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  1. Northern Voices

    Monday 10 August 2009, 18:08

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    There's a new opportunity from us (along with several screen agencies) for writers in the North of England.

    The short of it: If you've had a script commissioned or a professional reading of your work, and you live in the North of England, you're eligible. They want to see a sample of your work, and...

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  2. Writers Academy 16

    Monday 27 July 2009, 13:28

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Ta Da

    The Writers Academy 2009 will be:

    Tim Price
    Shazia Rashid
    Kim Revill
    Nicola Wilson
    Simon Vinnicombe
    Tahsin Guner
    Stacey Gregg
    Lauren Klee

    Big congratulations to them!

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  3. Last Chance Comedy

    Friday 17 July 2009, 19:43

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Dan Tetsell writes about writing for Newsjack over at the BBC Comedy blog.

    It's the last episode of the current series next week, so if you want to submit a sketch or one-liners for the current series you need to do it now.

    Good luck!

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  4. Writers Academy 15

    Thursday 16 July 2009, 14:50

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Even Shorter List

    We're now down to the final 13 who will be interviewed next week. The two workshop days last week were brilliant. Kate Rowland and I met twenty nine writers and they got to find out a bit more about Continuing Drama and whether it was for them. All the writers were good, but it...

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  5. Writers Academy 14

    Wednesday 8 July 2009, 10:52

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick


    It's been a month since I last blogged, and we've now shortlisted down to thirty writers. This means that everyone who entered should have received a "yes" or a "no". If you haven't - something's gone wrong - so you need to get in touch with us directly.

    This is the longest stage of the...

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  6. CBBC Competition

    Friday 3 July 2009, 14:51

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    So the deadline for our CBBC competition passed on Wednesday and we have received more than 700 submissions! Our crack team of readers are sifting through scripts as I blog and we will be contacting writers selected for the masterclass by the end of next week...

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  7. Interview with Steven Andrew and Elly Brewer

    Monday 22 June 2009, 11:40

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Attention if you're planning on entering the CBBC New Writers Competition.

    We've got a new interview with the head of CBBC Drama Steven Andrew and Children's writer Elly Brewer live on the site.

    Our very own Paul Ashton also pops up in the middle to answer a couple of format questions, and to answer...

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  8. More Newsjackery

    Wednesday 17 June 2009, 11:16

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Newsjack is now open for business, accepting comedy sketches and jokes for your aural entertainment.

    To get you in the mood for funny, we've got a new interview with Jocelyn Jee Esien and Gareth Edwards talking specifically about writing sketch comedy, and writing for Newsjack. Though it was known as...

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  9. Writers Academy 13

    Thursday 28 May 2009, 14:55

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    The First Sift

    We've now completed our first sift. My team and I shut ourselves away in the WritersRoom offices for three days and have "longlisted" the applications down to 150. The rest will have received emails telling them they didn't make it this time. So, if you haven't heard anything yet, you...

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  10. CBBC New Writing

    Tuesday 19 May 2009, 00:01

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    A new call for original scripts from those who want to write Children's Drama has just been announced - take a look at our Opportunities page for more information

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  11. Writers Academy 12

    Friday 8 May 2009, 12:21

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    What's next?

    Well the entries are all in - around 500 this year this year - well up on last year.

    We're going to shut ourselves away now and read them all, so I won't have much to say for the next few weeks.

    The plan is as follows:

    - By the end of May we will let everyone know who didn't make it...

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  12. Short Story competition

    Thursday 30 April 2009, 14:42

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    For those interested in writing short stories for radio inspired by classical composers, take a look at the new competition for The Verb on Radio 3.

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  13. Writers Academy 11

    Friday 24 April 2009, 15:52

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Entries pouring in from all directions here too. Well, we've had about 60... plus a couple of hundred started but not submitted yet. About the same as last year at the same stage. There's been a few queries about file formats. The BBC office (no, I don't print them all out myself) that deals with...

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  14. Writers Academy 10

    Tuesday 31 March 2009, 13:54

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    My Writing Heart

    Applications for the course open next Monday 6th April. Do keep your eye on this website for details of when the online application goes live.

    To give your another flavour of what the course is like, I thought we'd hear from another recent graduate. Gill Adams completed the classroom...

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  15. College of Comedy

    Monday 30 March 2009, 18:25

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Just a quickie to say that the BBC College of Comedy 2009 is now accepting applications.

    The college is the Comedy equivalent of the BBC Drama Writers Academy and is run by Micheál Jacob, who has been known to post a blog or two about it here.

    I'm sure he'll be around shortly to say more about it...

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  16. Writers Academy 9

    Tuesday 17 March 2009, 12:19

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Where are they now?

    The Writers Academy has been going for four years now. 32 writers have done the course, and I thought it might be useful to look at what's happened to them....

    Academy writers have joined the core writing teams of all four shows... five at Casualty (including one, Mark Catley,...

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  17. Writers Academy 8

    Wednesday 4 March 2009, 16:21

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    "Those Shows"

    I was at a meeting the other day to talk about writer training (at an institution outside the BBC). I was talking about why new writers sometimes failed when writing for the shows I worked for. I suggested that it might be because they didn't like them or even watch them when they got...

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  18. Writers Academy 7

    Monday 23 February 2009, 17:07

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Giving up the Day Job

    This week I've asked Rob Williams (Writers Academy Graduate 2008) to write the blog for me. He finished the course just before Christmas and is in the throes of his first Holby City script...

    "When people ask me what I did before the Writers Academy, I used to reply 'I had a...

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  19. New Open Door Comedy Sketch Show

    Thursday 19 February 2009, 16:35

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Hm. Still not quite sure about that title.

    Does it entice? Does it scream "Click upon me, for I have information about how to get your sketches read at the BBC," or does it merely look like six words slapped haphazardly together? Aged Fish Rake Brain Pike Whiplash, sort of thing?

    Well, you're here...

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  20. Writers Academy 6

    Thursday 12 February 2009, 12:13

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Dumbing Down

    Yesterday we had one of our regular get-togethers for the Script Readers, who help me and the team read through the large amount of submissions we get year round. I invited Simon Harper along to speak to them. Simon is the Development Editor on Holby City. His job is to find and develop...

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