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Job Hunters catch-up

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X-Ray production team X-Ray production team | 17:10 UK time, Monday, 18 October 2010

This week, the programme follows job hunters Alan Goss and Timothy Lee Rees in their hunt for employment.

When we first met 55-year-old Alan he was worried that his age and varied career history could count against him. He has run his own business in the past but with a new baby, he's now looking for a secure full time job.

Our experts advised Alan to spruce up his CV and target his job search better. And one of them, Nigel Roberts, arranged an interview for Alan at Excelerate technology in Cardiff. If he impressed the boss, David Savage, there could be a business development job up for grabs.

Job Hunter Alan Goss at his interview with David Savage

Job Hunter Alan Goss at his interview with David Savage

David quizzed Alan on his commitment, his willingness to adapt from being self-employed to working for a company, and what he could offer the company as an employee.

When Alan revealed his salary expectations, David told him that he thought the figure was delusional in the current climate! Alan said afterwards: "I really didn't feel that went anything like as well as it should and I blame myself".

However, David was more positive about Alan's interview. "He came across very well", he said. "I'm pretty comfortable that I'd would probably like to see Alan in a different environment, without the BBC here, and see how he performs in a more natural case, where I actually think he'd do better."

Meanwhile, Timothy Lee Rees has decided to focus on training towards a longer term career, having recently been made redundant after 12 years at a food packaging plant. He said: "Because I was made redundant in the last six months, I can apply for ReAct funding provided by the Assembly government to help people like myself to try something different, a new career."

Tim is interested in getting a forklift operator's licence, which he hopes could lead on to a forklift engineer's course. But to see how realistic his plans are, X-Ray arranged for him to meet Chris Hurlow from South Wales Industrial Equipment in Port Talbot. The company employs engineers to fix forklifts all over South Wales.

Chris advised Tim that entering this trade requires a lot of technical knowledge, that training would take time and he'd have to find an apprenticeship placement, of which there are few in south Wales. Chris also advised Tim to explore the avenue of gaining experience in garages and fast paced MOT garages before going to college.

In last week's programme wannabe chef, 18-year-old Dwayne Landeg, underwent work experience in a five star professional kitchen, Patrick's with Rooms in Mumbles, Swansea. But although he initially impressed head chef Patrick Walsh, Dwayne left his shift early and called in sick the following day.

However, Patrick gave Dwayne a second chance to prove himself and when we caught up with him after his second day's work experience he was feeling optimistic.

Dwayne said: "It was a lot of fun. I'm going to do a couple more shifts and see how it goes from there and if they want to take me on, they can. I definitely do want to do this as a career choice, now I've had this opportunity I'm not letting go, If I do get it, I'll be over the moon, I can say my first job is in a five star restaurant. That's going to be a big achievement for me."

We'll keep you posted on the progress of all our job hunters in the coming weeks.


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