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  1. Commissioning Editor

    Jeremy Howe, Commissioner for Radio 4 Drama, introduces 5 new plays and explains how Radio is a writer's medium which has fostered the careers of many of today's most successful writers.

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  2. Writer

    The winner of last year's Alfred Bradley Bursary Award for Radio drama on writing the powerful Radio 4 drama 'Shamed', which tackles the subject of grooming.

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  3. Writer

    GF Newman is the writer of novels, television, film and plays challenging power-bases including crime, the police, big-business and the church and including the current BBC Radio 4 drama 'GF Newman's The Corrupted'.

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  4. Radio 4 Extra

    Radio Comedy Producers, Charlie Perkins and Arnab Chanda, blog about the process of producing Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack and shares tips on what makes a good topical sketch.

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  5. Writer

    Ed Robson blogs about the writing process for Series 2 Epiosde 3 of Radio 4's 'Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully'- he shares his script drafts from 0 to 8.

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  6. Writer

    Katie Hims on the challenges and rewards of writing Home Front, Radio 4's epic First World War drama.

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