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Driving school

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X-Ray production team X-Ray production team | 19:33 UK time, Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A couple from our viewer's panel - The X-Ray 100 - are put to the test as they go back to driving school.

Revving up at the start line for this battle of the sexes were husband and wife Phillip and June Griffiths, from Swansea.

Both have very different driving styles. June said she's cautious while Phillip insisted he's no boy racer but makes decisions quickly.

Catering assistant June passed her test at 17 so has more than a decade of driving under her seatbelt. Phillip, 27, ripped up his L plates just two years ago. Both were convinced they were the better driver.

Rhodri explained that to get the answer he had three driving tests for them to sit and an expert judge to make the result official.

And testing them is Rob Storer, driver trainer for South Wales Police. What this man doesn't know about driving would fit on a petrol cap. In his day job, he trains everyone from officers who carry out high speed pursuits to those who escort royalty.

Test one: road test your skills

For test one Rob put the couple through their paces by taking them out on the road for a driving assessment to see how good their skills really are.

The couple, who have two children - five-year-old Jack and four-year-old Lara May - not only had a new car to get used to but an unknown city to navigate.

Phillip was up first was quizzed by Rob on everything from his road observations to his knowledge on road markings. When he tried to sneak a peak at Rob's notes, he got a swift reminder it might be a better idea to concentrate on the road.

While Phillip was out on the road, Rhodri got the inside scoop on Phillip's driving from June. He discovered that apart from liking his speed, Phillip believes in putting the car in neutral to go down hills - to try to save petrol.

June said: "I'm clenching to the side of the seat going 'put it in gear, put it in gear!'"

She said Phillip would probably say she's OK as a driver but could improve on some things like her reverse parking.

But was Phillip good at reverse parking? "He's a good reverser but he's not a good front parker," she told Rhodri.

With Phillip's test over, he gave himself a fairly confident seven out of 10.

Next candidate June was feeling rather tense but, this was a competition, so Phillip had no tips or advice to give. Despite Rob's advice that June should try to relax, the nerves were evident and June admitted sitting the test was like going back nine years.

The questions came thick and fast throughout the route but June kept her cool, even when a police car pulled up behind her at the traffic lights.

Back at base, Phillip told Rhodri he thought reverse parking was one of June's weakest areas and revealed she liked her music blaring. As for what annoyed her on the road? Drivers who cut her up and don't indicate.

With a look of relief on her face, June returned to base where she rated her performance slightly higher than Phillip, giving herself eight out of 10.

But it was time for the verdict from the expert himself.

Rob was happy to report both June and Phillip were safe drivers. June needed to work on not depressing the clutch too early when she stops at traffic lights. Phillip, meanwhile, was a bit "rough around the edges" when it came to brake and clutch control.

June said: "I thought the comments were fair and there's room for improvement but good comments."

Phillip added: "The comments were good, a couple of shock comments there."

Next week June and Phillip try to crack the highway code, get to grips with their steering and the best driver will finally be revealed.

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