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X-Ray production team X-Ray production team | 17:30 UK time, Monday, 4 October 2010

When you're considering buying flooring for your home, there's an endless choice from carpet to vinyl to solid wood. Once you place an order, it should be a case of simply waiting for your purchase to arrive.

But lots of viewers have told X-Ray that after ordering floors from Floors-2-Go all they got were long delays and frustration.

Sandra Chipper

Glyn Williams, from Pontardawe, paid £401.35 for solid white oak flooring from Floors-2-Go in the Swansea Enterprise Park last July. He says he was told it would take 10 days to arrive in store.

After 11 days, Glyn visited the store but the wood wasn't in stock so he went home to wait for a call to say it had arrived. When he heard nothing, Glyn returned to the store.

He explained: "The manager who informed me that the goods would arrive in store the week after next. I was pretty annoyed really, I mean I'd made the payment and I expected good service and I felt I wasn't having it."

On Friday July 16th, the store finally said the floor would be delivered on Tuesday but it wasn't, so Glyn asked for a refund. He spent days chasing his refund, being passed from pillar to post between the store and head office and wrote to the chief executive but still got nowhere.

In the last six months we've heard from lots more unhappy customers including Sandra Chipper, from Cwmbran who on May 11 paid more than £400 for laminate flooring for her living room and hallway.

She said: "They said it would be ready within two weeks maximum. Time went on after two weeks we didn't have anything they kept fobbing us off every time we phoned."

Despite several broken promises that the flooring would arrive within days, Sandra hoped by the time she returned from a holiday, everything would be ready to go. A fitting date for early September was arranged but the night before, the store called to say that he flooring had been transferred to a shop in England. She then asked for a refund.

Sandra said: "We're disgusted with the company, it's a nationwide company and we can't believe that we, and other people, have been treated like this."

We wrote to Floors-2-Go who offered their "sincere apologies". They said they had experienced substantial disruption due to the installation of a new IT system and this had impacted on levels of service during the transition. However, the new system was virtually now in place.

They have now given Glyn his refund and planned to send him a letter of apology. They say they had authorised Sandra's refund and were due to post her cheque imminently but will now hand deliver it immediately. Floors-2-Go have also refunded two other customers brought to their attention by X-Ray.

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