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  1. Writer

    Getting my first broadcast credit

    Ling Low is a comedy writer who recently got her first sketch broadcast on new show Sketchtopia on BBC Radio 4. She explains what it means to her after several years of trying to get that elusive first credit.

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  2. Development Producer, BBC Writersroom Scotland

    BBC Writersroom presents... new short comedies by writers new to Radio

    We recently worked with BBC Radio Scotland on the production of 3 brand new short scripted comedies which were broadcast on the Afternoon Show. Listen to all 3 now and hear from their writers.

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  3. Writer

    My Comedy Writing Career - Including launching Radio 1's new podcast 'Kench'

    We spoke to Benjamin Partridge as his series 'Ray Moss - No Stone Unturned' launches BBC Radio 1's new weekly comedy podcast 'Kench'.

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  4. BBC Writersroom Scotland Update

    Update on the latest to come out of BBC Writersroom Scotland - 2018.

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  5. Writer and Actor

    How I found myself inside the Drama Room

    Hayley Wareham is part of our 2017 Drama Room writer development group. She explains how she gained a place in the group and what happened on the recent radio day.

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  6. Writer and Performer

    Breaking Up With Bradford: Writing my first Radio 4 Afternoon Drama

    Kamal Kaan is a writer and performer and part of our Drama Room 2017 Writer Development Scheme. His first Radio 4 Afternoon Drama is broadcast this week. He explains how he was commissioned and developed 'Breaking up with Bradford'.

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  7. Writer

    Girls - Theresa Ikoko brings her award-winning play about the kidnapping of three Nigerian girls to Radio 4

    Theresa is also a former member of our Drama Room development group. We asked her about transferring a stage play to a different medium and what she learnt from the process.

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  8. Writer

    The Newsjack Writers' Room

    Claire Wetton started off by submitting sketches to Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack and then was asked to join the show's Writers' Room. She explains what this means with the help of some killer goats...

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  9. Producer, Radio Drama

    The History of 'A History of Paper' (or three lessons about radio drama)

    In the second of our blogs focussing on scripted programmes being made in Scotland Radio Drama Producer Kirsty Williams describes the development of the award-nominated 'A History of Paper' by Oliver Emanuel.

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  10. Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2015/16 - Shortlist Announced

    Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2015/16 - Shortlist announced

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