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  1. Writer

    The Drama Room 2018 - Day One

    The Drama Room writer development group met up for their first full session last week - on the same day that Donald Trump arrived in London. Patrick Cash explains how the session with John Yorke on structure merged with events happening outside the window.

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    Meet the Drama Room 2018

    After announcing the Drama Room writers for 2018 back in May this year, here is a chance to get to know the group a little better!

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    Announcing the Drama Room writers for 2018

    We're delighted to announce the 15 writers who will be joining the Drama Room writer development group for 2018. This six month scheme encourages and develops the best in new drama writing and gives the writers the opportunity to build strong connections with producers to help them gain BBC broa...

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  4. Script readers

    Story v Character v Dialogue - an update from our Drama Script Room Readers

    Our team of freelance readers has been beavering away on the second sift of scripts entered into our latest Drama Script Room window. It's not an easy task and sometimes the debate can get quite heated, as one of the team explains...

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  5. Writer

    A day with CBBC & CBeebies

    Kulvinder Gill is part of our Comedy Room writer development group for 2017. He describes his long journey in comedy writing and a recent day for the Comedy Room group finding out all about writing for CBBC & CBeebies shows.

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  6. Writer and Actor

    How I found myself inside the Drama Room

    Hayley Wareham is part of our 2017 Drama Room writer development group. She explains how she gained a place in the group and what happened on the recent radio day.

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  7. Writer and Performer

    Breaking Up With Bradford: Writing my first Radio 4 Afternoon Drama

    Kamal Kaan is a writer and performer and part of our Drama Room 2017 Writer Development Scheme. His first Radio 4 Afternoon Drama is broadcast this week. He explains how he was commissioned and developed 'Breaking up with Bradford'.

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    Introducing the 2017 BBC Writersroom Drama Room

    Following our open submission script room window at the beginning of 2017 meet the 20 writers who are going to be part of our 2017 Drama Room.

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  9. Writer

    Girls - Theresa Ikoko brings her award-winning play about the kidnapping of three Nigerian girls to Radio 4

    Theresa is also a former member of our Drama Room development group. We asked her about transferring a stage play to a different medium and what she learnt from the process.

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  10. Script readers

    Drama Script Room: Feedback from the Readers

    In our latest open submission Script Room for Drama which closed in January we received nearly 4000 scripts. Our team of readers offer up some advice and feedback for those writers who were unsuccessful this time or anyone thinking of submitting a script next time.

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