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  1. Rapid Response: In the Red

    Wednesday 13 October 2010, 11:13

    Fiona BBC writersroom Fiona BBC writersroom

    Would you like to have your script published to the BBC writersroom website?

    We're looking for scripts based on this month's government spending review. What would you put in the 'spending envelope'? Could you come up with a completely different and dramatic approach to the budget deficit?


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  2. Writers Academy 24

    Tuesday 20 July 2010, 11:13

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Two theatre writers and six TV writers make up our selected eight this year. The standard of writing was amazingly high, so it was a tough choice. So big congratulations to...

    Patrick Homes
    Fiona Peek
    Paul Matthew Thompson
    Natasha Langridge
    Peter McKenna
    Matt Broughton
    Andrea Page
    Matthew Barry


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  3. Newsjack - Spread The Love

    Monday 28 June 2010, 17:14

    Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell

    Each week, during the run-up to the Newsjack recording, I'm struck by the fact that Miles Jupp is a cursed man. A curse so rare that you can go a month of Fringe Sundays before you find someone bearing the same cross. It's the curse of being a good straight man.

    This isn't to say Miles isn't funny...

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  4. Writers Academy 23

    Monday 28 June 2010, 15:47

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    We've now shortlisted our Writers Academy entries down from over 600 to 150 and now to 24 - all of whom will be coming in for workshops in the next couple of weeks. We will then select a dozen of these for interview to pick the final eight. This is the first time we will have met many of them, and also...

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  5. Opportunity Knocks

    Thursday 10 June 2010, 17:07

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Three big opportunities up on the opps page today, so I thought it's worth calling them out in the blog.

    Newsjack is the BBC's open-call topical comedy show, and that means anyone can submit material. The deadline is Monday noon for sketches (starting this Monday, 14th June), and Tuesday 5pm for one...

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  6. Newsjack 3

    Thursday 27 May 2010, 18:05

    Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell


    How's everyone been?

    Just a quick heads up that Newsjack (Radio 7's open door topical sketch show) is returning for a third series, starting in June.

    A refreshed Writers' Brief should be up any day now but essentially the idea's the same - a deadline for sketches of midday on the Monday before...

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  7. Writers Academy 22

    Tuesday 18 May 2010, 16:54

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    The First Sift

    If you haven't received an email today telling you you're no longer in the running, you will have progressed through to the second round of our selection process. We have "long-listed" down from 510 to 177 scripts. For me (and for some of you) this is the most brutal and nerve-wracking...

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  8. Welsh New Writers deadline

    Monday 8 February 2010, 11:59

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    Given the short turnaround for our call for Welsh writers, we have decided to extend the deadline by one week to allow writers more time to get their script and idea in to us.

    So the deadline is now: 5pm on Wednesday 17th February

    Just to clarify too - we are stipulating writers must have at least...

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  9. Newsjack: Special Guests

    Friday 5 February 2010, 14:28

    Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell

    Hello. Apologies for missing a week - I was off in Bristol doing some acting and then I lost the email with my login details. Also, I'm only half way through series one of Mad Men so something had to give. Anyway, to make up for my absence, I promise my next blog will contain at least 75% more bullish...

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  10. New Welsh Writers

    Thursday 28 January 2010, 13:25

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    We had a fantastic turnout at our Cardiff open day - more than 100 writers came along, we ran surgeries with Writersroom, BBC Wales TV Drama and National Theatre Wales, with simultaneous Perfect 10 workshops. Then Steve Thompson, who is writing for the forthcoming BBC Wales production Sherlock, came...

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  11. Welsh New Writers

    Monday 11 January 2010, 14:35

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    Writersroom, BBC Cymru Wales and National Theatre Wales are running an open event in Cardiff for Welsh writers who would like to come to masterclass sessions and surgeries to discuss writing for TV, radio and theatre. Take a look here for more details.

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  12. Newsjack Uncut (Actually no, that would be about an hour long and full of mistakes)

    Friday 8 January 2010, 15:07

    Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell

    So, the first show of the new series has been written, re-written, collated, re-written again, rehearsed, performed, edited and broadcast so this seems as good a time as any to start this series of blogs aimed at giving you an insider's view of the ravening script-hungry beast that is Newsjack. You can...

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  13. Newsjack open for business!

    Monday 4 January 2010, 13:26

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Just a quick note to remind you that Newsjack is now open for business!

    For the next six weeks send your sketches to newsjack@bbc.co.uk by 12:00noon on Monday, and your one-liners by 5:00pm on Tuesday.

    No more than three sketches a week, please.

    You can find out more about what they want - and don...

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  14. Writers Academy 20

    Wednesday 16 December 2009, 16:36

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    What Happens Next?

    Last week we finished the classroom part of the course, and the writers now all go off to start their commissions on the shows next month. They'll be writing Casualty, EastEnders, Holby and Doctors for most of the next year. These are real commissions for which they're paid a real...

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  15. Writers Academy 19

    Thursday 26 November 2009, 12:31

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    It's Week 11 of the course and the writers are all redrafting their "graduation" pieces - an episode of Doctors. If these scripts are deemed OK by the show, they will then pass on to their full commisssioning round on Holby, Casualty and EastEnders starting in January. As this will be the first piece...

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  16. Tony Doyle

    Monday 2 November 2009, 17:10

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    This year's Tony Doyle Bursary for New Writing - supported by us here at the BBC writersroom - is now open for entries, so if you're an Irish writer by birth or residence you should make your way over to our opportunities page and check it out.

    The Tony Doyle Bursary is a fantastic stepping-stone for...

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  17. Scotland Writes

    Monday 26 October 2009, 14:17

    Paul Ashton Paul Ashton

    Due to the recent postal disturbances we have a slight amendment to our dates for the Scotland Writes competition. The deadline for submissions remains the same. But in order that we receive scripts potentially caught up in sorting offices, we will start sifting them later than originally planned. And...

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  18. North of the Border

    Tuesday 13 October 2009, 15:30

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    For some reason, we're inundated with opportunities in Scotland at the moment. I have no idea why this should be, but thought it was worth bringing to your attention.

    Open to Scots Only
    Scotland Writes
    Ignite 2009

    Open to All
    Watson's Wind Up
    Stand Up Comedy Workshops
    Big Village Fringe Show Competition...

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  19. Writers Academy 18

    Thursday 1 October 2009, 14:43

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    Busy Busy

    So the course is up and running, and the writers have been working away for three weeks now up at the classroom in Elstree. I won't embarrass them by talking about them, but perhaps I'll persuade one or two of them to contribute to the blog soon. Anyway, it's all going very well. They've...

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  20. Writers Academy 17

    Tuesday 25 August 2009, 13:07

    Ceri Meyrick Ceri Meyrick

    "Is It Fixed?"

    ...I hear some of you ask. "Don't you just give places to writers you know anyway?"

    It's true we do know many of the writers who make it on to the course. But that's because me and the team spend the rest of the year reading work and meeting writers. It's our job to know as many writers...

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