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James Fox: BBC Four's 'British Masters'

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Adrienne Doyard | 17:37 UK time, Monday, 11 July 2011

In a major re-calibration of 20th-century British paintings, art historian James Fox argues that British painting from 1910 to 1975 was far from being old-fashioned but an extraordinary flowering of genius. The three-part BBC Four series starts on Monday 11th July at 9pm.

Exclusive to Your Paintings, James Fox narrates a guided tour that uses some of the most interesting paintings in the nation’s art collection to tell a story of 20th century Britain. Along the way, we find out how artists were influenced by British society and how in turn they aimed to influence it.


Dr James Fox

" I've selected brilliant paintings that I think are not only great examples of twentieth century British art, but they tell a story of twentieth century Britain as well"

What do you think of this take on 20th century Britain? Are there other paintings that you think tell the story as well, or better? And do you agree with what James Fox argues in his BBC Four series - that art historians of the future will rank British paintings in this period alongside the Golden Ages of Renaissance Italy and Impressionist France.

You can also read more in James Fox's latest BBC TV blog post, 'British Masters: My one big chance to get even'.



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