When John Athorn of the MOD arrives at the dig site he is engulfed in the fractious dispute over the finds. A broken finger has identified one of the bodies as Major Banks of the Greenwich Fusiliers. Banks brought the tank to Verdun with war correspondent Captain Roberts. But the investigation changes direction when a German dog tag naming Gruber is discovered.

Gillian's tent is set on fire and the lab tent is ransacked - someone is determined to put an end to the investigation and cover up the truth. Through Roberts' writings, Viv discovers that the Fusiliers were looking for a weapon to win the war. Just as evidence mounts, Gillian loses control of the finds but clues left by archaeologists and a medieval obsession drive the investigation forward.

In an ancient tomb the story of a medieval heroine, a broken friendship and the horrors of a long-hidden war crime are revealed with terrifying consequences.

Written by: Tom MacRae

Created by: Matthew Graham & Ashley Pharoah

Produced by: Rhonda Smith

Directed by: Nick Hurran

Discover the true history with Dr Mark Horton

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