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  1. Script readers

    Writing a Good Comedy Character - Mind the Reality Gap

    While we're in the midst of reading the lastest Comedy script submissions it seemed like a good time to ask one of the script-reading team to share some pointers on creating memorable comedy characters.

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  2. Writer

    Writing Funny When You're Not Feeling Funny

    James Bugg is a comedy writer and former recipient of the BBC Radio Comedy Writer's Bursary where he was a staff writer between 2013 and 2014. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week he explains how he has wrestled with depression and OCD while working as a comedy writer.

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  3. Writers

    Creating and writing Home from Home

    The new sitcom starring Johnny Vegas began last Friday on BBC One at 9.30pm. We caught up with its writers, Chris Fewtrell and Simon Crowther, to find out about their writing careers (including Coronation Street) and their new show's creation.

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  4. Script Editor

    Writing Loglines

    What exactly is a logline and how do you write a good one? Script Editor Joe Williams explains on our blog with lots of great examples.

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  5. Writer

    Getting my first broadcast credit

    Ling Low is a comedy writer who recently got her first sketch broadcast on new show Sketchtopia on BBC Radio 4. She explains what it means to her after several years of trying to get that elusive first credit.

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  6. Development Producer, BBC Writersroom Scotland

    BBC Writersroom presents... new short comedies by writers new to Radio

    We recently worked with BBC Radio Scotland on the production of 3 brand new short scripted comedies which were broadcast on the Afternoon Show. Listen to all 3 now and hear from their writers.

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  7. Writer

    My Comedy Writing Career - Including launching Radio 1's new podcast 'Kench'

    We spoke to Benjamin Partridge as his series 'Ray Moss - No Stone Unturned' launches BBC Radio 1's new weekly comedy podcast 'Kench'.

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  8. Writer

    Why you should enter our Comedy Script Room - in 5 inspirational quotes

    Stephen Large was part of our 2017 Comedy Room writer development group and explains how he kicked off his writing career and made it into the room.

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  9. Assistant Producer, BBC Writersroom North

    Asian Network Live Monologues

    Usman Mullan on the development and production process of the Asian Network Live Monologues - 6 short comedy films made in Birmingham for Asian Network.

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  10. Producer

    Soft Border Patrol

    Soft Border Patrol is a new Brexit comedy based on the idea of "the border" between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It's created by the team behind hit Scottish police mockumentary Scot Squad. BBC Writersroom Northern Ireland placed 12 writers on the show.

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